Hackers Steal information from over 5 million credit and debit cards

The Hudson’s Bay Company, which is famous for owning retail chains such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Saks Off 5th and Lord & Taylor, has confirmed a security breach on Sunday April 1. The stolen information was used for in store purchases and according to Hudson’s Bay “there is ‘no indication’ online purchases were affected.Gemini Advisory, a cyber security firm identify the security preach stating that it was amongst the largest and most damaging breaches to ever target retail companies, with over 130 locations impacted. The majority of stolen cards came from New York and New Jersey locations, with info obtained from sales dating back to May 2017.

This article tied into our in class discussions of security, specifically cyber security. Companies have had breaches like these in the past such as Home Depot, losing nearly 30 million due to a security breach. Penn State’s Database has also experienced a breach back in 2012, but was not notified until 2015. Penn State now offers a two-factor authentication system which uses more than one device to confirm your identity before allowing you to log in to your account. This article is proof that security breaches and identity theft can happen to anyone, whether it be an individual or a million dollar company, and it is important to take the measures to prevent this from occurring before it is too late.


-Stefan Desroches

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  1. I think that it is amazing that someone can go for that long without getting caught and manage to steal from that many people. As we move forward in the technology industry, more and more people are putting there information on their devices and are becoming more accessible. I remember when apple pay first came out and it scared me because I didn’t trust the system and immediately had some sort of thought in my head that someone out there would be able to access this information somehow if there really wanted to. More and more schools and companies are moving towards a more protective system. They are aware of all the risks and issues that can arise because there is so much information out there and hackers are able to get around it if they want to. I think that you always have to have the thought that someone is able to get ahold of the information you put out there so you have to take major precautions as to what you are doing. New York City recently announced that they are launching an app this summer that protects residents from cyber attacks. Basically you download the app and put your information into it about things that you want to be protected and it warns you of when there is suspicious things going on in your account and also helps you with tips on how to be more protective of these different accounts. It is becoming more and more scary in the technology atmosphere because everything is moving that way and more things are becoming intangible. One thing that makes all of this seem a little less scary however is that we have people on the other end that are coming up with new ways to protect our accounts and stop these hackers of being destructive online.


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