Weaponizing Artificial Intelligence: The Scary Prospect Of AI-Enabled Terrorism

Another growing technology topic that is being discussed these days is centered around Artificial Intelligence or AI. Artificial Intelligence allows computers to process information like we do on a daily basis and make judgements and decisions based on how humans will normally act. On April 23rd, Forbes released an article surrounding Artificial Intelligence and one of the ways Artificial Intelligence will impact our world in the future. They believe one of the ways Artificial Intelligence will be relevant in the future is in connection to our military defense systems. As of right now, countries around the world have or are in the process of obtaining unmanned military systems such as drones to limit the amount of soldiers that countries jeopardize in the line of duty every year. But, with the push of innovation of new Artificial Intelligence technologies and machine-learning capabilities, countries are trying to find ways to make machines think for themselves and execute certain capabilities without the aid of human interaction. Are you ready for a world without human interactions? Please comment and let me know what your opinion is!





1 thought on “Weaponizing Artificial Intelligence: The Scary Prospect Of AI-Enabled Terrorism

  1. I have already commented on a post like this in a recent week but I feel the need to comment here too.

    I feel like AI could bring about a whole new type of war. The earlier article posted was about animal like robots being used for their specific tasks. This will created different strategies and types of warfare for countries to adapt to.

    Also Elon Musk has stated via twitter that in a few years robots will be able to move faster than the human eye can see.

    Maybe in a decade or so humans will no longer be fighting with themselves on the battlefield but with the objects they create. This is why I chose a major in IST. I think that the need for programmers and people with the knowledge of computers will keep growing.

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