Do You Want A Drone To Deliver Your Package?

Amazon is not stopping anytime soon. The idea of using drones to deliver packages to get to the consumer quickly and more efficiently has been in the works for quite some time now. But now they are so close to finally putting it in action. They have done multiple test runs and are now saying, “it could start making drone deliveries to consumers’ homes in just months” (Bensinger, 2019). In class, we watched a video of Amazon testing out the drone delivery process and how people felt about getting packages via a drone versus a vehicle. 

Amazon has taken into account consumers beliefs and values and has listened to what they want. Customers were saying how loud the drones could be and how bothersome they could be to a consumer or even a neighbor. Amazon has worked hard on trying to limit the noise the drones produce when delivering packages. “Just because you want a package delivered quickly doesn’t mean you want you or your neighbors to hear it coming” (Bensinger, 2019).  

A main worry with the hundreds of technological advancements going on in our world today is the decrease in need for jobs.  Self driving cars could take jobs away from Uber drivers or taxi drivers. Now, the thousands of people who work for Amazon and the different delivery companies, their jobs could be taken away due to the drones now being able to deliver your packages instead of human beings. “Companies including Amazon have long been working toward a future in which humans and trucks aren’t needed to deliver the millions of online orders consumers place each day” (Bensinger, 2019). These technological advancements are fascinating and there are so many benefits but are people worried about losing their job in the future because of it?


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  1. I believe that there are lots of pros and cons regarding drones deliver packages. I do love the idea that I can have my package in my hand the day that I ordered. This sounds really attracting to the idea. However, I think drone delivery still or will face lots of problems. I personally thought that it is so interesting to imagine drones deliver my amazon packet right in front of my house. I was only thinking about the positive effect of this topic but realized that there is lots of side effects of drones.
    The first thing that i come up is it can be used as terror. What if the drone carries hazard product such as bombs or chemical. This will not bring any positive effects to our life. I would love to have a convenient and advanced life but not willing to have fear related to this case.
    The second flaw is, I believe, privacy. With the development of technology rapidly, our privacy will be invaded through drones. Many of the drones will be under the control and will have camera for safety reasons or for directions. I would be sacred that drones with the camera come close to my house. Third cons that I believe is reducing job opportunities. I am worried that artificial intelligence takes over lots of job and rights that humans have.
    This drone delivering service caught my eyes during the lecture and I will keep pay attention to this topic as AI is part of our life nowadays.

  2. I definitely believe that there are lots of both pros and cons to having drones deliver packages. I think the techology behind it is incredible, as stated in the article the goal is to have “The new drones use computer vision and machine learning to detect and avoid people or laundry clotheslines in backyards when landing”(USA TODAY). This would be a fascinating addition to society, and technology yet again continues to prove how innovative it is constantly becoming. The article also speaks about how the goal was to develop the brain of the drone, and that concept is amazing to think about, that a piece of technology could have a human like brain. While I think it in some ways is very technologically advanced and very efficient from a business perspective, I think from an economy perspective could do more harm than good. Amazon employs a lot of people on the delivery side of things, from truck drivers, to delivery people, and I feel as if that the use of drones will take away a lot of jobs that people rely on to pay their bills. I think the concept is amazing, but could take some time in working out the hazards that could come with such an advancement. There is safety, efficiency, and privacy concerns that come along with the idea of a drone, and unless it is done safely and in the correct way, could cause issues. I think with more research, trial runs, and development a drone delivery could trailblaze the advancement of technology, but needs to be completed in the proper way and take into consideration the loss of jobs from those on the ground.

  3. After watching the video about Prime Air in class I had a few concerns, but overall I was pretty excited about the advancements to come in online delivery. It’s difficult to not think about all the things that could go wrong when it comes to delivery via drone. People worry about issues such as the noise, and most importantly the drones safety features. People have been questioning the drones ability to not crash into various objects such as a dog in the backyard. However, Amazon has recently addressed these concerns with the release of their latest Air Prime drone. The new drone uses both computer vision and machine learning in order to ensure safety. This technology can prevent interferences with living and non living things. The “brain” of the drone is continuously gathering data and adapting and predicting its environment. Confronting these issues helps people focus on the positives. Having these drones can be super helpful and make the online shopping experience more convenient. These drones can deliver packages within 15 miles in 30 minutes. Amazon plans to roll this out within the next few months. Within the next few years we can expect to have a majority of our packages being delivery by drone, making or fast and efficient online shopping.

