AEB for All New Cars in Europe and Soon to be in the U.S. As Well

Automatic Emergency Breaking (AEB) has just been declared a requirement for all new cars in Europe to reach a maximum safety rating.  The same requirement is said to be applied in the US by 2022.  New sensing technologies are being applied to AEB systems constantly to improve safety in all cars, and with the current state of development of driverless cars, AEB technology is quickly improving.

Fusion of different sensing technologies is critical for the further development of AEBs.  Some of the different sensing technologies currently being used to produce better AEBs are radar, LiDAR, ultrasonics, and numerous types of cameras.  These devices are being used to gather data so that programs can, with numerous types of inputted data, make the best possible decisions for how cars should break in emergency situations.  Recreating the 360 degree surrounding area around the car is crucial in ensuring the effectiveness of AEBs, and AEB systems try to not only produce a simulation of the surrounding area, but monitor the motion, temperature, and sounds of objects around the car, as well as simulating different outcomes based on different motions that the car could perform to ensure the most safe solution.  Also, all of this must be done as quickly as possible to avoid missing potentially life-saving opportunities.

Europe has decided, as of 2018, that AEBs are advanced enough now that all new cars produced must have them.  One reason for this is the incorporation of new millimeter-wave radars that will be able to improve the effecincy of all AEBs.  This decision has also led the US to plan on implementing the same regulations by the year 2022.


Weaponizing Artificial Intelligence: The Scary Prospect Of AI-Enabled Terrorism

Another growing technology topic that is being discussed these days is centered around Artificial Intelligence or AI. Artificial Intelligence allows computers to process information like we do on a daily basis and make judgements and decisions based on how humans will normally act. On April 23rd, Forbes released an article surrounding Artificial Intelligence and one of the ways Artificial Intelligence will impact our world in the future. They believe one of the ways Artificial Intelligence will be relevant in the future is in connection to our military defense systems. As of right now, countries around the world have or are in the process of obtaining unmanned military systems such as drones to limit the amount of soldiers that countries jeopardize in the line of duty every year. But, with the push of innovation of new Artificial Intelligence technologies and machine-learning capabilities, countries are trying to find ways to make machines think for themselves and execute certain capabilities without the aid of human interaction. Are you ready for a world without human interactions? Please comment and let me know what your opinion is!


Can Google replace photographers with an algorithm?

Google has invented a new gadget called Google Clips. The Google Clips, is a small, 2 inch high camera that automates the job of a photographer. Users would place the camera on a surface, preferably somewhere that people or pets would pass by frequently, such as a living room or kitchen space. Using an algorithm, the camera would capture “candid” pictures of scenes it believes are worthwhile. The camera looks for children, animals, and faces 3 to 8 feet from the lens when determining what makes a good photo. This may sound creepy, especially being from Google, a company known for capturing users data. However Google has been careful to not raise any privacy red flags and only  stores images and videos on the device. These clips can be previewed by connecting directly to the clips camera from your smartphone and manually choosing what you want to save.

I found this article to be interesting because it is difficult to create an algorithm that determines a good photo. This ties into our in class conversations of artificial intelligence, by using an algorithm to perform a task usually done by a human, which is capturing a “candid” photo. I feel as though this device is a good idea in concept, but would not take photos as well as a human can. I wouldn’t see myself using this much but its definitely a cool idea.

Gene Editing Technology

Engineers have used breakthrough technology to create advances in medicine. For example, they have found ways to eliminate sickle cell anemia. The technology they used is called CRISPR, or Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats which uses uses a defense mechanism employed by a certain bacteria to eliminate parts of the gene and cut them out like with a pair of molecular scissors. This could potentially revolutionized the field of genetics. This is very amazing as I know a lot of people who have sickle cell anemia.Sickle cell anemia is a group of disorders that cause red blood cells to become a certain shape and break down.Also, if you have it there is a problem with your Hemoglobin. According to the article, a lot of universities and top companies are doing a lot of research on CRISPR. Researchers at the UC Berkeley and the University of Vienna were the first to find ways to use and guide those molecular scissors to targeted certain locations on the gene. It’s shocking how many top universities are interested in this topic, as Harvard has researchers for CRISPR. CRISPR is also related to genetic engineering. It is predicted that it will change medical diagnoses. While reading the article I found that there is competition between these top universities.

This article makes me wonder how this could reshape the fight against certain diseases.Finding a way to eliminate a certain disease is necessary.

Advanced Hackers Infect X-Ray Machines In Healthcare Espionage

This past week Forbes released an article online about a recent hacker group that had the capability of infecting medical equipment such as X-Ray Machines in healthcare facilities. Another group called the dubbed Orangeworm attacked healthcare facilities in the United States. They were successfully able to infect multiple computers in healthcare facilities connected to medical equipment such as MRI and X-Ray machines. This has not been the first of it’s kind. This has actually been one of many attacks on healthcare facilities in recent months. In the future, this will become one if not the main concern involving the security. The security of infrastructure is essential for us to function on a day-to-day basis. Infrastructure such as hospitals, electricity plants, and water treatment plants are all essential for the type of life we want to sustain, and for us to sustain that way of life, we must find answers to this solution fast!


New Fashion Trend with Technology?

