Warned against the”Digital Dark Age”

Why are there still paperback books being made? It is hard to put an exact number on published material but more than a million was self published.1 With this much published books why do we need more?


“It was interesting that the original Domesday Book was still available and yet the digital version could no longer be read,” said Prof Garner. 2

As the article points out physical copies of books have a important part as they are accessible regardless of a software. Outdated software becomes a problem as the future generation has no way of accessing said vital information.

It was enlightening to think about as I had always thought of physical copies of books as a burden: taking up too much space, a negative impact on earth, preservation issues and costs. However I came to realize that with printed materials it was more about ensuring that the findings and studies of this generation get carried over safely to the next generation.

red and white floppy disk on white surface

“Found this old floppy disc at my uncles place, pretty old, but those good old days.. 1.44MB storage, we can’t even imagine”(Fredy Jacob, Photographer) 3





3 Photo by Fredy Jacob on Unsplash (unsplash.com/…earch/photos/old-technology)

Apple’s Cyber Security Flaw

The world is undoubtedly growing at an exponential rate when it comes to technology and as we find a solution to one problem, another 100 issues emerge. Wiretapping was essentially the only form of a security breach that phones faced. But within over a decade since the first smartphones, the conveniences of a pocket-sized computer birthed an endless amount of risks to people’s privacy.

Since its early gen iPhones, the tech giant has made it inaccessible to jailbreak their smartphones. But up until recently, Apple has funded $1 million into its cybersecurity to deal with software errors found in its recent iOS 12.4 update. A Google researcher was the first to discover the programming flaw, which was patched in iOS 12.3 but reintroduced in iOS 12.4. Through certain Apps on the App Store, iPhone users with this recent software update are now vulnerable to malicious activity. These exploit chains can give hackers access to real-time data such as GPS location, photos, and messages. Another security researcher, Pwn20wnd, who specializes in jailbreak developments, has mentioned that users are also vulnerable to their information from being stolen through the browsing of certain websites through the Safari app. According to security researcher Jonathan Levir, even iPhones with predating software are susceptible to exploits.

Although Apple has not officially addressed the issue, many iOS programming experts have advised iPhone users to be cautious of what apps they download and what websites they browse.

Innovation is a double-edged sword, and Apple’s situation is a prime example. The convenience of having a portable supercomputer has eased some aspects of life. It has also blindly walked ourselves to inconceivable issues. I suppose that we as a society are in a perpetual motion of transformation and refinement.






Does the internet make it possible to stay in the house?

What Is the first thing you start thinking about as soon as you wake up? Perhaps it’s the list of everything you have to do and everywhere you need to go during that day. I Need to go to class, need to go work, need to go to the store, need to get food. However, do you really “have” to go anywhere to do all those things? Think about all the things the internet allows us to do right from the comfort of our own home.

For instance, you can go to college and take classes online, several colleges and universities, including Penn State, offer degrees that can all be taken online. Several jobs allow workers to do their work right from home.  An article written for the Balance Careers by Laureen Brunelli listed several jobs from several different fields that allow you to work from home including jobs in, insurance, accounting, and even teaching.

So, no need to leave the house to go to work or school. What about all that shopping you need to do? That’s not a problem either, apps like Shipt and Instacart deliver food right to your door. Want to eat out? No problem Apps like Grub hub deliver restaurant food. Amazon, CVS, or Walgreens can deliver prescriptions. And anything else you could ever need can be delivered through websites like Walmart or Amazon. Still want to talk to people and stay connected? FaceTime allows you to speak “face to face” with the person you want to talk too. Also, Instagram and Facebook allow you to keep connected with people all over the world.

My point with as many delivery services and apps there are it would be possible to survive without leaving the house barring any medical emergencies.














Could Huawei 5G cause the US to fall behind?

The United States could face a major issue and fall behind Russia and China when moving  forward with internet technology. As we have seen from chapter one, it appears that the US has always been at the front of the internet and helping develop it into what it is today. Huawei, a prominent company in 5G networking is banned from Washington to get involved in the American 5G networks. Washington does not feel as if they can trust Huawei and believes the Chines Government could use this network to spy. The US also has warned other countries about dealing with Huawei in fear of a nation security threat.

The biggest issue that people have with Huawei is how they are so close to the Chinese government. The United States banned Huawei starting in 2012. Due to these restrictions, many people in the US do not know the presence that Huawei has around the world. Huawei is very high up in the telecom supplier market as well as the phone manufacturing market. One of these concerns with Huawei due to their closeness with the Chinese government reminds me of in class how we discussed the Chinese Government filtering the content its constituents can see. If China is not showing the whole truth to its own people, how can we know is Huawei is safe for sure. So, could Huawei just be a scheme to steal peoples information as a form of 5G internet and if you are connected can they scan through everything on your device or maybe can they control what you see when you  use the network?

While China may be the biggest threat to leadership in internet technology, there are other nations (including US allies) that could also surpass the US including Russia, Japan, and South Korea. It would be a shame if the nation that developed ARPANET, the first form of internet, started to fall behind in the internet technology field.





AI Technology making its way into the Music Industry

Technology is making its way to the music industry, not just in how we experience a live concert, but the ways that we experience and discover new music as consumers. When going through the history of music distribution going from vinyl records to cassettes to CDs to finally digital streaming, there would have to be an easier way to discover music that you may not see at your local record store right away. According to Bernard Marr’s “The Amazing Ways Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming The Music Industry”, he mentions how the playlists and queues that are generated for us in Spotify are created through artificial intelligence, and there are so many further ways that artificial intelligence can make getting popular and recording music easier for artists.

