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On November 8th Amazon will be introducing a new service where packages can be delivered directly inside your house. Consumers worry about their packages being stolen while sitting in front of their house but with this new service the fear no longer exists. Amazon will be utilizing trustworthy and background checked employees to deliver. For this new service to exist Amazon is launching Amazon Key starting at $249. Amazon Key sends a text to the recipient of the package which allows them to virtually unlock their door for the delivery man through an encrypted server. Upon this activation a video camera is then triggered which records the whole transaction for the customer to watch live or later. With the launch of this new product Amazon will be showcasing its cutting edge technology and the reason why they stay on top. Amazon Vice President of delivery technology, Peter Larsen says “Amazon is really focused on safety and security for all of our customers across the board”.

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  1. While I do see the potential risks of allowing a stranger access into your home to deliver a package, I don’t see why this risk should prevent a company like Amazon from testing this new method of delivery. Not only does this delivery method help alleviate the problem of stolen packages, but it is also a voluntary delivery system. Neither Amazon nor delivery companies are forcing customers to buy the camera and lock setup. They are purely for people who feel comfortable enough and see the value in having people come into their home to delivery a package. I completely support a person’s ability to choose if they want to participate in this new system even though I may not personally use it (mainly due to the cost/benefit disparity). In addition, this technology could be used for more than just delivery men dropping off packages. This technology could also be used in conjunction with machine learning to automatically unlocked the door for recognized people. Overall, I see this technology, even with its risks, as a step forward in pushing the boundary of innovation in the emerging convenience economy.

  2. I believe as though this a great idea to advance the movement of delivery for delivery services. However, I feel as though this concept is too complex, expensive, and people might be hesitant for someone else to enter their house. The fact that one has to install a camera, a new lock for the house, and to be constantly near a device that will alert them when a package is arriving is too complex and too hectic for just a single package. I feel as though the regular delivery service is fine just as it is. If you are worried about having packages stolen, insure that a signature is required for your package to be delivered. Another thing that amazon is already doing, is the Amazon locker. I think Amazon should just expand that service now and push people to have packages sent there.

  3. I have to take a hard pass on this new delivery technology. There comes a time when privacy has to be placed in front of convenience. I can understand why this might appeal to someone because leaving packages outside is a risk in itself but is that riskier than giving someone you don’t even know access to your home? I personally would risk losing my package because that is much better than losing everything in my home. I can only jeopardize my privacy for convenience to a certain extent.

  4. I don’t think this is a bad concept however it is expensive when there are much cheaper alternatives. The Amazon Lockers and new Amazon stores are becoming more and more popular and they are very simple. You simply have to send your package to the nearest location and pick it up when it arrives. Sure it is not as convenient as getting dropped on your doorstep however it is much safer. I do not see many security threats involved with the new method being proposed as many people might. The only feasible threat I could think of is robbers targeting the delivery people. Overall it will be interesting to see what happens with this concept and if people buy into it or not. Personally I think it is too expensive for something where the alternative is free and even more safe but a little less convenient.

  5. I was not surprised after reading and agreeing with most of the comments above. Although the it’s a nice thought to have our packages delivered safe and sound, I don’t think that your delivery man should have access into your house. Even if Amazon has trustworthy employees, it is still unsafe to give any stranger access into your house. Also, hackers are so technologically advanced that installing Amazon key is basically inviting them right into your house. I don’t think that Amazon should have access to a video camera in our house. Even if the camera records the transaction, that won’t stop the delivery man from stealing or from hackers entering. I believe that Amazon key wants to keep everyone safe, but I don’t think that the key was the best invention to do so. I think we need to keep the delivery system the way it is to ensure that everyone is safe in their own home.

  6. I believe this new form of technology is just another step toward the Internet of Things. Although several people may have an issue with the security and privacy factor this new innovation is where society is heading. I do agree with the dangers that the previous comments have touched on, however if mankind attempts to continue innovating with similar fears we will make little to no progress. For me personally, I do believe this seems somewhat unnecessary at this point in time. I do not mind picking up a package outside my front door or garage, mostly because I feel that I live in a safe and trustworthy neighborhood and have never experienced anyone stealing my packages. Moreover, this factor in itself can contribute to the formed opinions of others. What if I live in an apartment in New York City? Obviously not many things can be trusted in that type of urban environment, so I may have a different opinion if I live elsewhere.
    Moreover, the 300 million customers that actively use Amazon live throughout the 12 countries the corporation is located. Almost half of homeowners in the United States have an Amazon Prime membership, so for all those members this Amazon Key service will launch in under two weeks. The kit includes an Amazon security camera, a “Cloud Cam”, and a compatible smart lock starting at $249.99. First off, is this a bit overpriced? Of course this is a new technology being introduced into the world, however, I feel that a service that isn’t providing as much safety as I believe needs to be instilled should be of much less value. Thankfully, Amazon is just TESTING this in 37 US cities, so hopefully the feedback and reviews will reshape the Amazon Key in order to better serve consumers when errors are recognized. For example, what if the background check of the delivery employee is not preformed to its fullest potential, or Amazon can continuously view what is happening in my home with the video sold in the set. These are a few factors that immediately come to my mind.
    Furthermore, one of the better aspects of this technology is that it can also allow entry of family members and friends that want to come into your home even if you are not there. This is much more of a benefit in my eyes rather than simply having a package being placed in the entry-way of my home rather than on my porch. Similarly, Walmart announced in September, that it was testing a similar service that allows a delivery driver (from the company Deliv) into your home. This idea is geared more toward groceries, and will even allow the delivery person access to your refrigerator. This is most definitely something I would not feel comfortable with no matter the background checks and security involved. I do not feel comfortable with a stranger rummaging through my belongings and food.
    Moving forward, I believe society must, however, adapt to these new traditions and ways of life, because that is where the technology we are creating is bringing us and one day it will ultimately become the norm.

