Are devices without a headphone jack the new trend?

Remember last year when Apple envisioned and created an iPhone without a headphone jack? Now, the Pixel has caught onto this trend. I am a huge supporter of the headphone jack personally because not everyone has bluetooth headphones/speakers to connect their devices to. What if your bluetooth headphones die? How will you listen to your music/watch videos that you like to watch? I always carry around my bluetooth headphones and my apple headphones just incase. We currently live in an age where wireless is everywhere. I own a pair of the Beats by Dr. Dre Powerbeats 3, and I love them. However, if my powerbeats die out on me, I always have my backup pair of headphones that I can plug into my phone. Apple has started a new trend where headphone jacks are rendered obsolete. Many different phone companies are hopping on the bandwagon, and I don’t like it. When the iPhone 7 just hit the market, Google was even making jokes about the lack of a headphone jack. But now, look at where google devices stand with a headphone jack. The argument for getting rid of the headphone jack is that it creates more internal space. In the long run, this is probably true, but I currently don’t see that vision. As time progresses, we will just become more and more wireless and devices will become more and more interconnected with each other, bringing us more toward the Internet of Things.

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  1. I agree that removing the headphone jack leads to lots of inconveniences. Even though Apple claimed that removing the headphone jacks creates more internal space for the phone, I think that this trend was a marketing strategy. I believe that the real purpose for Apple to remove headphone jack is to promote and increase the use of wireless headphones. Thus, attracts more people to the wireless headphone market.

  2. When I first heard about the new idea of eliminating the headphone jack for the new iPhone, I was all for the idea of getting rid of possible cleaning up the exterior image of the iPhone. I never really liked the way it looked on the outside and on the bottom. It was a new idea that Apple wanted to address and it has drawn a lot of mixed reviews. Although I never personally have had the iPhone where it used this new headphone jack, listening to the complaints of my friends who have been using it has changed my perspective on it. In Apples eyes, its another way to make more money for there company, the piece is so small and can be easily lost. If you lose it, in order to listen to music with headphones that have wires you need this. I find this as a huge inconvenience to every iPhone user with this new phone. Don’t get me wrong, Apple has plenty of good innovations that are beneficial and have many positive reviews, for example the wireless charger. I see that has something that makes the usability of the phone a lot easier. I hope that for future generations of iPhones they go back to the traditional headphone jack.

  3. I view the removal of the headphone jack as a big inconvenience. If our current technology was adept with wireless headphones, then it wouldn’t be an inconvenience. Wireless headphones are still new to the technological world and are still working through rough patches to get the right sound and sturdiest connection through Bluetooth. Although I understand that technology is constantly evolving and reshaped, I think removing a headphone jack would provide a number of difficulties for the person who wants to use headphones.

  4. I wanted to avoid commenting on this post because it is a very popular one and easy to have opinions about. However I do think it’s an interesting topic that can be discussed from many different perspectives. Subjectively, as an Adroid user, for reasons like the wireless headphones I will always hate this idea, because I just think its another way Apple wants to monopolize itself and take advantage of its costumers to make money. The way the wireless headphones work, Apple has made it impossible to use any normal type of headphones that the majority of people have, unless you also buy an adapter for the port.. just giving more of our money to Apple.
    Objectively, wireless headphones are genius. It’s the way this world is moving and the convenience is unparalleled. According to this post, the wireless feature leaves more internal space/storage? Which, like the post said, very useful in the long run. However, right now, where we are technology-wise in society, we are not at a place where this is a feature that is required, but we are certainly moving in a direction where it is becoming more and more common. Below is an article about the new Google’s Pixel Buds, which have the ability to real time translate conversations in different languages.

  5. I’m glad someone posted about this because the outrage people have around this topic is crazy. It is really not that serious. Most people use Bluetooth headphones as it is so there really wasn’t even a market for them anymore. The days of the aux cord and jack are over! Everyone wants to advance technology but not the tech they have so near and dear to their heart? Even now with all phones getting wireless charging and syncing there won’t be a need for any type of ports are all!