  4. If the using of drone can decreasing the delivery time a lot, I think it would be a good try to have it widely in use. However, I still have some concerns about it, since it is a new concept to delivery products. According to the article ” Drone Delivery – 3 Big Legal Problems” (2019), there is a geological limitation of Amazon’s Prime Air delivery service. We can see the drone delivery is used in rural or non-urban area of the U.S. in the video published by Amazon. I think it is because that the great number of high buildings in the urban area make the drone has difficult to reach each family, so many people don’t even have a chance to experience the service. Also, weather could be another limitation. Amazon should also considerate the rainy or snowy days. Can the drones overcome the bad weather and keep working? If they want to solve this problem, there will be a big cost for them. Finally, I also concern about the safety. How can they guarantee they could notice the drones’ systematic problem and fix it in time? What if the products fall down from the sky and hurt people?


  5. Although I am very much in favor of the concept of drone, because it allows us to get our package faster, but I still feel that drones are still facing many problems, such as its endurance if it is to be sent to the remote area, does it have enough power to continue flying? If multiple companies run drones at the same time, how do they ensure that the lines do not conflict? If it rains, snow, can it continue to send us a package? Is there a measure to prevent rain? I think it will take a long time to solve these problems, not to mention the cost issue, if the drone delivery is greater than the cost of manual delivery, I believe it will not be implemented.

  6. I have mixed opinions on drones. Before reading this article I thought drones would be a really smart and effective idea. After all, my packages would be delivered faster and probably even cheaper. I use Amazon almost every week, especially being stuck in college with no car I find myself needing random things all the time and just using Amazon to order these things. After reading this article, it made me realize all the jobs that are going to be lost being of new Iot inventions like this. It is nice to have someone come to the door and deliver packages. I have had the same UPS driver for several years now and its warming seeing a familiar often with a new package. It would be awful to take away jobs like that, in which people depend on to make a living for themselves and there family and just give it to a machine. Also, several issues could come out of giving information to a drone such as giving out my personal address with knowing drones are a relative new invention and can get hacked.

  7. Drones had caught my eye when we talked and watched videos about it. AT first i thought drones wasn’t a good idea because its so much internet that is being used which can cause bad connection , slow internet, hackers etc. After i have watch how they worked i notice its a fast delivery to any location and the product will not be damages its safely secured. Also technology will help save us on time management allow us to do different things while this is being shipped or figure out on the way as it travels. I still feel as it is a problem because people who delivers such as deliver trucks will not have that job opportunity anymore. If these amazon drones take their job what would they pursue now ? if they figure out a way jobs can being able to maintain with these drones i feel as this could be accomplished.

  8. I do like the idea of being able to retrieve a package via a drone if the shipping time will be reduced drastically. I also like the benefits the environment will see from not having as many delivery trucks on the road polluting the air. Furthermore, having a drone deliver my package in my backyard, as opposed to my front door, will decrease the chance that my package gets stolen. The drawbacks from using drones is potentially causing harm from a drone malfunctioning and falling from the sky. Another drawback is the potential of these drones being hacked, and the hacker gaining information about your address and other valuable information. Overall, I am indifferent to drones being used for Amazon delivery, I think in general, it will have more pros than cons.


  9. Many are behind the idea of Amazon’s drone delivery system, as it is a quick and easy way for your package to get to you. However, Amazon and other services like so are a very large and driving factor in today’s economy. My question ultimately is: what is going to happen to our economy when Amazon’s drone delivery carries over to other packing and shipping services like UPS, Fed Ex, USPS, etc.? What is going to happen to all of the jobs created by this industry when a drone can simply take over a human’s job?
    According to their respective websites, UPS has about 240,000 drivers employed and Fed Ex about 250,000. If drones delivering was to be implemented across the board for all packing and shipping companies, consider the amount of jobs that would be terminated; in just two large companies, approximately 500,000 jobs would be terminated.
    In addition to Amazon’s drone, there is also speculation that the first Amazon Go store is approaching opening in the near future. These stores are unique convenience stores in which customers do not have to “check out”, instead when they walk out of the store the barcodes of their items are picked up and their Amazon account is charged accordingly. While it is a great and innovative concept, what is going to happen to the economy if all of the retail industry adopts this? While I agree that these advances in technology that Amazon has implemented into their business functions are great, I just worry that if we give up so many of our careers to computers, that we will see a rise in unemployment rates and furthermore a negative impact on the economy.

  10. Although I like the idea of drones delivering our packages in terms of getting our packages at a quicker pace, there are many cons to it that make me hesitant to approve of it becoming a reality. For instance, we must consider problems such as increased cost of overnight shipping, breach of privacy, potential property damage, loss of jobs, and many other consequences (Regoli, 2019). With these issues that Amazon needs to address, the cons outweigh the pros at the moment. Thus, I feel that if Amazon were to get the delivery drones approved, customer complaint would rise drastically and many other issues will come about along the way.

