Google Pay is Here

Google versus Apple is most certainly the competition lately. This time, it’s with their apps Google Pay and Apple Pay. Google is rolling out a new app in replace of its previous app, Android Pay. It’s also fixing up the equivalent to Apple’s wallet app, Google Wallet, and revamping it, making its new name Google Pay send. Google’s plans for its new pay app was unveiled in January, and is continuing to make updates and reveal additional features.

Google Pay is a part of Google’s wide range of mobile payment capabilities available on all their devices. The product management director, Gerardo Capiel, and engineering director, Varouj Chitilian, says that “We’re currently working on bringing Google Pay to all Google products, so whether you’re shopping on Chrome or with your Assistant, you’ll have a consistent checkout experience using the cards saved to your Google Account.” In addition to having it on all devices, they are now featuring a Home tab that simply shows details about recent purchases and finds stores that offers for purchase rewards. Also, the Cards tab provides a center of information about the user’s credit and debit cards, as well as gift cards and loyalty programs. Capiel and Chitilian are working to make sure that Google Pay is available in many locations around the world. Currently, it is available in Kiev, London, and Oregon. In addition to the Google Pay App, Google Pay Send will be available. Google Pay Send will allow its user to send money to one another.

To me, all of this sounds extremely similar to Apple’s Wallet app, and Apple Pay. It must be extremely difficult for Google and Android to create an app that works the same, but sounds different. Apple has done very well in the past few years with Apple Pay, with availability worldwide, and now it’s new Apple Pay Cash feature. It is amazing to know how cashless payments are basically fully available on your cell phone. Personally, I use Venmo to send money, and if I wanted to, I could use Apple Pay almost everywhere I went. In a report released in August by Goldman Sachs, they noted that “Despite much publicity upon launch, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Android Pay have struggled to gain traction”. I am very curious to see how well Google Pay goes, since Apple Pay has been skyrocketing.


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  1. Cashless is developing in fast speed all over the world. For example, Ali Pay developed by Alibaba has tremendous impact on Chinese daily consume. Chinese people are not highly depend on buying products by cash due to the application on their phone. Therefore, like Google pay, it not a new invention to market but is the market leads Google to have Google Pay. Android users will be benefited a lot from it. However, the machine that can accept Google Pay in retail store might be an issue because we are not sure Google Pay can cover all the places. The amount of users is highly depend on the amount of Android users as well, so the competition of Apple and Google will be on.

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