New Fashion Trend with Technology?

One of the biggest problems we see today is distracted driving, usually caused by someone using their phone on their commute. This causes many accidents and unfortunately leads to sometimes death, however there has been a new idea on how to stop this. Google and clothing company┬áLevi Strauss & Co. have come together and created a new type of clothing that pairs your phone with what they call, a “smart” jacket. For example, if one were to get a call, your jacket would then vibrate notifying you what is going on. In the cuff part of the jacket is a small sensor that you can touch and control as if it were your phone. Now I am not saying people should do this while still driving, but it does allow commuters, whether you’re walking, running, biking or driving, to keep your eyes on where you are going and it limits yourself to going to look down at your phone. The jacket can also provide navigation, connect to your music, and read notifications in addition to calls. The whole idea behind this is to connect people’s fashion to technology, something we really haven’t seen before. Many designers are now creating new trends that are beginning to reshape this industry. In a sense I believe it is a cool, fun idea but what I wonder is if this new trend will stick around or will people not buy into. If you want to see a video describing all of this as well as the article, click on the link.



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  1. This incorporation of technology into the fashion industry is an example of the versatility of technology in the modern world. This jacket, among other similar products, can be the stepping stone to expanding the Internet of Things. Another example of such a product would be the NikeConnect kit of the soccer team Chelsea. This kit has a NikeConnect logo that allows you to “access product, customized content and exclusive experiences” (Nike News, 2018). Once the logo is scanned, your phone enters a new platform through the Nike app that is truly unique. This new and and exclusive membership is a testament to the technological convergence occurring in the world-renowned company. This idea to connect what you wear to your phone can bring the Internet of Things much closer to your person, such as the creation of smartwatches, wireless accessories, and products just like the Levi’s jacket or the Chelsea kit.

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  2. I found your blog post to be extremely interesting. It is crazy to look back and reflect on how far technology has come over the years. I wonder how technology and fashion will shape the future in years to come. I have never heard about this jacket, yet I find it fascinating. Distracted driving is a huge problem in our society. I know personally, sometimes it is hard to take a break from my screens when driving. Yet, I also do know my safety comes first and try to leave my phone in the backseat. I agree that this jacket has many positives and negatives. First, I think this jacket is an ideal product for customers who are often on the go. This “hands-free” technology would allow them to safely respond to messages, play music and use navigation settings. While this jacket could be a risk to drivers on the road, other commuters could definitely benefit from this product. The jacket price retails at around $350 yet if consumers think the products features benefit their daily lives – I do think this jacket is worth the investment. After reading your blog post, I decided to do some more research on this product. I found an article on The Verge which stated the jacket is great but the technology isn’t. The article proved the point that while the jacket is a fashionable and comfortable piece, the technology in the jacket isn’t extremely useful. I have attached the link to the article below. After researching about this product, I can only imagine what the future holds for both technology and fashion. It is crazy to see where we are today yet I am positive many more links between technology and fashion are in store to come.

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