Google is Getting Smarter

Google is upgrading to better understand natural phrases rather than just key words. Google says that this will be the company’s biggest upgrade in years. Google will be better at understanding your confusing searches because it will be better at understanding real life language. The search engine will be able to do this through improvements in artificial intelligence.

Google is updating its natural language processing and machine learning to deliver the most relevant results. This is relevant to what we learned about Search in class as well because Google will be able to give less biased results. This is also interesting because it will change the way companies use Search Engine Optimization which is a huge industry.

There are billions of dollars that go into getting results to the top of Google’s page. It will be interesting to see if this new software upgrade changes the way key words are used in the way that Google ranks pages.



7 thoughts on “Google is Getting Smarter

  1. It is incredible to me how easily someone can just open up their computer or smartphone and instantly find hundreds and thousands of pieces of information by using web browsers such as Google. While I find this extremely fascinating how Google is using innovations such as AI to make their search engines faster, more powerful, and able to understand natural human language better, I believe there are some possible dangers that using AI could have that Google and other companies aren’t to clear on yet. Some of my concerns with giant companies such as Google using AI are privacy and the unknowns. While google is trying to develop as secure AI as possible (Simonite, 2016) privacy is always an issue whenever the idea of how these machines actually gather their information to allow a better search result. My question I guess is where and how are these machines getting information without crossing the barrier of privacy. Finally, along with the concern of privacy with AI’s there is always the unknown factors that scientists are trying to figure out before allowing AI to become more mainstream. Overall, I believe the implementation of AI in Google’s search engine will be effective and useful, but will also have some risks associated with it.

  2. It is true that Google is getting smarter by improving its artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and machine learning to provide users best results based on the search terms. Speaking of results of search terms that Google search engine provided, usually it includes advertisements, closely relate to key terms, inside of search results. For example, when users search life insurance, there are insurance companies’ ads appear on webs. How does Google manage this? Google acts as an “auction house for selling digital ads” which connects “Buyers (advertisers) and sellers (web publishers)” (Hagey & Ngo, 2019). Advertisers use AdWords to “bid keywords related to search terms” (Hagey & Ngo, 2019) to display their content to visitors. In addition, AdWords allows advertisers to buy the ad space on the web through DoubleClick Ad Exchange (AdX) which where publishers open spaces for sale. The advertisers can choose where to show their ads on webs. Another Google advertisement service which matches advertisers and publishers based on needs and demands, such as target audiences, is called DoubleClick for Publishers. It is a system allow publishers to disclose their data of visitors to find the matched buyers to exchange.

    I believe Google is getting smarter on business side as well.

  3. It is amazing that we live in a time period where we can see the benefits and huge improvements to machine learning. Google plans on understanding vernacular in order to bring up the most relevant results, rather than simply searching for keywords. Machine learning is starting to understand language and patterns that people use in everyday speech. Machine learning is becoming so complex it is starting to outwit scientists in medicine and technology (Coatney & Smith 2017).
    This machine learning will further optimize companies such as google and Netflix, as better search results means more people will use these apps.

  4. I found this post very interesting as I believe that google as a company has technology so incredibly powerful that it is constantly innovating and becoming more technologically advanced in so many different realms. The article that I found discusses how Google plans to create technology that is rooted in “natural language processing research” and that the goal is to teach the system to recognize speech patterns and different types of communication. Google is training the system to recognize missing words in a sentence context, which allows the system to make suggestions and find the right answer based off of the other words in the sentence. I personally think that this would be an incredible innovation of technology and would be amazing that it could recognize and process speech patterns. I think that Google has the potential to do so many amazing things and is more than capable with the amazing team behind such an amazing search engine and company that has expanded in so many different ways; becoming such a crucial part of society and how we use technology like this.

  5. This is interesting to see how Google is still working on expanding their brand in order to become a larger figure in the digital world, even though they already have a hold on it. The use of AI in order to help Google’s search engine to better understand “natural speech” is really going to push other search engine companies to try and copy the same thing. Google’s search engine is already since you can find just about anything, even a song when you only provide three lyrics and nothing else. Having the search engine be more of an AI machine then a normal search engine will be interesting because if Google allows for it to learn as people search, the public could really warp how it acts. If not, it will be interesting to see how the public reacts to the change

  6. I found this article very interesting, as it shows that Google is becoming an even larger contender in ruling the digital world. Google is already a leading digital engine, however, it seems as though it is becoming more like an AI Machine then a search engine, which is what I’ve gathered from this article. I say this because, as mentioned above, Google is starting to understand how humans speak and giving the correct outlets for the searches being conducted. I believe that if Google uses this system, where it can understand “natural speech,” people may be able to have a “conversation” with Google. I plan to do much more research on this, as I feel this could be an innovation of the AI and search engine world.

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