Government Clampdown on Taxi-Apps Causing Unemployment

Uber, Lyft, and other car-hailing apps have been growing tremendously since their start in 2009 threatening to wipe out the need for their main competitor- taxi companies.  The Socialist government of Spain has historically tried to help “middle-aged workers out of work for a long time”.  However, the government seems to be doing the complete opposite when it comes to dealing with the dispute between taxi companies and hailing-apps by instituting rules and regulations that are taking away jobs.

Government officials have been trying to ease tensions between hailing-app drivers and taxi drivers by creating operating rules that put them on the same playing field in metropolitan areas.  The main issue here is that taxi companies feel threatened by the growth of individual drivers using these apps.  However, the government giving into the demands made by taxi companies is in return hurting individual drivers who are struggling to reenter the workforce.

Car hailing-apps provide a “unique” and crucial opportunity for long-term unemployed people to make a living.  However, both services provide jobs and a livelihood to people in the lower class.  There is a huge issue to be faced with this new innovation due to the fact that putting regulations on them causes unemployment for individual drivers, while not doing anything could put taxi companies out of business.  Only time will tell if both types of transportation services can survive in harmony with one another.

Did Bungie Save Destiny 2?

Destiny 2 was one of the most anticipated games back in 2017 named one of the best shooters games to be release. After about 3 months of the game being release, the game disappointed almost all of the players after players progression through the game went fast and close to all players were out of content to play. This discourage players making them stop playing the game. People were anticipating a game with a lot of content that would require a long grind to even get close to the “end-game” stage of the game. Instead people received a game that was so casual they breezed through the story and end game missions and raids in less than 3 months.


But, things seemed to have changed with the recent DLC called “Forsaken”. Forsaken adds some of the most asked features including random-rolls on weapons, rather than preset modifiers, a collection tab allowing players to require weapons they have already found or unlocked that they have gotten rid of, a triumph tab allowing player to see what they have completed in the game, a brand new story where player find out what happens to one of the main character Cayde-6, and a new raid with some of the most challenging mechanics. In a recent article from says, “what Destiny 2 did offer just wasn’t that fun”.  Only time will tell how fast players get through all the content but as of right now, it seems like Bungie have revived their game Destiny 2

How VR and AR can advance the health care system

I have always thought that Virtual Reality is mostly helpful for those who works in the educational field, and even if it stretches to other field, health care or family use, the first thing that came up to my mind was for the academic use such as training professionals with realistic environment and providing educational content for learners. However, beside these educational aspect, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality can be efficiently used in various ways. Not only in the hospital, its usage can benefit broad range of people regardless of health condition, age, and limitation in places.

The Blue Room, a Virtual Reality technology created by NewCastle University, helps those with autism by providing realistic scenarios that could happen in real-world through VR to overcome the phobias in everyday life. Also, a local charity called LOROS Hospice had provide patients who cannot get out of bed by themselves and terminal patients a ‘virtual walk’ , just like in the park, through VR technology.  These kind of innovation within a technology industry. Training professionals are important but providing patients a better condition of treatment is also a crucial part of health system that cannot be easily ignored.

Outside of hospital, these technologies also affect in daily health life; for example, there is a mobile app that is created for exercise by combining elements for gaming and entertainment to make an enjoyable exercise habit and this app uses AR simulation to design a survival race from zombies. I think this is an original idea for health app, because it makes exercise more fun and enjoyable. I would love to try this app! This article showed me how the VR and AR can influence the field outside of education aspect.


Facebook target the ads by your 2FA phone number


Have you ever wondering why facebook can familiar with your interests? A recent article reveals that Facebook is using your 2FA phone number to target you with ads. A research carried out by academics at two U.S universities were able to demonstrate the company uses pieces of personal information that individuals did not explicitly provide it to target them with ads.


Two-factor Authentication, also known as 2FA, is an extra layer of security that is known as “multi factor authentication that requires not only a password and username but also something that only the user has on them, i.e. a piece of information only they should know or have. Using 2FA can help to lower the number of cases of identity theft on the Internet.

The reason why Facebook use 2FA to target user presumably because of money. Although the commercial behavior is opposed by the user, is there any other ways for Facebook to maintain their service without advertisement? One of the reasons why Facebook can develop fast in the past is that they provide free and convenient service for all users. It is unavoidable to loss users If they cannot find a way to balance this situation.



