Reveal of Goodyear’s new high tech aircraft

The Wingfoot Three is Goodyears third and completely renovated fleet of blimps that have been created with an entirely new use of technology. This new breed of aircrafts have been designed by German company, Zeppelin. The aircrafts earned the NT (new technology) title mainly due to the updated mechanics of the aircrafts.

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The new series of aircrafts engines have been completely transformed to increase efficiency and maneuverability. One of the issues with the old blimp models was the use of helium which caused the aircrafts to want to float up on a windy day, however the third model has included engines that face upward to keep these massive blimps on the ground. They can also hold double the amount of people than previous models as well as completely upgraded interior for increased comfort and style. The Wingfoot fleet has also increased its speed to 76 mph, 23 mph faster than before.

Although this is not engrossing information for most people, it is interesting to look at how “new technology” can affect modes of transportation. The new blimp will be attending hundreds of sporting events this year, giving more people the opportunity to take a ride in the brand new Goodyear Wingfoot Three aircraft.

Technology Enabling The Blind To See

There is now a new technology that helps the blind or visually impaired to see. The device has the ability to help it’s users regain their independence and assist them in their daily lives.

The OrCam MyEye enables it’s users to read books, newspapers, labels, signs, currency, and even computer/smartphone screens. MyEye is capable of facial recognition that identifies friends and family of the user. The device can also recognize colors allowing the user to differentiate red and green pedestrian signs when crossing the street or it can help them recognize clothing colors. MyEye attaches to a pair of glasses by a magnetic clip. To control the device when reading, users must use their hands to either wave at, swipe, or point at the text.
The OrCam MyEye technology gives these people their independence and it allows them to engage in the world around them. OrCam MyEye is now partnering up with the Florida Technology Center to promote these products and share its data with more people.

Do We Really Need to Worry About Unemployment Caused by AI?

In a survey with respect to Artificial Intelligence (AI), robotics, and the future of jobs, Arron Smith and Janna Anderson (2014) collected 1896 experts of technology’s responses and attempted to find out whether the impact of AI and robotics on jobs by 2025 will be negative or not. The statistical findings were that about 48% of experts were concerned about the displacement of jobs by robots, and others stated confidently that AI will create more jobs than that it may destroy.

In recent decades, robots with AI can finish some pre-defined works instead of human workers. Those robots possess the ability as much as workers. Some people start to worry about job losses and worse wealth inequality. Even some governments have posted anti-AI statements in public. For instance, after the meeting among some scientists who were against AI and President Obama, a federal report pointed out that “AI could threaten up to 47 percent of jobs among 702 occupations in two decades” (Berger, 2016). This indicates that if these threatened jobs result in job replacement, millions of Americans have to make a meager living and face challenging economic problems at least in a short term.

However, I found an interesting thing that existing workers are insufficient for the demand. In Stephen Moore’s report, America’s worker shortage: One million and counting, he asserted that one of the most serious problems of the U.S. economy for companies nowadays is finding workers when plenty of working-age people are out of the labor ‎force. He wrote, “There are at least one million jobs that go begging day after day if only employers could find workers to fill them”. For example, U.S. Gulf Coast refiners plan to do repairs in 2017, but they are facing a great labor shortage; and it is difficult to find even the lowest-skilled workers. Next year, planned maintenance may cost 1.26 billion dollars, according to Industrial Information Resources (IIR), a department detecting labor supply for refiners and other industrial companies. It is no doubts that repairing is a huge cost. However, refiners have to spend even more money to interest and retain employees, and engage skilled workers from another area to finish works. Obviously, it is inefficient and expensive. Jarrett Renshaw (2017) pointed out that “That’s going to complicate scheduling and even extend outages, a vice president of IIR said”. Find more information from this link: this time, automatic systems and controlled robots can displace some of the skilled blue-collar workers, brings more labor supply and satisfies the demand of the industry. AI plays an important role in meeting the worker shortage by offering labors and cutting costs. What do you think? Do we really need to worry about the unemployment caused by AI?


