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HQ is an app developed for IOS users that is a live game show. Every weekday at 3:00 pm and 9:00 pm and on weekends at 9:00 pm the app goes live and is a series of 12 questions. There is a sum of money that contestants who log onto the app are trying to win and that amount is typically $2,000 but sometimes it can reach up to a prize of $15,000 or even $20,000 on some Sunday nights. Sunday night is the most common time that people open the app to play. A typical weekday around 1 million people play and on Sunday nights around 1.7-2 million people play. The way the game works is the questions start off very easy and get increasingly harder as the game progresses. Once you get one question wrong you are eliminated. Each question a user is allotted 10 seconds to select one of the three answer choices. If you get all of the questions right, the winners for that game split the bank of money and it is transferred with the use of PayPal. There must be a minimum of $20 won for the transfer to be completed. If no one wins, the money carries over to the next game. A user can get extra “lives” by inviting people to join the app. Comedian Scott Rogowsky regularly hosts the game but sometimes Sharon Carpenter steps in. The game also features a live chat in the bottom in which anyone playing can write anything and everyone who has the app open can view it. The app debuted in October of 2017 and has since been growing in popularity. Even if you don’t win the money it’s still a fun game to play to keep your memory sharp and test your random knowledge.

Source: https://www.tomsguide.com/us/hq-trivia-faq,news-26190.html

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  1. The concept of HQ blows my mind. I cannot quite figure out where or how they get this money that is given away to random people that know their trivia every single day. I had this game for a few weeks but I quickly lost interest. Being that so many people were using this app at the same two times every day of the week, I found that there were many glitches within this app. Whenever too many people would talk on the livestream commenting, the app would either pause or shut down. Sometimes the app would crash all together and would start the daily HQ an hour later. This had become an issue almost every time I tried to partake in the game and that is when I decided to delete the app all together. While it is a great and crazy concept that would draw in millions of users, I think the app itself needed a lot more work to remain successful in the future.


  2. I think HQ trivia is a brilliant idea. It’s like being a part of a game show twice a day and a chance to make some money. Since we have been talking about user and graphical interfaces as well as the importantance of usability, HQ Trivia is an app that has been so successful because the app accomplishes all of these things which has made it the popular app it is today. The design is simple and easy to navigate through. The graphics and colors implemented into the overall design make the game ascetically pleasing. The host, Scott Rogowsky, keeps the user entertained in between questions and especially while waiting for the game to start with his joke-filled monologues. Without question, if i were to make a game similar to HQ Trivia to create some sort of competition for the app i would make sure that my game would be structured like HQ. I say this because this is a perfect of a mental model that we discussed about during class, the model would feel as if it was similar to HQ but the app would obviously be different. Furthermore, HQ Trivia has become one of the hottest new gaming apps on the market today, the app’s millions of users that play every day is more than enough to measure how much success the app has achieved. I remember playing HQ when there was only a couple 100,000 users playing at a time. The winnings were a lot more than they are today, but the creators have increased the popularity of the app which is always great to see.

  3. I downloaded HQ for one week and after downloading it and playing a few times I decided to delete it. While having the app for such a short amount of time I thought it was so cool being able to play trivia and possibly getting the chance to win money. Who doesn’t love that? HQ’s popularity has grown since the release of the app and the point of the game has changed so much. What used to be a fun, and sometimes dumb live game, turned into a place where users battle for money. It got to the point, when every time I logged on HQ had been glitchy and laggy due to the amount of users joining. You have to tune in at the same time each day, or you won’t win. There’s would be a guilty conscious that I would feel during the week I had it. I would see the app would go live and I would ignore it sometimes. How can you ignore $10,000 prize? It could be so easy to win the app seems to say.