  6. As many of my peers, I do not agree with this move to get rid of the headphone jack. As a business standpoint I understand the direction apple is taking with there air pods as well as acquiring BEATS by dr. Dre which offers wireless headphones to offer another option to not having the headphone jack. But using bluetooth all the time waste your phones battery, as well as the fact if your wireless headphones down you will not be able to listen to music. I currently have the iPhone 6s Plus and I am unsure if I want to get a new phone because the fact Apple removed the headphone jack. The other issue is that apple gives you an adapter with the headphones, if you are going to give headphones at least let them plug into the phone. That small adapter is so easy to lose or misplace, forcing you to buy more and more adapters. I strongly believe that removing the headphone jack from a business standpoint is genius because it will only allow for apple and other companies to make money off wireless headphones, but from a consumer standpoint it is horrible and outrageous. I really hope on the next iPhone release and other companies that started this trend of removing the headphone jack to go back to a headphone jack because it is better for everyone.

  7. When I first saw this, I was disappointed. I thought that the lack of a headphone jack; an almost essential part of a phone, would be horrible. I would not be able to use any of my current headphones, and so I would likely have to rely on a single set of wireless ones. In addition, I would have no alternative if those were to fail. After thinking of this a little more, however, I realized that this actually makes sense. Does anyone really think that a few years from now, with the widespread availability of wireless headphones, that many people will still want a headphone jack? I think that most people, including myself, would prefer wireless headphones, since wires are annoying. If they leave the headphone jack on, then it will eventually become a sort of appendix that is rarely, if ever, used. Yes, your phone may not be quite as versatile, but the lack of the headphone jack will make room for something else, such as a speaker, as mentioned in some other comments. Maybe this change is a little sudden, but leaving the headphone jack in, as time goes on, would make about as much sense as putting a cassette tape player in a new car. It would do nothing but take up space.

  8. This is an interesting topic to discuss because it’s definitely one that has been trending since the iPhone 7 was released. I agree that it is a trend towards the Internet of Things, but I’d like to add a personal perspective regarding this particular example.

    I understand that a lot of people felt as though this was a pretty big inconvenience, but I think Apple made a progressive decision in starting this new movement. Sure, those who purchase one of the newer iPhones won’t have too much need to use their old headphones anymore. I’d be annoyed at that too. However, part of living in a generation where technology advances so quickly is that we have to be willing to adapt and embrace change.

    The article I’ve shared highlights some of the significant advantages a lightning port (wireless headphones) has. The difference in sound quality and resolution audio from a 3.5 mm jack is supposedly very different. I understand it isn’t easy to make a change from something that you’ve been used to for your entire life, and that goes with anything, particularly when it comes to technology. However, more so than ever we live in a world where receptiveness to change is imperative if we want to continue to grow and progress. Apple is a company that has played a major role in revolutionizing the tech industry as we know it today, and I feel as though their motions to continue that trend should be given more of a change by our society. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it, and if it helps, critics have responded very positively to the change.

  9. I am very anti getting rid of headphone jacks and charging ports. I think the very minimal space that is added to the device by removing these is so slight that it is more of an inconvenience than a convenience. I understand the concept of bluetooth technology being a great one but sometimes bluetooth and technology just decide not to work and then the user is out of luck. Also, at least in my personal opinion bluetooth headphones are so easy to lose and run out of battery quickly. I can’t count the amount of times I have been mid workout or studying with my bluetooth headphones and they just die and then I have no music anymore. I like how advanced people are trying to be with the newest hands free technology but often times it seems like more of an inconvenience and complaint.