Yes Facebook is using your 2FA phone number to target you with ads

Network Introduction

The article “Network Introduction” is a intro level review on the very complex system of network. Briefly, network is a pattern of relationships that connect people, ideas, institutions or objects. Network reveals the relationships between different individuals. With more individuals in the network, it also makes it much more difficult to break down the relationship between them. A network is essentially a graph made of nodes and links. Each node represents each individual, and links are the connections between those nodes. Together they reveals the whole network. What’s even more fascinating is that according to Six Degree of Separation theory, each two random individuals in the network within six steps. It is also a representation of our real-life social network, and the entire earth population is in this network. With people now getting closely connected more than ever before through social media, it is believed that this six steps are getting even smaller.

Newman-Networks_an_Introduction_chap7_pp168-234 (1)-ta8i3w

Serious Disadvantages and Problems Still Exist in the Bicycle Sharing Industry

Being an avid shared bike user who grew up in China, I am truly impressed by how fast dockless bike sharing industry has expanded globally and how much potential this bicycle sharing business has. After all, it is just a concept several years ago and suddenly comes into our life, bringing up more convenience to people. I have seen a blog post before that has thoroughly analyzed the advantages of the dockless bike industry. The main reason that it has successfully expanded so fast is the exploration of our application connectivity, easily pay for the use by downloading application on the phone. The shared bike business owners who create such a billion-dollar project are smart and can easily track people’s daily activities by collecting data from the daily use of the bikes distributed around the cities. By doing some collection, they can learn the possibility of their investment in each cityImage result for shared bike on the pole

Nonetheless, we may wonder if the growth of shared-bike industry is really high, can it really conquer the world right now? From my perspective, I will say no (sorry, I have to disagree with you here). Without a well-developed strategy to handle the vandalism, no matter how convenient the shared bike locations are, the general loss is always higher than the profit one can get. For example, according to data released by Gobee Bike this year, the green-colored bicycle has about 150,000 users in France, and they have placed more than 2,000 bicycles in the city of Paris. So far, they have stolen 1,000 bicycles, 3,400 bicycles have been destroyed, the police received more than 300 complaints against bicycle users, and another 6,500 bicycles need to be repaired. Hence, although many people are willing to use it, it still cannot let the company generate any revenue because the high maintenance cost creates the negative profit growth for the company, and the long-run negative profit growth always lead to the loss of the marketing campaign and failure. But what can those companies do to prevent those losses? Nothing. Same thing happened in China market too. For example, recently, there is a huge Chinese shared bicycle bubble, meaning, a huge number of bicycles are either impounded or abandoned. Currently, many people still blame the Chinese for “no public morality” damage caused by shared bicycles

Now back to the U.S., the city with the highest number of shared bicycles in the United States is Dallas, Texas. Since August 2017, the pile-free shared bicycle has entered Dallas. Most of the shared bicycles, like the situation in China, occupy the public space for days or even months, and many of them show no signs of use. Bicycle cemeteries also appear in large numbers, and a small pile of them can be seen on the sidewalk. Many of them are either arbitrarily damaged on the ground, or thrown into the river, the lake. Believe it or not, some people even set fire to a bicycle, some people made the shared bicycle into “equipment art” because they liked to watch it splitting into half and hanging on the pole. The shared bicycle brand LimeBike from California is described as “the Dallas version of the road killing animals”, which is regarded as a disturbing roadblock, resulting in more communities forbidden to share bicyclesLimeBike Sawed in Half, Bolted to Deep Ellum Telephone Pole



AI vape to help quit smoking

This article starts out asking, can ai help people quit smoking?  Based on this new technology, it seems that the answer is YES!

The company Solutions4Health came up with an app idea that uses AI technology to help people quit smoking.  This is done by having people vape instead.  Bella is the AI technology that the company came up with.

Image result for solutions for health bella

The reason vapes are used is that they are much safer than tobacco.  This app and vape will be able to adapt to users personal needs.  This seems very helpful because everyone’s quitting journey is so different and should be catered to each individual.

The AI stop smoking coach is called Bella.  You can download it for free as an app and you’ll be able to talk to her normally.  The advanced technology will know how to respond fluidly and appropriately.  She’s meant to be used as a motivator if you’re ever stuck and not sure how to continue to stop smoking. Of course, to make this even better it is a 24/7 option so there is always personalized advice available.