One of the biggest problems we see today is distracted driving, usually caused by someone using their phone on their commute. This causes many accidents and unfortunately leads to sometimes death, however there has been a new idea on how to stop this. Google and clothing company Levi Strauss & Co. have come together and created a new type of clothing that pairs your phone with what they call, a “smart” jacket. For example, if one were to get a call, your jacket would then vibrate notifying you what is going on. In the cuff part of the jacket is a small sensor that you can touch and control as if it were your phone. Now I am not saying people should do this while still driving, but it does allow commuters, whether you’re walking, running, biking or driving, to keep your eyes on where you are going and it limits yourself to going to look down at your phone. The jacket can also provide navigation, connect to your music, and read notifications in addition to calls. The whole idea behind this is to connect people’s fashion to technology, something we really haven’t seen before. Many designers are now creating new trends that are beginning to reshape this industry. In a sense I believe it is a cool, fun idea but what I wonder is if this new trend will stick around or will people not buy into. If you want to see a video describing all of this as well as the article, click on the link.



Amazon is offering a new service

Amazon will offer a new service. The company announced that it will offer a service where it delivers packages to your parked car. This service will be available to prime members. According to the company, this service will make it easier and safer for customers to receive packages. Customers have been reporting theft of packages. Amazon claims this service will help with the issue.I really don’t know what I think of this new service. If I owned a car I’m not sure if I would like someone in my car. But with this new service, I think this will open up more issues. What if delivery men try and steal things from the customers car? Also how would these delivery people even get access to the customers car.

While reading the article, the issue of user Data was referenced. Multiple legal experts take issue with the fact that Amazon will have all of this data. Personally I know for a fact Amazon has a lot of data on its users. This was also an issue with tech giant Facebook;people are very concerned about privacy. I trust Amazon with my data.

Artificial Intelligence is Now Being Used to Reconstruct Damaged Images

The technology already exists that can reconstruct and alter images based on surrounding pixel colors and patterns, but the images that those programs created were often unrealistic and had many flaws, and required a decent amount of manual editing to make the pictures look real.

Nvidia, a U.S. based company, made a new program that is far more effective in accomplishing this, and nearly eliminates all need for manual touch-ups to the altered images.  The process includes many of the same features of previously developed programs, but at a much faster rate as well as a more realistic finished product.  The algorithms use machine learning to find the similarities and differences between facial expressions, scenery, animals, and so on.  Nvidia’s AI also picks up on patterns and colors far better than other similar programs.

Below is a comparison of the inputted image, another inferior program, Nvidia’s AI, and the original image.

As you can see, Nvidia’s AI is significantly better than the previous make, and the images it produces are very close to the originals.  Little to no manual editing is necessary.

While this type of technology does have the potential to to make a productive positive contribution to society, it has also been known to produce images that create political controversy, pornographic images, and photographs that can mislead research and scientific discoveries.  The way that this technology is used, and regulated, will be very interesting to watch unfold throughout the next few months.

The end of pesky password age?

WebAuthn, which is one of the new web standard milestones, stated that they could point to the end of the road for pesky passwords which is considered not very safe. WebAuthn said that they are kind of on the final step to get the approval from the World Wide Web Consortium. The CEO of W3C thought that because of the lack of security of the internet, people were limited from doing more benefit works. To provide a new safety, efficient way to identify each person online, they decided to define a standard Application Program Interface which can be connected to browsers and Web infrastructure.  And several tech companies are ready to support this technique by using it on their web browsers such as Google, Microsoft, and Mozilla. However, Michael Thelander, a senior director of product at Innovation, mentioned the real problem this new skill is facing. He said that the compliance and the user experience even the product management will still be problems which need a little while to solve.

       This topic makes me think about the password security that we talked about in the class which involved with techniques to break down passwords. Because our passwords are always grouped by some amount of letters and numbers, it is not hard for the computer to find out the real order. The 6 letters password can be found just by several second, however, the password that is more than 10 letters need around fifty years to break out. Although the security level of each pass is different, it is still a big concern in our daily using on the internet especially once we create a new account that needs to type in our personal information. So I am looking forward to see the new way of personal identity which can be replaced by the traditional way of creating passwords by ourselves. Even though it takes time to reach that day, the support from big companies makes me have the confidence that one day the process of type in our passwords would not be a big online security problem.

Largest DDoS for hire site gets taken down

Four individuals were arrest Tuesday after an extensive investigation concluded that they were the administrators of the worlds largest DDoS service provider. DDoS, or distributed denial of service attacks, flood company websites with traffic, temporarily shutting them down to users. offered this service for a fee from their customer, allowing them to flood any site they desired. The main targets for these attacks were typically banks, government institutions, police forces, schools, and gaming companies. The site offered package deals to their customers; from $18.99 a month for “bronze membership” to $49.99 a month for “platinum membership”. They accepted payments ranging from paypal to bitcoin, even giving a 15% discount to those who used the popular cryptocurrency.

The site was based in the Netherlands in a small Dutch village, but when they were alerted to the investigation, they attempted to relocate to Germany. The site had launched upwards of 6 million attacks, most of them on American sites. While they may have taken down the largest site, there are still many more of these providers out there that need to taken down before they can do more harm. That being said, it is a huge step and in the right direction and a huge victory for the team that led the investigation. The team is also expose the users of this site and bring those individuals to justice as well. DDoS and other attacks like it are on the rise and causing big issues for companies and individuals alike. It is a growing problem that many are unaware of.