Victorinox Lexicon Hardside Frequent Flyer Smart Suitcase

Victorinox Lexicon Hardside Frequent Flyer Smart Suitcase is a new way to travel with technology! This suitcase has a USB port with a preinstalled cable to charge in any electronics; such as phones, computers, headphones, fitbit, and another devices with a USB plug. The bag has a pocket for a battery pack, so you can be fully charged at all points during your travel. Sim card pins to change your carrier which is extremely easy and accessible when abroad. The suitcase also includes a combination lock for an easy way to keep safety precautions when traveling. It has an ID tag and tray for easy identification. The suitcase is scratch resistant. This helps the suitcase last awhile and stay in good condition, which is good because it is reliably expensive for a suitcase.

This suitcase is ideal for someone who travels often and  wants their technology easy and accessible. I think this suitcase is a good idea and can be very helpful. Since the cost of it is more than your average suitcase, it’s up to the individual how important they feel these emanates are. I don’t feel that I need this suitcase, but would I understand and encourage if a person who travels a lot would.

Smart Lenses

Smart contact lenses will offer perfect vision video, camera and more. These lenses are just like normal contact lenses, in the sense that they can be put in and taken out when you choose, but their capabilities are endless. This sounds like great new technology, but is it? Do we understand the consequences that could come from putting electronics into our eyes? People often drop their contacts forcing them to get a new pair which is why the one a day contact have become so popular. Other brands are actually talking about injecting the eye with an artificial lens that can act as a smart lens which would then prevent that problem. However, how comfortable will people be with injecting their eyeballs. 

Multiple brands are in the process of developing smart contact lens technology. Each with different goals. Some brands are hoping for these contacts to have the same full capabilities as a computer, while others are using them to track ones health. Some companies are even using them to make people be able to see in the dark. Each version on these lenses sounds like a fascinating idea, but is it necessary to have technology in our eyes? I personally believe that this is unnecessary, due to the fact that we have technology at our finger tips, I don’t think we need it in our eyes as well.

Keeping Your Home Safe with Artificial Intelligence

Talking about home security, people may think about dogs and guards. It is not wrong, but it is no longer the most effective method. Nowadays, people have started to use artificial intelligence as the “dogs and guards”. The idea of using A.I. exists mainly because even with guards and cameras, there is still an inevitable aspect which is human error. Using the AI can effectively reduce human error from existence. However, using A.I. still has some challenges today.

The first challenge is that the A.I. system is still expensive. The cost ranges from $20,000 for eight cameras to $600,000 for large estates. Monitoring costs $8 to $12 an hour, but homeowners can choose when to turn them on. This level of security is highly functional; however, only wealthy homeowners and property owners can and are willing to offer. The following story revealed the point very well. A few years ago, the actor Joe Manganiello realized the weakness of his home security system. He was at home in Beverly Hills, California, with his wife, the actress Sofia Vergara, when he heard someone walking around their property. Ms. Vergara checked the security cameras and noticed they were blacked out. Two men on their property had been spray-painting the lenses for nearly 45 minutes, which the company monitoring the security feed had missed. “These guys were trying to crowbar in the kitchen window; then they moved to the living room door,” said Mr. Manganiello, who is known for his roles on “True Blood” and “Magic Mike.” “I was standing at the top of the stairs with a weapon.” When the men broke through the front door, the security alarm sounded and they ran off, he said. But the attempted break-in made him realize it was time for a security upgrade. What he did is to upgrade the security system to the one that used A.I. technology. A few months ago, Mr. Manganiello and Ms. Vergara’s home was targeted again. But this time, their new system from Edgeworth with geofencing technology and A.I.-enabled cameras detected three men before they could get close to the house. “As they were trying to figure out where to come in, the command center was guiding the police to our house,” Mr. Manganiello said. “They were able to apprehend them and their getaway driver before they could even touch the house.”

Another challenge that A.I. system has to deal with is the inherent biases in the computational systems. It means that in the real world, the commercial software is nearly flawless at telling the gender of white men, but not so for dark-skinned women. In 2015, there is even an rather insulting issue that the image-recognition photo app of Google mistakenly labeled photos of black people as “gorillas”, and Google had to apologize for that. Also A.I.-enhanced security systems still struggle to determine whether a nonwhite person was arriving as a guest, a worker or an intruder. The best way to avoid this bias is to let humans verify the videos.