This is a very smart idea for many reasons.  First, vaping is much healthier than smoking so it is smart to have an option for people who are trying to quit.  The idea of AI technology to help for this can be very helpful.  It is personalized and should be able to be more effective than general ways that people might try to quit smoking. This is a very good idea and is definitely a better option than smoking.


Quit with Bella

Can Artificial Intelligence Help People Quit Smoking?

AI will never be better than human

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak annonced his nonconfidence to autonomous cars recently. Interestingly, Steve was previously a loyal fan of driverless technology. He says tesla is the most promising company in the driverless technique.

As recently as last year, wozniak thought tesla would create the next technology, ” moonshot,” rather than apple. However, speaking at Nordic Business Forum in Stockholm, Sweden, last week, wozniak seemed less sanguine about tesla and its chief executive

“They aren’t going to be able to read the words on signs and know what they mean. I’ve really given up.” Said Steve, ” when a tesla car is driving on the highway, if something unusual happens, such as a cone in the middle of the driveway, even someone who is not smart enough can easily get around, whereas a tesla can’t.”


Advancement of electronic payment method: You can now buy with a ring


The last time I remember my brother amazed me when he took out his “contactless” Barclays debit card to pay at a restaurant in London. But, payment through a wearable ring is taking the electronic payment medium to the next level. Yeah, this is not an idea that will wash off, it is true and in practice. Many banks around the globe like the Dutch bank ABN AMRO Group, Commonwealth Bank Of Australia have started selling theses wearable rings which can be linked to a debit or credit card just like our electronic cards to make a payment.

The way this tech works is it uses a similar technology like in the antennas in “contactless” bank cards that users tap on card readers. You as a purchaser just need to make your hand into a fist and held your knuckles close to a shop payment’s card reader and your work is done. However, it can leave the cashiers puzzling. When Ali Paterson, 30 tried to pay $ 5.20 for her coffee in New York using the wearable ring tech, he had to take out his phone and show the skeptical cashier an app to prove the payment went through.

I believe this tech is going to transform the electronic payment industry. Any buyer can stop worrying about their card being lost or stolen in a crowded public place. This is so convenient for guys who have to carry a thick wallet with piles of card in their butt everywhere they go. Now they can say bye to the uncomfortable way of sitting and fixing your posture every now and then. Nevertheless, you have to pay some reasonable amount of money in order to possess this technology. Commonwealth Bank of Australia has done an admirable job though in selling some 10,000 rings at 39 Australian Dollars each to its clients. I just hope this tech becomes a big thing in the United States so I can possess it.


The “Future Son”

I am always talking to my family while at school, mostly a few times each day.  My mom always asks, “What did you learn today?”  IST is a class that is sometimes a struggle to explain to my family because my grandparents and, partially, my mom are clueless when it comes to technology.  Some of the hardest concepts for them to understand are the Internet of Things and Virtual Reality, so I was impressed and surprised when the new Progressive Insurance commercial, “Future Son” came on the television and my family pointed out that this is what I was learning about in IST.

This commercial shows a boy entering his kitchen and telling the various appliances to perform jobs that are not typical of the appliances, like ordering the ice maker to find him a dog sitter, and having the trash can turn on the television.  He starts out just staring down at his phone, but eventually ends up in VR googles and gloves.  The boy’s father and Flo are sitting at a table watching the scene play out.  He questions what has happened to his son and Flo answers that this is how people live now, ultimately letting the viewers know that they can now quote their insurance on any device.  The commercial ends with the father and Flo doubting that the son will “be fine.”  I believe this ending is intended to be funny, but there is a deeper meaning to the adults’ doubt.

This commercial is obviously aimed toward the older generations, including my family members.  The older generation is scared of this transition into new types of technology, such as the VR headsets and IoT.  They have doubts about whether it can work, or if it will be safe in our society.  Too much technology is a bad thing for these generations, and they are not completely wrong. I agree that all of the technology that the boy is using in the commercial is a little ridiculous (Who needs an ice maker that can find you a dog sitter?!).  However, I believe as long as these advances into the new technological era are thought out clearly and beneficial to our world then there should be no doubts that arise, whether they be from my family, friends, or Flo.

Check out the commercial!