The end of pesky password age?

WebAuthn, which is one of the new web standard milestones, stated that they could point to the end of the road for pesky passwords which is considered not very safe. WebAuthn said that they are kind of on the final step to get the approval from the World Wide Web Consortium. The CEO of W3C thought that because of the lack of security of the internet, people were limited from doing more benefit works. To provide a new safety, efficient way to identify each person online, they decided to define a standard Application Program Interface which can be connected to browsers and Web infrastructure.  And several tech companies are ready to support this technique by using it on their web browsers such as Google, Microsoft, and Mozilla. However, Michael Thelander, a senior director of product at Innovation, mentioned the real problem this new skill is facing. He said that the compliance and the user experience even the product management will still be problems which need a little while to solve.

       This topic makes me think about the password security that we talked about in the class which involved with techniques to break down passwords. Because our passwords are always grouped by some amount of letters and numbers, it is not hard for the computer to find out the real order. The 6 letters password can be found just by several second, however, the password that is more than 10 letters need around fifty years to break out. Although the security level of each pass is different, it is still a big concern in our daily using on the internet especially once we create a new account that needs to type in our personal information. So I am looking forward to see the new way of personal identity which can be replaced by the traditional way of creating passwords by ourselves. Even though it takes time to reach that day, the support from big companies makes me have the confidence that one day the process of type in our passwords would not be a big online security problem.

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