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  7. I have similar concerns as most of the people have in the comments. As college students, I use Amazon frequently to purchase daily supply and other stuff, it is a great idea that I can get my package delivered inside the house without having the risk of being stolen. However, it might sound feasible for people who value convenience over security, people like me who have more concerns about privacy and safety might hold off using this service. As the post said, Amazon will, of course, have a system that can unlock my door and have access to videos of my house. Even if the system is safe, I will still feel uncomfortable with some stranger getting into my home. Not to mention that this technology might still be in its budding stage and have not eliminated all possible threats on customers. While Amazon has this good idea, it just sounds too utopian to be practical in my opinion. Some delivery man might theoretically pass the background check but still have bad intentions and the whole system still have the risk of being hacked. If they really want to improve customers’ satisfaction and upgrade their services, I would suggest offering some other services that do not intrude out privacy this much. Here is a blogger’s assessment to this new service and past services offered by Amazon.

  8. This sounds like a good feature, I too worry about my packages being taken when I am not home, however it still sounds a little sketchy to me. I know that the camera, live door unlock, and background check are in place to make this system safe, but it just sounds like it could go really bad. I don’t want some random person going into my home when I’m not there. Frankly, I would rather risk losing one package from amazon than risk losing all of the valuables in my home. I see how amazon is trying to move forward with new innovations and be a pioneering company, but I just don’t think this feature is going to take off. Personally, I don’t want to pay $249 for this service. Maybe if the service was offered free to amazon prime members for purchases over a certain dollar amount it would make sense. For the everyday delivery of a box of cereal and new body wash this is very unnecessary, but I see how someone would want this for a delivery of their new laptop, cell phone, tv, or other expensive purchase.

  9. I agree with most of the comments under this article. I believe it is a great innovative technology, but needs some more to it. The whole idea of allowing people to walk into your house is different for everyone. For example, lets say you’re upstairs putting on your makeup and your package is here. With a simple click, it is a great time to take advantage of the service. However, some people would really hate that. Going back to drone-delivery, I would not even allow that. I do not want drones flying on my property- I’d shoot it out of the sky. I simply do not like things being on my property, let alone people walking into my property. The only time I can see myself using this service is to the save 20 seconds it takes me to go to my door. It is not a problem solver in my opinion, but a problem producer.

  10. Personally I think it is a good start of trying to find how to make our packages safer. But I do not think letting the delivery man walk directly into our houses is a good idea. It is not about if these delivery men are trustworthy or not, it is because, technology always comes with bad people hacking into the system. No matter how advanced the technology of those locks are, there will always be people who will find out everything he/she can to take advantage of that. The use of Amazon Key may give those people a chance to break into everyone’s house with an Amazon Key. It would be much more dangerous than just use the traditional key can put the package outside the door. It is better to lose a single package then lose everything important in our house. I am not saying that Amazon Key is a bad invention, I just want to say that the kind of lock encrypted by human can also be decrypted by people who know them well. At a world full of technology, sometimes the most out of dated thing can be the safest one.

  11. I believe that this service is not safe and it adds to the idea of Big Brother, which some people does not like the idea of. By getting this service, your house will be more vulnerable to attacks rather than just simple breaking-and-entering. Hackers can hack into your network and gain access to unlock your front door. Also adding a camera to the house will also allow Amazon to see what you are doing inside your own house.
    Instead of buying this product, people can just rent a PO box. Making a small trip to the PO box is much safer than having a stranger walk into your house to drop off a package.

  12. I think this is a good idea yet an unnecessary service. Controversies already exist when a delivery man is able to walk into your house. Next, regarding the encrypted server and the cameras, there is always a way bad people can hack into it, stealing all the confidential information of multiple homes, or even monitor the customers through the installed cameras. These potential problems are more disastrous than a single missing delivery. However, I like the idea that Amazon had, which is to increase the safety and security of the package for their customers. They definitely had the right idea.

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