Alexa Will Now Send SMS Texts

Amazon is now allowing Alexa to send SMS text messages to any Android device. Previously Alexa was only allowed to send texts to others, via the Alexa app. But, even that feature required that other users have an Alexa as well, and they also  had to have the Alexa app downloaded on their devices.

In order to set up this new feature you “… navigate over to Conversations tab, then “Contacts,” then “My Profile,” then switch the “Send SMS” feature to on. There’s no word as to when or even if similar functionality will be available on iOS devices… Asking Alexa to send “a text”, will cause it to go straight to sending SMS messages”.

Alexa’s have become a household item, and I definitely think this new feature will be a boost to Android sales, since at the moment it exclusively for Androids. After so many people were having issues with their iPhone batteries, this new feature could be a selling point for those debating “Apple or Android”.


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2 thoughts on “Alexa Will Now Send SMS Texts

  1. Alexa has become a common item in many households. While it previously used to hold grocery lists, play music, and tell you the weather, it can now send a text message for you. A unique aspect of Alexa is that she is able to understand what you want to send in the message and configure it to type correctly spell words, in a correct format.

    If two users messaging each other both have Alexas, she is able to send a “text message” back and forth. But, if one user doesn’t have an Alexa, she resorts to sending an “SMS.” Although still efficient, an SMS message is not as appropriate to send, depending on who you are contacting.

    One big drawback of this device is that, as of now, she is only able to send SMS messages to Android users. With such a big outbreak in new iPhones, most users opt to buy an Apple phone, which is not compatible with this device.

    As of now, Apple does not offer their messaging to third-parties. With that being said, it is going to be very difficult to make them comply with using iMessage for Alexa devices. This drawback has turned many users away from using the messaging aspect of Alexa.

  2. The trend of using such technology like Alexa, Google home is clear to see. People is getting closer to the life of “hands free”. Even it takes time to allow people make purchase and download the app on their smartphone, either Android or IOS system, Alexa is learning more skills to make our life easier and efficiently .Personally, Alexa could help the elder stay in household more safely. When they need to contact their family members, they could just say words to Alexa. In addition, the elder are able to have access to internet, technology easier even without their family helping.

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