How Do You Feel About Self Driving Cars?

In class we have discussed how technological advancements are changing our future and one specific idea we talked about was self driving cars. As our generation gets older, fewer and fewer people will be taking the wheel in the driver’s seat. Car companies have been working on the idea of self driving cars for years. Tesla for example, has recently launched a new self driving ability that will be able to,  “make it possible for cars to navigate through a parking lot to its owner — without anyone inside — so long as the car is within the owner’s line of sight.” (Duffy, 2019).  This is pretty unique compared to other vehicles that have launched self driving abilities that just help you park in between the lines, this is one of the most advanced skills that a car company has yet to come out with. Tesla released in a blog post, “It’s the perfect feature to use if you have an overflowing shopping cart, are dealing with a fussy child, or simply don’t want to walk to your car through the rain” (Duffy, 2019). This feature on the car will simply bring your car to you so you don’t have to walk and get it. 

Another feature that this new upgrade is bringing to Tesla’s cars is the idea of in car entertainment and this could not be possible if we didn’t have all this amazing technology and the Internet of Things. Tesla owners “will be able to connect their Netflix (NFLX), Hulu and YouTube accounts to the center console to watch — as long as they’re parked” (Duffy, 2019). The idea of in car entertainment has always been seen on the surface with some vehicles having DVD players but the idea of being able to stream TV shows and movies from netflix, youtube, and hulu is a whole new concept. Along with being able to watch tv shows and movies in the new models of the Tesla, with this new update it is also possible to play Caraoke right from the large center consult. (Duffy, 2019). All these advancements in cars are proof of how much technology is affecting our everyday lives. 

It’s crazy to think with this technology in the world how different our lives will be compared to our parents and grandparents. With the Internet of Things making our future so different than the way we have grown up, Tesla is yet another example of how the Internet of Things and technological advancements will change our future.


11 thoughts on “How Do You Feel About Self Driving Cars?

  1. In my opinion i feel as everyone has always had a thought what it would be like to relax and let their own car take them where they need to go. I feel as with a self-driving car it comes with pros and cons. Allowing self-driven cars to drive you is a good idea , they will have the technology to process the speed limit on roads or highways you are driving on , it can sensor when other cars are coming to decrease in car crashes and also it can have you do things that you need to do along the ride such as work that hasn’t been finished or eating breakfast etc. Even though they all sound good it also comes with a negative perspective. Since its controlled by the internet it can cause various of things. Such as the internet stopped working and the car loses its direction to where its going , cant sensor whats near . Also it can take jobs away such as taxis , lyfts, ubers etc. This can cause endless people to lose endless money and not be working with something that they love to do. The world already has a problem with the unemployment rate it can only make it worst. All together i feel as it is and not good , its just allowing technology to take over the world which can be better or worst in today’s society.

  2. There are a variety of both pros and cons to self driving cars and although I would like to say I agree with self driving cars and think that they are a cool and safe way to get around, I’d be lying.
    After doing some research it becomes obvious that the negatives outweigh the potential positives. Firstly, ethical concerns, if the driverless car gets into an accident, who is to blame? Secondly, social concerns, this section is a lot larger as there are numerous social drawbacks of these vehicles. Obviously, the implementation of self driving cars is going to create lots of unemployment, there are thousands of bus / truck / taxi / uber / lyft drivers all over the world that would suffer as a result of these vehicles implementation. Not to mention, due to the fact that machines are taking over all the easier, low maintenance jobs, the only jobs that will remain will be those involved in the high-tech sector. Overall, as technology continues to develop, education systems will need to focus more on creating tech savvy individuals because a) no simple jobs remain and b) there will be an overwhelming amount of machines in the world that are going to require maintenance and people with the education to be able to do so. This shift into a more high-tech sector will be absolutely necessary in supporting an AI future.

