Fridges of the Future

One of Samsung's new "smart" refrigerators the Korean electronics giantannounced Wednesday, January 4, 2017, at its press conference in Las Vegas
preceding the annual CES electronics convention. (Troy Wolverton/Mercury News)

Imagine you’re coming home from work after a long day, and you don’t remember if you have milk and eggs for breakfast the next morning…your fridge may now be able to assist. Led by Samsung and LG, the new era of “smart” refrigerators¬†will allow owners to ask their fridge if they’re out of milk, play music, leave digital notes, and even order groceries with just a voice command. With all of our discussion recently on the Internet of Things, this is a great example of a typical home appliance that will revolutionize our daily lives once implemented. The fridges not only can process and assist through only voice commands, they can also respond similarly to an “Alexa” or something else of that communication-natured software.

LG’s featured smart fridge will also have the ability to turn the screen transparent by knocking on it twice, allowing you to see inside the fridge without opening the doors. This will eliminate a lot of the excess cost from heat loss when standing with the fridge open for minutes at a time to see what’s inside. Apps will allow you to send recipes and text messages to your fridge from your smartphone, and cameras inside the fridge can be connected to the app to check the contents of your fridge remotely. The Internet of Things is definitely approaching us very quickly, and appliances with software like this is leading the charge forward.

Your refrigerator is getting a digital makeover

2 thoughts on “Fridges of the Future

  1. Although these technologies are developing fast, I feel they could be more useful in some place other than your kitchen refrigerator. As we discussed in class about self driving cars being created, I still see self driving trucks as very beneficial. When you would typically have a truck driver stopping to sleep, a self driving truck would be able to continue with carrying products to it’s destination. This would create much more efficient shipping and easily be able to be tracked.

    I believe theses technologies should be going to something more useful than someone telling their refrigerator to order milk for them or to ask what items are inside.

  2. The internet of things is an awesome concept that is for sure the future. The appliances connected to the internet of things are designed to help our lives so much. Eventually, everything we use will be connected to the internet and it is cool that our refrigerators are the start of this revolution. All of our appliances are having big changes and I’m exited to see what else the companies have in store for us. I can’t wait to purchase some of these smart devices to upgrade my house.

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