Advantages of Drones

Drones are growing in popularity and are being used by businesses rather than just for entertainment purposes. Despite how many people are skeptical about the use of drones and the impact it will make on the world of technology, there are tremendous advantages to them.

Drones are extremely useful for military purposes, especially in the United States. Many soldiers die in war due to the fact they go into a building that has either bombs or people with weapons. The soldiers are unaware of the dangers as they enter the building and therefore, put themselves at a huge safety risk. However, the drone can help. Due to the fact the drone is extremely small and can fit into small spaces, they can travel into a building and use their cameras to detect bombs or any other dangerous situations.

Drones have also had a huge impact in the media world. Film has changed dramatically with the new technology and has given film a completely new perspective. Many films are taking advantage of the drones such as “James Bond’s Skyfall, the well-acclaimed Lenard Di Caprio’s The Wolf of Wall Street, the evergreen Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” (MyDroneLab).

Another great advantage of the drones are their shipping and delivery system. Despite how this is still under process, the drones could reduce the time spent for deliveries to end up at a consumer’s door step. Amazon has started to work on this which will greatly increase consumer satisfaction.

Overall, drones are increasing in popularity as more and more people are aware of all of their advantages. Despite how they have many disadvantages, many people believe their pros overweigh their cons.

2 thoughts on “Advantages of Drones

  1. I would have to agree with everything that has been said so far in terms in the use of drones and their benefit to our society as a whole. One thing that I would add to the list of the benefits of drones is their use by police and fire departments across the country. The use of drones in search and rescue situations would be extremely beneficial for police departments. They would be to cover areas much faster than officers on foot would also they are much less expensive than using helicopters or planes to search large areas for missing persons. For fire departments the use of drones would be important in firefighter safety. If a building was on fire, the fire department would be able to use the drone to search the building for any structural damage and also to find any people still stuck in the building. This would make the firefighters job much more efficient as they could quickly identify the problem areas and focus on them without having to send someone in first to identify these problems.

  2. I am really impressed with your post about Drone technology. I think the Drone technology will dramatically change the world. There are three big areas will be affected by the Drone. On transportation perspective, Drone is the innovative machine of transportation. This machine is flying in the sky so it can reduce the transportation time and lead time because of no traffic in the air. Also, Drone can reach the location which people cannot enter or hard to enter in. Therefore, this machine help to transportation company can get more customer and dominate the market. Next, in the military Drone can give a lot of opportunity increase the efficiency. The Drone can use for scout and supply private having the highly efficient camera or weapons. This Drone can easily transport the military’s objects as unobtrusively. Therefore, the military department can reduce the logistics costs which moving weapons and foods. And it can save the soldiers’ life because Drone will invade the danger places instead of soldiers. These reasons show why the government invests a lot of money to the Drone technology. The Drone can give high impact on delivering medical goods. In the world, there are many people and children are suffered by the disease because of hard to get medicine. The world community tries to figure out this problem however it is really difficult to solve. Because some location is really far and the cost of delivering medicine is really high. On the other hand, the Drone can go to a place more easily and faster than trucks or cars. And accessibility is really higher than the other vehicles. As shown these advantages, I am definitely agreeing with that Drone give us so many advantages in the various areas.

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