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  4. I think it’s really interesting that people are usually drawn to games that can be played whenever it fits into their schedule, yet they have adapted to HQ. For example, Angry Birds or Doodle Jump could be pulled up on your iPhone while your on the bus or waiting for class to start, you could complete a few levels and then pick it up later. The difference with HQ is that people are calling this “appointment gaming”, where HQ only operates at 3pm and 9pm and if you don’t clear your schedule during those times you can’t play. This is quite the switch between convenience and pushing other priorities aside for a live game show streaming on your phone. It’s insane that over a million people simultaneously tune into an app for a game show, where in the end most people only win about $10 because of the amount of time they need to split the money. I personally think that along with apps like Trivia Crack HQ will have its moment to shine, but its popularity will be its own issue because the app already glitches with a couple hundred thousand participants and as the number of people playing climbs into the millions its failing servers may draw impatient players away. I see this app not lasting much longer.


  5. HQ has become extremely popular on campus recently and has been hard to ignore. I have been in meetings with people where they had to stop mid meeting to play HQ. Even on New Year’s Eve my friends all stopped socializing to play the round. As someone who has never played HQ, I would often feel left out. But what was worse than that was how uncomfortable I felt when others around me played. It was an addiction for my friends. Whether we were studying or just hanging out, people dropped everything to play the game. It was like a smoker needing to step out of the room for a cigarette. And if they missed a round, it was as if the world around them was falling apart. It was an essential part of their lives and it was what motivated them to get through each day. HQ was like their drug. People were basing their schedules on it as well. “I can’t do it then because i have to be on HQ.” was something I heard multiple times. An article from the New York Post talks about how the game is the newest addiction for millennials and one of the people interviewed said “We play religiously. I don’t think any of our bosses know, but we just put it on the calendar. It’s called ‘Important Daily Meeting’ scheduled everyday for 3 p.m.” (Sparks 1). The fact that it is taking away from people doing their job is concerning. I think that the game is a serious addiction that is causing people to be distracted and more seriously, addicted. However, I have seen similar things happen with the Family Feud app and over time that became much less popular so I think that HQ too will soon be a lot less relevant.
    Source: https://nypost.com/2018/01/10/inside-the-latest-millennial-obsession-hq-trivia/

  6. I downloaded HQ Trivia about a month ago and after playing it for a couple weeks, I deleted it. The app never loads, there are always glitches, and it brings me discomfort that about 1 million to 2 million people are all staring at there smart phones at the exact same time. Also, I did not like how for about 15 minutes I was staring at my screen waiting to answer difficult questions. Amanda Hess from the New York Times that wrote an article called “How HQ Trivia Became the Best Worst Thing on the Internet” stated that “for the next 15 minutes, I was not exactly human. I was a slave to HQ”. I couldn’t agree more with Amanda Hess. The HQ questions are almost always strange, meaningless, and confusing to trick most of the players. Some of the questions being asked seems as though HQ is testing your undivided attention rather than your actual knowledge. HQ became popular so quickly because there is a cash prize involved for all the players, but most people are left frustrated with no cash prize. The first time I played HQ I found the host, Scott, to be unpleasant and annoying because he would talk on and on about nonsense, and the only reason why I downloaded the game was to answer questions. However, HQ seems to still get many viewers every day. HQ is still growing and many people are winning some cash prizes which is a positive aspect of this app. But, HQ still has its problems with lagging and glitches. It is the best app because it attracts so many people twice a day making the app become more and more popular, but it is the worst app because it makes those people glued to their phone for 15 minutes almost as if all of those people are hypnotized.

    Source: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/01/05/arts/hq-trivia-app-appointment-viewing.html

  7. Some say that this app is the future of game show apps. I remember downloading HQ back when it first came out and only about 100,000 people were tuning into play. When I first heard of this app and the concept behind it, I was blown away. This was the first time I had heard of anything like this. A trivia game show app where you can win money. Just the description of the app is enough to get millions of people to download and play. The game show is well designed and very simple to use. All you have to do is open the app when the game show is about to begin and start answering questions to try and win the prize. One question that I had always wondered was how they got the money for their jackpots? There were no ads and the app was free to download. According to an article from time.com, the jackpot prizes are being paid for by silicon valley app developers. They are investing their money into the app in hopes that bigger companies will pay to be associated with it. All in all, I think that HQ Trivia is a revolutionary app to the game industry and that we will start to see many more games like this.

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