  3. Self-driving cars are the wave of the future, there is no avoiding it, and I am here for it. I believe these self-driving cars will make our roads exponentially safer in the future, and can allow for faster, more efficient transport. If every car on the road is self-driving, these cars will be able to go at higher speeds with much less accident rate as human drivers. Furthermore, with the potential future of Internet of Things devices, cars which may be one of these devices, our cars will be able to connect to other cars on the road where these cars can communicate when one is turning, or changing lanes, further increasing safety. Overall, I believe self-driving cars will be vastly beneficial in terms of saving lives and reducing traffic, which can save on car emissions.


  4. Personally, I think self-driving cars are really useful and convenient for people. Firstly, it benefits people who do not have a driver’s license a lot. The self-driving cars give them chance to own their own cars without spending a lot of money hiring a driver. Secondly, it will be really convenient for business people. Those people would sometimes have a drink. We all know that it is illegal to drive after drinking alcohol. So, if their car can bring them home safely by using automatic system. ti would be really convenient for them. Also, I think self driving cars can decrease the probability of accidents. Before, accidents happen, the automatic system can predict that and immediately change like the direction of the car of decrease the speed more faster than human can do. According to the resources,
    “Higher levels of autonomy have the potential to reduce risky and dangerous driver behaviors. The greatest promise may be reducing the devastation of impaired driving, drugged driving, unbelted vehicle occupants, speeding and distraction.” .

    Moreover, self-driving cars allow people to recapture time. People can use the time driving the car to do more valuable things like replying the email, or seeing a film. We all know that talking on the phone is really dangerous,. But with the self-driving car, you can just let the car drive by itself, and you can release your hand to do what ever you want.

    The extreme traffic problem could also be solved. Fewer crashes or fender benders mean fewer roadway backups. Maintaining a stable and constant speed and path helps to reduce the number of stop-and-go waves that produce road congestion.

    So, considering those, I definitely support the self driving cars.


  5. I personally would never sit in a self-driving car because I would get anxiety the whole car ride thinking about the unexpected that could happen, particularly an accident or collision with another car. Some issues that need to be addressed would be how chaotic regulation would get because how would a programmed car know the rules in different states (Women Auto Know)? We currently have police officers monitoring the road and that could change with self-driving cars. Additionally, I expect some technical problems to occur because the system will not be perfect and probably hasn’t encountered every single detail or issue that could possibly happen on the road (Women Auto Know). Thus, I do not see myself in a million years sitting in an autonomous car.

  6. i do prefer having self driving cars to be implemented onto our society. There are many advantages to having driver-less cars on the road. With people having automated cars, this will decrease annual numbers of accidents, as everything is coded to follow orders. This is also an extremely safe method of travelling for those who are drunk as well, there is no drunk-driving if there is no driving. Travelers would also be able to travel further on the road as there is no driving fatigue as well. Having automated cars would help people with disabilities and senior citizens to travel easier. I can see the world with better traffic and less carbon footprint by using automated cars. While many people disagree as these cars are too expensive. However, as time goes on, technologies will evolve, allowing these cars to be a lot more accessible, it will not be a luxury to travel in these cars in the future. Automated cars brings a lot of benefits and I approve the idea of putting it into the streets.

  7. I think the Self Driving car is a very good idea. First, the Self Driving car can help people save lots of time on the road. People do not have to focus on driving anymore. Instate of driving, people can watch movies, read books or take a nap. Second, Self Driving can help us solve the traffic problem. According to “Well, just in time for road trip season, a National Science Foundation study reveals that having a single self-driving car on the road can reduce congestion by influencing the traffic flow of at least 20 human-controlled automobiles around it. In fact, simply using the cruise control systems that are installed in many everyday vehicles can put a dent in traffic snarls, a follow-up study in collaboration with Ford found. ” Self Driving car can connect to each other and share the information to solve the traffic problem. Therefore, we no longer have to waste our time in traffic. Third, Self Driving car can prevent accidents. According to“A new report has analysed the impact of driverless cars on the incidence of fatal traffic accidents, and say that simply by taking human emotions and errors out of the equation, we could reduce deaths on the road by 90 percent. That’s almost 300,000 lives saved each decade in the US, and a saving of US$190 billion each year in healthcare costs associated with accidents.” If the self-driving car can become real, at least 90 percent of accidents will be reduced.
    That is why I think the self-driving car will be very good for the society.