  10. Although the world of technology is going in the wireless direction, with the use of Bluetooth and VoiceOver, taking away the headphone jack on the Apple iPhone is definitely not a good move. Apple predicted that customers would be unhappy with the change, and they predicted correctly. As a user of headphones myself, I’m discontent about the removal of the headphone jack, which I used the majority of the time I’m using my phone. Headphones and my phone basically go hand-in-hand. In an article I read about a customer who wears hearing aids, there were numerous concerns listed about taking away the headphone jack. The convenience for anyone is being disrupted by this not-so-great idea. Jonathan Moses, the customer who uses hearing aids stated in his article, “As a hearing-aid wearer, I use my iPhone with a cable between the headphone jack and my hearing aids about 95% of the time. There’s no latency because it’s analogue all the way, and since no Bluetooth is involved, it’s energy efficient in terms of hearing aid battery usage. The Lightning to analogue adapter would be one additional device to carry, use and potentially lose, and it would mean that I couldn’t use my iPhone in the way that is optimal for me while I’m charging it.” Taking away the headphone jack is just creating a nuisance to those who are used to having it, and does not consider anyone with a hearing impairment at all. Charging your phone becomes an issue along with it, and making the iPhone thinner with more capacity for storage is not a strong enough justification to take out a valuable asset from the phone. The article I read was extremely interesting and brought a new perspective to the table for me.

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  11. I believe that devices without a headphone jack is not a good idea. Yes, as mentioned above, removing the headphone jack can increase storage capacity but do we really need that much memory? The average consumer have no need to go beyond 128+GB because I dont believe that they need that much space unless they use it for business, download a lot of apps, or have a constant need to store a lot of data in their phones.
    Wireless headphones may sound great because it eliminates the hassle of tangled up cords but it’s actually more of a nuisance. They are required to be charged constantly because for an avid music listener, the headphones will be used very frequently. Once the headphones run out of battery, you don’t have another alternative because there is no headphone jack in the phone.

  12. Personally, I think the idea of not having a headphone jack is stupid. An article I read said that not having a headphone jack would free up space for another speaker on iphones as well as improving audio quality. I rarely use my phone to play music out loud, and if I do I usually connect it to a bluetooth speaker that has better quality. I can understand the desire for better audio quality, but that’s not really a selling point for me with a phone. It’s also annoying that with iphones, you cannot charge your phone while using a headphone adapter if you don’t have wireless headphones. Overall, I think the removal of headphone jacks is just a lame excuse for companies to make more money because people will have to buy wireless headphones, or an adapter. I don’t think removing a headphone jack from a phone is innovative at all. If anything, it makes the phone less functional in my opinion.


  13. I honestly don’t know how I feel about having no headphone jack on my phone. I mean the idea of having less cords and wires everywhere and not have your headphone get tangled up is a great idea. But, a headphone jack is the one thing that is still old school and is everywhere. For example if you’re driving around town with friends and you pass the aux cord and the phone is jack less then there is no music. Plus it would also be inconvenient to carry an adapter everywhere.

  14. I also do not agree with this. I am actually a huge Apple supporter, and I love all of their products. I love the MacBook, iPhone, and the apple tv. I also love the fact that Apple products usually set new trends for other devices. For example, the sleek design is very appealing which cause other phones (Samsung) to implement that design in their phones. One trend I do not love is the lost of the headphone jack. There are people that do not have and can not afford Bluetooth headphones, and with the new age phones, it is forcing people to spend more money. I also do not understand what is the real point to not having a headphone jack. Why are companies finding it beneficial to take away the headphone jack? I can not possibly think of any way possible as to why companies have decided to do that. From a consumer standpoint, we are not really left with a lot of options. If companies were to provide Bluetooth headphones with their devices it will provide some support, but we will still need to find other ways to adjust to the product. Certain cars do not have a Bluetooth option and it will require people to spend the extra money they might not have.

    Over time we might change our opinions, but as of right now i do not like it.

  15. I am not on board with the lack of headphone jack. Right now, the technology I have does not match up. I use an auxiliary cord to plug my phone into my car to play music. My car is not Bluetooth enabled, so without a headphone jack I would not be able to play music out of my car. Places like amazon, target, and Walmart offer an accessory that you plug into the charging port in your car and connect that to aux port, however these accessory items never produce good sound quality. The music always sounds fuzzier, softer, and harder to hear. I also find the cord from my headphones to my phone comforting. It ensures that if one is misplaced it can easily be found. Apple’s wireless earbuds would be eaten by my mess of a backpack in no time, never to be found again.