However, even with such challenges, artificial intelligence, they say, can see more things faster than systems that rely on humans, who may not be paying attention. To apply A.I. technology into security system is still innovative, and it has a large potential. The home security is expected to be a $47.5 billion business by 2020. Home Security will grow into a huge business that no one can neglect. Other than that, the trend is to continuously apply innovative and advanced technology into daily life.

In conclusion, A.I. technology has been widely applied in various aspects in our life, and home security is very much likely to be the aspect that widely accepts A.I.. Probably in the near future, you will welcome the A.I. to be your “dogs and guards”.

Save Kids From The Internet Addiction

With the highly development of internet, electronic devices become more and more popular and prevalent. As the big data era coming, internet has become a part of people’s life. There are no longer complicate processes to use the internet product. Therefore, not only for adults, even young kids can use them very well nowadays. They provide a “window” for children to learn knowledge and expand the horizon. However, at the same time, there are problem caused by no limited using internet products.

One of the most serious problem is Internet addition, which is a global problem.In South Korea, “Up to 30 percent of South Koreans under 18, or about 2.4 million people, are at risk of Internet addiction, said Ahn Dong-hyun, a child psychiatrist at Hanyang University in Seoul who just completed a three-year government-financed survey of the problem.” As you see, the South Korean is suffering serious internet addiction problem. Therefore, the national government has generated a program to help children and teenagers “go outside” the internet. There are two parts of this program curriculum design: one is education training, and the other one is the activities training. The object of education training is awaking children’s cognition about the internet. Teenagers who addict on internet cannot realize it is a bad thing for them, so helping them to better understanding the disadvantages of addicting on the internet will solve the problem from the root. In addition, the activities training will help children join the outsides activities, like paying the sports and communicating with people. Thought it is too early to conclude weather this program has dramatically effect to cope the internet addiction, it is a good attempt for the South Korean government to cure internet addition kids.

The other controversy problem about electronic devices is whether young children should be allowed to use electronic devises at class. It is obvious the disadvantages of using electronic products at school are overwhelming that the advantages of it. For example, many kids are addicting themselves on the computer games. This distracts their attention from teachers and class. Also, some kids are addicting on social media that makes them live in a fiction world a loss the ability to communicate with people in real life. So far, many European countries have enacted policies or lawyer to forbidden students carry electronic devices on school. For example, in 2016, Italy overturned its own ban on phones in school and Education Minister Valeria Fedeli has said that smartphones “are an extraordinary tool to facilitate learning.” “In the German state of Bavaria, a ban was put in place on the use of phones on school grounds in 2006 after police found pornography and violent images on devices seized from students in two different towns. But that ban is being challenged and the policy may be modified this year.” It is reasonable to ban cellphone or laptop on class, because the research shows students will have better academic performance without using cellphones and laptops on class.

In conclusion, it is the time to find some ways to protect our next generation away from the “toxin” of the Internet.



Social Media Tracking our Location

I believe that social media tracking your location is a very prevalent topic of debate. According to Business Insider, there are many social media apps that are tracking your exact location. For example, Facebook tracks your location from where you send messages via the messenger app. If your location services are turned on in your settings, your exact location can appear on a map using a Google Chrome extension called Marauder’s Map. A person using the extension is also able to see your location even if you aren’t friends with them but still messaging them.

Instagram also tracks your location in a very similar way. When you post a picture, you have the option to name the location where the photo was taken. However, Instagram still tracks where you post a picture through geotagging even without you posting the location yourself as long as the photo map setting is turned on. This map allows anyone to see the location of where you posted a photo. Meaning, if you are at home or at work posting a picture, people are able to see the exact location of your house or office.

Foursquare has an app called Swarm which allows you to check in your location so that you are able to look back on your past travels. However, if a person has “Neighborhood Sharing” turned on in their location settings, their exact location can be seen by anyone. Many believe that “Neighborhood Sharing” means that just what neighborhood they are in appears, but in reality, your location can be seen down to which street you are on.

