Largest DDoS for hire site gets taken down

Four individuals were arrest Tuesday after an extensive investigation concluded that they were the administrators of the worlds largest DDoS service provider. DDoS, or distributed denial of service attacks, flood company websites with traffic, temporarily shutting them down to users. offered this service for a fee from their customer, allowing them to flood any site they desired. The main targets for these attacks were typically banks, government institutions, police forces, schools, and gaming companies. The site offered package deals to their customers; from $18.99 a month for “bronze membership” to $49.99 a month for “platinum membership”. They accepted payments ranging from paypal to bitcoin, even giving a 15% discount to those who used the popular cryptocurrency.

The site was based in the Netherlands in a small Dutch village, but when they were alerted to the investigation, they attempted to relocate to Germany. The site had launched upwards of 6 million attacks, most of them on American sites. While they may have taken down the largest site, there are still many more of these providers out there that need to taken down before they can do more harm. That being said, it is a huge step and in the right direction and a huge victory for the team that led the investigation. The team is also expose the users of this site and bring those individuals to justice as well. DDoS and other attacks like it are on the rise and causing big issues for companies and individuals alike. It is a growing problem that many are unaware of.

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  1. DDoS is a major problem that is only increasing as the Internet expands. Since last year the number of these attacks has increased dramatically. About 60% of the attacks originate from China and about 18% from the United States. The longest attack so far in 2018 is about 12 days. If this trend continues it could get out of hand. Imagine if one of these attackers was able to do this on such a scale that they could do this against Amazon. Millions and Millions of dollars in sales would be lost and shipments could possible get delayed or lost. An attack against a Verizon or AT&T could leave millions without cellphone usage for extended periods of time. The consequences of these attacks are scary and if implemented correctly could shut down entire infrastructures of companies and governments around the world.

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