  16. I currently have an iPhone 7 and prior to me getting it, I thought not having a headphone jack would be horrible. However, now that I’ve had it for over half a year, I don’t miss it at all. Apple had their reasons for getting rid of it and now Google has their reasons. If it means having a faster better phone, why not get rid of it? You can get Bluetooth headphones for very cheap so if you do have the iPhone 7 and don’t have Bluetooth headphones, they’re easy to get. Also, they give you an adapter to use for your headphones that do have a headphone jack and the generic apple headphones are compatible with the iPhone 7. I don’t think anyone has more than a couple pairs of headphones, the apple generic ones and maybe your beats or Bose headphones. So, if you tape the adapter to your nicer headphones, the problem is solved. Also, the way the world is changing, everything is going wireless. I wouldn’t be surprised if within the next couple years, everything was Bluetooth. I’m sure Apple knows this which is why they made the new trend this past year. It is definitely annoying and hard to get used to at first, but after a few weeks you don’t even notice it. It is something that raised a lot of criticism, but I think in the future we will look back and laugh at having a headphone jack on our phones.

  17. When I first heard about the lack of a headphone jack, I didn’t like the idea of it. However, after doing more research and owning an iPhone 7, I’m definitely in favor of not having a headphone jack. I don’t own wireless headphones, I just use the ones Apple provided that plug into the charging port. I don’t have a problem with this at all because it leaves room for another speaker on the bottom left side of the phone. Also, according to Forbes, plugging headphones into the charging port actually creates a better sound quality than the old headphone jack did. Now the charging port has multiple purposes and allows for the phone to have additional features. The removal of the headphone jack doesn’t force the user to go wireless, it just encourages the idea of wireless headphones, while still leaving the option to use standard headphones. This definitely encourages the Internet of Things, but I don’t think that’s a bad thing.


  18. I completely agree that removing the headphone jack from cell phones has been an inconvenience, and that most people also feel this way. In an article I found from last year when Apple released the iPhone 7 without the headphone jack, it talks about how Apple predicted that consumers would be unhappy with the change. They tried to highlight that removing this option would free up internal space for other technology, and also further Apple’s vision for better audio. While this does further technology, I still find it annoying to have to carry around two sets of headphones, one for my cell phone, and one for my laptop. While the headphone jack headphones are becoming obsolete, I believe that if the mac laptops also had a lightning input for headphones that is the same of that in the new iPhones, it would become less inconvenient for Apple consumers.

  19. I see both sides of this issue. On one hand, so much of our infrastructure with with sound (music namely) is dependent on auxiliary. Cars have only begun to be dependent on hands free/bluetooth technology and if headphone jacks are being removed, it makes it impossible to play music in the car or on a stereo system.

    However, I see the developer viewpoint also. Of all the things that a phone is great for, music is one that will likely not improve much as far as quality and abilities go. So sacrificing the ability to connect to an auxiliary cord in order to allow for new, expanding technology makes sense. Especially if you provide bluetooth headphones with your product.

    In the end, the only way the complete push to bluetooth will occur is if we make auxiliary connection obsolete. Even though it is somewhat inconvenient, the utility gained by the amount of open space increased in an iphone far outweighs what you lose by removing the “aux”.

  20. As I read through this article I found it extremely ironic that I had my apple headphones (with an adapter to fit my phone) in. When Apple announced that their phones no longer had a headphone jack included I thought I would never survive. But after getting an iPhone 7 I found that adapting would be as bad as I thought. Apple, as well as other companies, have done a good job at releasing headphones that are either bluetooth compatible or fit into the iPhone 7’s lightning port. The argument behind Apple and other companies taking out the headphone jack makes sense, but it would have been nice to have had a little more notice before this drastic change happened. The change needed to happen and Apple has taken the necessary steps to make sure their users are happy and taken care of.

  21. I agree that the taking away of the headphone jack has caused some inconveniences, however, it is the way technology is progressing and it makes sense that it would create more internal space. I also have the powerbeats 3 and the funny thing is that apple owns the powerbeats 3 so that may cause one to wonder if they are trying to make more money by causing people to opt to buy the bluetooth headphones. I see them cornering the market in a way. They have created the headphone dongle though so that people can use conventional headphones, therefore as long as you keep that connected to your headphones they are always ready to use with the newer phones.

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