New Gesture Technology Allows You to Change Channel With Any Object

It was just recently announced that new gesture technology has emerged that will allow users to use any object to change the channel/ control their TV. A group of researchers from Lancaster University introduced this new phenomena earlier in October at an IST conference in Quebec City.

The name for the technology being introduced by the researchers is called “Matchpoint” technology. All you need to use the technology is a small webcam. The webcam is able to display moving targets that each correspond to a certain TV function. These functions include volume, menu, channels, etc. Instead of trying to identify a particular body part like your fingerprint or hand, the technology allows you to synchronize any body part to control the functions.

Due to the programs ability to identify multiple types of body parts, you do not have to calibrate anything like an IPhone using your fingerprints, making it a much more flexible system. Although the system was introduced with use for TV screens, it can be used for other screen platforms as well. This includes things such as Youtube videos or streaming websites such as Netflix.

This new “Matchpoint” technology will revolutionize the way we control our viewing screens in the upcoming years.

8 thoughts on “New Gesture Technology Allows You to Change Channel With Any Object

  1. I think this idea is incredibly advanced and fascinating. I hope one day this idea actually comes into play. The idea that you could literally pick up any object and have it control the TV like a remote is frightening. It is hard to picture how this might actually work in real life. Even though watching TV is pretty easy, this concept makes it even easier! I think this concept is really helpful for little kids, seniors, and even some people with disabilities. You don’t need find the specific remote for the TV that is usually lost underneath couch cushions. Older people who have trouble getting up and walking around will no longer need to get up to go across the room to find the TV remote they can just pick up any object! It could also be helpful for people with disabilities because you do not need to learn the specific functions of a new remote it is just any object and this way they can always feel connected. However, when truly thinking about this idea, I do not think it’s a good one. It encourages laziness and laying around.

  2. I think that this idea is very fascinating. Everyday, there are more and more ways that improve the quality of life. When I first heard of this, i though about how helpful it would be for older people who are not mobile or can easily get around their house. However, I also thought about the risks of this technology. As user ecc5232 commented above, the fact that there are webcams involved makes me nervous because of the past events that have happened with them. People could be at more risk than it is let off to be and if that is the case, we may be taking a few steps backward instead of forward. The article I found is from 2014 but outlines how serious this societal issue still is even today. I am all for advancing and making the quality of life even better than it was yesterday: however, I also think it’s important to stay smart when purchasing any sort of technology and take its benefits with its’ risks. Great information, thanks for sharing.

  3. The title of this article initially caught my eye because I personally don’t like remotes. They always get lost in the couch and I can never find it when I need it. Or sometimes I will finally sit down to watch TV and I will realize that the remote is on the edge of the coffee table on the opposite side to where I am sitting. It is very interesting to me a webcam is able to detect different motions and act accordingly. From reading this article I did not really understand how this could be possible so I proceeded to do some research on the subject. The first thing the article I read mentioned something about the Wii and related it to gesture control technology. This immediately helped me have a better understanding of what gesture technology was because I already have a mental model of the Wii (specifically Wii tennis) in which I was using gesture technology without even knowing it. I then was able to understand the article on the blog a little better after reading information from this source. This source explained that literally any object could be treated as a remote with this new advanced technology. At first I was confused about how this could be set up but the article I read explained that you do not have to calibrate specific object to the TV because the webcam identifies “rotating movement”. Once I found this out I decided that I was in favor of the idea. If you had to calibrate specific objects to the TV I don’t think I would be as much in favor because in order to get things to work you have to take the time out of your day to calibrate specific objects, which would make it just as inconvenient as searching for the remote or getting up to get the remote across the room in order to change the channel. I think this technology is a very smart, up and coming idea to make watching TV easier than ever.

  4. I think this is such an interesting development that will catch on very fast. With this technology, people will no longer have to worry about losing the remote, since the “remote” can be any object that they choose. I think it will also greatly improve the lives of individuals who live with disabilities or injuries. If they are able to operate their devices without having to touch the device, it will allow them the opportunity to be connected.

    However, I think there is great security risks with technology such as this. The only thing that concerns me about this technology is the chance of misuse and abuse. Webcams have always been susceptible to hackings, so I wonder what could happen if one of these webcams would be hacked. Imagine if someone was able to plan a robbery from simply using the webcam on the television to see when the victim is not home.

  5. I think this is a cool idea and proves how much technology is advancing but I personally think it contributes to the human race using new technology more and becoming lazier. Like somebody said before, although I can relate to not wanting to move once I sit down to watch TV, this type of technology is what contributes to other problems in the world such as obesity. On another note, this technology also kind of reminds me of a game I used to play on the Play Station Kinect called Dance Central where instead of using a controller or any device to control the movement, you just use your body and there is a little web came type device that you put in front of you so that it can detect your movement. This is the sort of new and developing technology that, in my opinion, is more beneficial because nowadays kids go outside and exercise less because they’re more intrigued by electronics. So, with this game, you’re using the technology inside but still getting exercise through dancing. Also, there is a Smartglass app to connect with the game to track calories and your fitness. I think while this new remote technology is impressive, technology shouldn’t be made to make people lazier, it should encourage healthy human development.

  6. I find this article to be very interesting. It is hard to grasp the entire concept just from the article, and it confuses me how the program knows what you are trying to signify from the motions. I am assuming that you would have to program them at some point. If you have to do that, it seems like a lot more work than just having to search for the remote for a couple of minutes. An alternative to the hand motions that this program implements, is using your cell phone as a remote. I feel that this would be a lot easier, because if you have the app downloaded and can’t find the remote all you would have to do is pull out your phone. It would also require less movements, because when I watch tv I usually lay down, and the last thing I want to do is have to move my hands or take a blanket off. Finally the last thing that I wanted to touch on is that this technology has been in development for a long time, and back in 2009 there was a very similar software. Although it might not be as advanced, it still works off of using hand motions to change the channel. Due to the older software not succeeding, I can see the software discussed in your blog having the same fate.

  7. This sounds like a promising technology with lots of potential. It could definitely be useful for injured or handicapped people to operate a screen without leaving the couch or getting up to reach for a remote control since it does not require any calibration or registration of specific object. However, I think it also has a lot of room for errors. For instance, the first thing that came to mind when I started reading about this technology was how sensitive it is to movement. Like the other person who commented on this, I was wondering how likely it is for the camera to pick up random movements that were not meant to perform a function but was perceived as such and started doing something like changing the channel or turning the volume up. I also wondered about how sensitive the sensor is when there are multiple people in front of the camera. Lastly, even though it seems easy enough, I do not think elderly people or children would be able to adapt to this technology just as easily as someone of my age would.

  8. This is a pretty cool idea and I could see myself using this because I am too lazy to reach for the remote control sometimes. However, it makes me wonder how often is someone going to be moving around in front of the TV, not trying to operate the TV, but the sensor picks up the movement and makes it into a gesture. Additionally, I think about the possibility of hackers being able to access the webcam. I’m not sure if this is possible, but a lot of people have smart TVs these days and hackers seem to be able to get into just about anything, so it is something to think about. All this being said though, I think this a cool idea and I could see it becoming very popular.

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