  11. The idea of drone delivering package sounds pretty good for me, and I believe this technique will keep improving and become the future mainstream of delivery. This drone we saw nowadays is small and mostly used for taking photos, but actually, experts are working on the drone that suitable for a long flight, which also builds for safe and efficient delivery. This drone delivery market becomes a super huge industry that about 1.5 trillion. Some drones are corporate with the hospital, delivering blood samples or medical supplies. Others drones which are testing including a specified kind of drones called cargo drones. This type of drone is impressive, they can fly further and longer than any other vehicles we know. In the video, the Youtuber indicated an example of “A 2018 study in the journal “Nature” found that electric drones were way more efficient than trucks, vans, and cars”; moreover drone can efficiently decrease greenhouse gas emissions. More and more companies investing in drones company for less pollution and higher efficiency. Even though half of the citizens do not accept drones flying through their house, but the time will proof when drones companies done with their improvement.

  12. Drone delivery has caught my attention for a very long time. When I first read about Amazon’s drone delivery service, I was facisnated. However, nothing has really proved to me that Drone would be an effective method of distributing items. Firstly, drones can be easily hijacked. With guns being so accessible in America, people can shoot it down easily and take the goods inside. Also, there have been cases about drones being attacked by eagles as well. As far as I know it, I prefer my package to be safe and sound inside the delivery truck until it arrives to my front door. Lastly, having a drone as the delivery man would increase a risk in privacy. Drones required cameras to be remotely controlled, or just for the purpose of recording terrains and trails. This would often leads to houses being filmed involuntarily. I would be one of the victims of unintentional privacy violation. Thus, I do not prefer packages being delivered by drones.

  13. I honestly never want a drone to deliver a package to me. I’m sure it may be convenient and quicker, but I don’t fully trust drones, or their operators. I found a study done in 2016 where graduate students from Johns Hopkins University, along with their professor, found three different ways to hack a drone. They sent rogue commands, with the use of a laptop, that interfered with an airborne drone’s normal operation (Sneiderman, 2016). They could either force the drone to land or cause it to crash. It’s important to note that these experiments were done on “hobbyist” drones, not military grade drones with the highest technology. However, the drones that deliver are packages are most likely not many steps above a hobbyist drone.

    Here’s how easy it is to hack a drone and crash it. (2016, June 8). Retrieved from

  14. I would love if drone can deliver my package. Drone deliver mechanism have no doubt much more efficient that current car deliver mechanism, and Drone is much more accurate in terms of located the destination. Take Amazon as a example, depends on where you live, the package deliver time might vary, one of my friends complain about package deliver mechanism in their school, he used to go to a boarding school in Maine, every package he order has to go to school post office first and then he can go and pick it up, the problem with Amazon is it usually deliver at the office at 6 pm, and the post office closes ten minutes after, so he can never get his package on the day of the arrival. With drone deliver package, he might get his package much faster. I have the experience of losing package, that when the deliver guy lost my package on the way of deliver it, and it took me a lot of days to get that package. With drone, the chance of losing package will be smaller. I believe that drone deliver would change the market, many people deicide to go to the real store to buy things because deliver take way too long, but with drone, many people can just stay at home, and order it online, and it will be much efficient than car delivery. With no doubt, drone delivery will make people like me life happier.


  15. I am a big fan of Amazon’s drone delivery system. I think that having this sort of delivery is very beneficial for society. While it is very limited in its current state, the potential for such devices is unfathomable. People could be set to receive their orders and packages in under 24 hours and could forever change how people order groceries and other small items. As technology continues to develop and these drones are able to join together to carry heavier objects, this could revolutionize the shipping process. This combined with possible internet of things technologies like sensors that can sense when you need more cereal or laundry detergent or anything could make life very convenient as it could deliver more within hours without you having to leave your house.

    While people argue that this will remove lots of current jobs, I think the value of this outweighs that negative aspect. New jobs will come out of it in the form of building and controlling these drones. Although those are not the low skill jobs involved with shipping and handling right now, the loss of such jobs cannot force the world to not innovate and continue to grow and develop technology.

  16. Personally, the thought of a drone delivering an item that I purchased is troubling to me. I am not quite keen on the idea of something flying in the air to bring me my product. In my eyes, there is too many negative things that could go wrong, and I do not believe that it is the most efficient way for package delivery to occur. Also, I think that it would take away jobs for people that perform these deliveries every day, so that is yet another reason why I don’t agree with Amazon attempting to do this — as you even mention in your post.

    According to Grind Drone, there are many cons of drone delivery. One con being that the drones could potentially have a battery defect. “Drones can easily drain their battery with just a few minutes. Delivery drones easily runs their battery out while delivering the products to a target location.” This could be an issue, because having a battery defect would cause a failed delivery. Another con that Grind Drone recognizes is that there could be a potential privacy breach of the delivery drone as well. Based on the article, delivery drones use cameras while delivering the items to the location. “The cameras constantly record the actual location, property, and the person without their consent while receiving the object. Corrupt drone users may exploit recorded information of their consumers.” I think that these two reasons are enough to seal my decision being that I do not agree with drone delivery.


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