  8. I very strongly dislike the idea of self driving cars, and the only way I’d ever ride in one is if there is someone in the drivers seat who can immediately take over. Also, much of the features you listed in your post, such as streaming TV to the console, or having the car drive to you in the rain, seem like the epitome of laziness. Why do we need those features? We don’t. It’s incredible to me that the western world has all of these new, high-tech things that we absolutely don’t need, while the rest of the world is decades behind in development.
    I personally believe that the biggest benefits of driver-less cars will only be realized if or when nearly every car on the road is driver-less. Self driving cars do not have human intuition. They cannot anticipate another driver’s actions the same way a person who has been driving for 40 years can anticipate. We can attempt to teach a computer as best we can, but I don’t believe it will ever be flawless.
    A real-world research study was done at the University of Michigan where a car with cameras was parked at a four-way intersections with only stop signs: no signals or lights (Verger, 2019). The researchers were able to train an artificial intelligence system that could predict pedestrian motion. The system was fairly good at predicting where humans will walk. The senior author stated, “It was quite accurate actually. The predictions were within a body length of where the person actually was, in almost all of the cases we had.” It worked with people who were up to about 148 feet away (Verger, 2019).
    Obviously, it should be a requirement of self-driving cars that they be able to accurately predict a human’s movement. However, “within a body length” is simply not good enough for me. Even a 5-inch difference could mean life or death for a pedestrian in the path of a self-driving car.

    Verger, R. (2019, June 6). How self-driving cars can predict the way pedestrians move. Retrieved from

  9. I personally believe that self-driving cars are the future whether we like it or not so we should probably embrace them. This idea is based on the prospect of a perfect world with self-driving cars where cars are entirely self-driving and require no human interaction. When this is the case, there will be no more accidents and no more traffic on the streets making the roads much safer and much more efficient.

    While this technology could be far off and will likely go through many stages where people are concerned about the future of this technology, but with an effective implementation after several beta phases and controlled practices, these cars could be very beneficial for the future of society.

  10. Self-driving car has always be one of my biggest dream after I see 007. I believe that self-driving cars are the next generation of cars, and with 5G internet it might be real for us to experience that. But I don’t think our technology is ready yet to have a fully function self-driving cars, in fact, not too long ago, there were accident that cause by self-driving cars, and killed a whole family. Self-driving cars is not doubt handy for us in everyday life. But how do we operate self-driving cars is a concerning question, because self-driving car allows us to free our self, so we can do other things while driving, the problems is when a emergency situation happens, do we have the time to react if we are not paying attention on the road? Another thing that concern me is many self-driving cars are design with two mode, one of the modes that you will not see the driver wheel, what will happen if the self-drive system is not function well?
    I think that self-driving cars will absolutely become our reality in the next decades, but before it open to the market, there should be a comprehensive policy that deals with all the emergency situation that we might face, and also the requirement of owning a self-driving car, for example, the person who sit on the driver seat on the self-driver car still need to have a driving license, because in case of emergency, they can change it to manual mode.


  11. I think that my opinion on self-driving cars is extremely comparable to my opinion on drone delivery, I do not agree with these forms of technology doing such serious tasks. It concerns me about the personal data that could be retrieved from the software systems in both. It also concerns me because the possible technology failure that could occur within the self-driving cars too. For instance, what if there is a technology malfunction and the car cannot read the traffic signals that are occurring? That is terrifying to me.

    According to Pros and Cons, a con that they say about self-driving cars is that it affects individuals driving experience. “Relying on cars that are driverless will diminish the experience and proficiency of the drivers. This can affect them later in circumstances where they are required to drive.” This is a valid point that I did not think about. People cannot just completely diminish their abilities of driving because self-driving cars may been come seemingly more available. It totally takes away a sense of accountability and responsibility. All in all, I do not agree with self-driving cars at all.


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