The good news is that all of these settings can be turned off to prevent others from seeing where you are at all times. Many people are not comfortable with their online friends, let alone people they aren’t friends with, knowing exactly where they are. It is becoming increasingly difficult to keep your personal information private in the world of social media. Because of this, it is becoming increasingly more important to educate yourself about the apps you’re using, what information apps are taking from you, and how to help prevent apps from taking information that you do not wish to share.

Should You Quit College to Start You Tube?

Growing up we were always told that college is a vital part in becoming successful in life. In order to get a high paying job we must spend thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars on an education. For me this has always been one of the biggest questions I’ve had about my life.

However, it seems like the fastest way to make money today is to have a social media presence. According to a news article by The Richest, the wealthiest You Tuber is currently a Swedish comedic video gamer named, Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, who’s screen name is PewDiePie


Kjellberg started on You Tube in 2010, while pursuing a degree in industrial economics and technology management at Chalmers University of Technology. After his first year in school he dropped out, and focused on making content for his You Tube channel. It only took a short two years for PewDiePie’s channel to obtain more than a million subscribers. You Tubers and other social media infuencers make their money from advertisements and sponsorships.

In 2012 Youtube created an algorithm that would demonetized videos that showed content that didn’t fit a set of standards for advertisements. This created an incentive to post more positive and noncontroversial material for the site. These standards were widened again in 2015. This new update would take videos out of circulation or not allow ads to run on videos that contained, nudity, controversial material, cursing, crude comments, or mature material. Because of this You Tubers turned to sponsorhsips instead of heavily relying on ads.

Becoming a You Tuber is not as easy as it may sound because the content that you crank out would still have to be something that people would want to watch. You would also need to decide what you would want to do. Unlike choosing or switching a major in college, switching the type of content you show on your channel is much more financially forgiving. Developing a channel is as easy as posting a video a week. There would be no need to drive to work or have to take a subway. It’s as easy as opening your computer and start to record.

Media Log #1: “3 Dead, Including Gunman, in Shooting at Florida Gaming Event”

In the Monday edition of The New York Times, an article reported on the deadly shooting that occurred the day prior at EA’s Madden NFL video game tournament in Jacksonville, Florida. The article entitled, “3 Dead, Including Gunman, in Shooting at Florida Gaming Event,” was reported by Alan Blinder, Christopher Mele and Patricia Mazzei. As I read the piece, I analyzed the situation as if Electronic Arts, EA Sports, was my client.

On Aug. 26, at approximately 1:34 p.m., everything changed in a matter of seconds at the Madden NFL Championship Series, a video game tournament, when David Katz armed with a handgun, killed two people and injured 11 others, according to the article. Katz, 24, eventually took his own life at the tournament located at the Jacksonville Landing, a riverfront featuring a variety of shops, restaurants and an open-air performance space.

The events of the deadly shooting were broadcasted to the thousands watching the live-stream across the country. Authorities rushed to the scene, helping hundreds escape to safe and those who were wounded to a nearby hospital. Those who were wounded received treatment at UF Health Jacksonville and Memorial Hospital in Jacksonville.

Lenny Curry, the mayor of Jacksonville, offered his prays for the family who lost their loved ones. Mayor Curry  said “we have faced an occurrence that is all too common” as Florida has become all too familiar with these deadly acts of violence as they recover from the deadly shooting that occurred just six month ago at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

The reporters focused on the important elements of the breaking news event, making sure the article contained factual information without speculating or bringing up highly debated topics, such as gun control. Nonetheless, having EA Sports as my client, this news coverage is clearly negative for my client’s reputation but also for others who plan to host gaming tournaments in the future.

When planning a gaming event, EA’s last area of concern should be security. Since these events, my client needs to take into account the safety of the participants and audience when hosting their next major gaming tournament. EA tweeted out a news release on its Twitter account, offering their thoughts and prayers to those who were affected and they will continue to work with law enforcement authorities in any way possible.

The next move I would make for my client is revise the setup plans for future gaming events and ramp up the security to ensure that these events will never happen again. It’s important to make the gaming audience and public know that gaming events are indeed a safe, fun and enjoyable experience.