The concept of gathering information and bringing it to the forefront is prevalent here. As said in the article, “about 20,000 new songs and artists are uploaded daily on streaming platforms”, and the AI would be the one to go through and match the preferences of the individual when generating a discovery playlist. The article goes into the possibility that there might be a way the AI could identify artists that are worthy to make it bigger and reach more fans (Marr). The AI could take the information and characteristics of artists that are huge right now like Billie Eilish, Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Tyler, the Creator, etc. and apply them to the endless artists that upload music each day in order to see who a user may enjoy more than another.

As a musician, myself, it drives me crazy sometimes to be sitting staring at my laptop hours on end mixing and mastering my recorded music, especially after spending the hours before recording multiple tracks for a song. It could cut down the time when producing this music having an AI technology that takes in my specific music preferences and applying it to the music on its own. For more well-known acts, this could even break down the time taken to record and master music, therefore having more music being released, even constant music being released just by one artist.


The Amazing Ways Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming The Music Industry


How PixMob is Revolutionizing the Concert Experience

Since streaming services reduce annual revenue for musical artists, industry experts are looking for ways to capitalize further on live music experiences. One artist, Shawn Mendes, has partnered with the tech company PixMob to make their concerts immersive and personalized. Every attendee to the Shawn Mendes Tour receives and recyclable LED wristband which is programed to light up and change different colors that are synchronized with on stage visuals. This allows concert attendees to feel as if they are a part of the show. Will technology continue to revolutionize the music industry and draw fans out to shows?


Are cell phones playing a factor is people’s communication skills?

Ever since cell phones became more widely used by the millennial generation, many people have pointed to them as the reason people aren’t nearly as social as they once where. While social media connects everyone closer than they have ever been before, why do so many people still feel far a part? Well I for one think its sad that people struggle to have genuine conversations anymore. I for one want to be able to sit in a class 10 minutes before it starts and make a few friends. With people addiction to the cell phone, its becoming harder and harder to do so.

According to the 2015 article done by “Greater Good Magazine” iPhones are killing “face to face interactions” like never before. In the article, MIT sociologist Sherry Turkle says we “lose our ability to have deeper and more spontaneous conversations with others”. Now in 2019, this has become a fundamental problem. Here is an example. Imagine you walk into semi filled doctors office. When you go to sit in the waiting room, are you going to sit right next to someone or will you sit at least one seat away from that person. Chances are you will sit a seat over and immediately look at your phone.

Image result for phone users

Unfortunately this is the sad reality of the truth. People would rather look at their screens than look at each other. In the end, does it make anybody any happier? I’m not hypocritical here… I use my phone. But I feel that in a world where everyone is interconnected, we should not feel so alone.

How Smartphones Are Killing Conversation:


Image: https://images.app.goo.gl/4hXKbsugvoQE9T9z6

New 5G Network Could have Serious Impact on Weather Forecasts

Every cell phone provider has been scrambling to be the first to roll out the latest and greatest communications network, 5G.  Consumers eagerly await the chance to get their hands on this technology, which will be about 100 times faster than the current 4G system.  In April, the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) began auctioning off the rights to blocks of wireless radio frequencies between 24.25 GHz and 24.45 GHz that has generated over $2 billion in revenue to this point.  All seemed to be going smoothly for a 5G rollout later this year, until the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) stepped in.

Weather satellites are tuned to the frequency of 23.8 GHz to detect the amount of water vapor in the air.  The data collected from these satellite images is then fed into numerical weather prediction models to predict weather conditions for the next few days.  With the frequencies to the new 5G network being so close to this frequency, many meteorologists are worried noise associated with the 5G network will bleed into the water vapor frequency range.  As a result, the data collected by weather satellites will be significantly less accurate.  Feeding bad data into weather prediction models will compound the issue, reducing these models accuracy be as much as 30%.  This loss would revert forecasts back to the accuracy found in a forecast from 1980, according to the acting head of NOAA, Neil Jacobs.

Imagine living in an apartment with neighbors that like to blast music.  Some of that noise would seep through the walls and into your apartment, which would get quite annoying, especially if you were trying to sleep.  That is the fear for NOAA.  The FCC can choose any other frequency to broadcast the 5G network at, just keep it away from the critical weather bands.


Sources: https://physicsworld.com/a/debate-rages-over-5g-impact-on-us-weather-forecasting/


Image Source: https://phys.org/news/2019-08-nasa-dorian-hurricane.html

Do violent video games cause violent behavior?

With shootings rapidly increasing in the United States, many have turned to video games as the potential link to this violent behavior. Many feel that video games distort reality at a young age, leading children to grow up and act in more repulsive ways. But is this true? Getting to the bottom of it is complex. It’s like asking which came first, the chicken or the egg.

According to an article by Psychology Today, “many studies have found” that people who tend to play violent video games have “more aggressive moods and behaviors”. Personally  I play video games and I think it has no effect on me. My friends play video games as well and I haven’t seen any significant behavioral differences. In my opinion, if a child grows up to be rebellious, there are multiple factors that I conclude. In my opinion, a violent person is violent because of their parents or lack their off. What a child endures inside the household is what will primarily raise them to be who they are.

Image result for video games

Now not all video games are for all people. A parent should place limits on the types of games a child should play and how long they should play it. My parents would not let me play certain video games until I was mature enough to understand the difference between what is meant to be fun and what is real life.

What I think more people need to understand is the reason video games have become so popular is the community aspect of it. After school, students can easily get a snack and turn on their Playstation or Xbox and play with their friends. I tell my parents all the time that when I play video games, its like a giant phone call with all of my friends. Its a way to catch up, laugh and have a good time.

Unfortunately, I think as tragedies continue to happen, more and more people were turn to video games as the scape goat.

Psychology Today: