A need for programming language in the workplace

As people and organizations are stepping into a more technologically advanced world, jobs are emerging at the same rate with higher qualifications from their hiring manager. Python is one of the most wanted programming languages from the hiring manager that allow people with none or little experience in programming to starts off easily in exploring the world of a programmer. Google has recently announced that it is officially launching a training program along with an online course through Coursera to teach automation with Python. It was said to train workers for a tech job.

When you think about how automation can be useful in a workplace not just for people working in the IT sector, but also for people from the business sector. Daily repetitive work for business people such as sorting a spreadsheet, gathering data, can now be optimized by the use of python to make these work automatic according to user’s need. It is a growing trend that employers want their employees to have similar skills so they can complete their work more efficiently and bring values to the company in return.




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  1. After reading this post, I took some time to look up why it is important to learn programming. This is something I have not really thought about, but it turns out to be a very desirable trait for employees to have. Programming teaches real life lessons such as problem solving skills. Additionally, the United States is trending towards more technology in the workplace. Each year programming is becoming more and more valuable. In the future, some humans jobs could be replaced with robots. This could make for a more competitive job market, so it is important to build a good resume. It is really good to see Google offering an online python for beginners class. This gives our generation no excuse to avoid learning to program. This also is an opportunity to increase our efficiency and not waste time doing repetitive tasks that can be automated. I look forward to exploring the Google python program.

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  2. Your writing made me realize how some skills that were considered “special skills” or skills that were highlighted on resumes have become widely accepted or common. For instance, nowadays, only a few people put Microsoft Office on their resumes because it no longer separates them from everybody, and employers probably assume that of you, as an applicant.

    There is a lot of movement towards automation. There are so many free tools that one can use in order to get started with the basic concepts. Some of the tools include Blue Prism, Automation Anywhere, and UiPath. As you said, there is a movement towards a stronger need for automation skills. I think universities should also offer these in their curriculum to acknowledge our changing world. This should be embedded in college to better equip the students before they get their first jobs outside of college.

    More and more jobs are now requiring these automation skills. This summer, I will be working as an Intelligent Automation Intern for a company’s tax division, and it’s not even classified as a “tech job”. Even in the politics scene, many candidates are speaking up on the penetration of automation in different industries, especially manufacturing.

    People also do not realize how automation is so close to them. For instance, our very own iPhones give us the power to automate. It is such a user-friendly interface that one can use to train the iPhone to play a song when the CarPlay connects or to give expiration date reminders for perishable food. I expect this feature to gain some popularity soon. The “Shortcuts” app even integrates itself with other home features since it allows for you to “Set Up Your Home”.

    Automation is definitely a skill of today.

  3. I think this course offered by Google is an excellent opportunity for professionals in non IT fields and students who are not in IST related majors to further expand their knowledge and potentially advance their career. With technology and coding language becoming a more valuable and sought out skill, allowing people from all types of professional backgrounds and demographics will expand the labor pool and give more opportunities for those who may not be able to afford a four year college and receive a computer science or IST degree.

  4. I also agree that it is important for students and workers to have at lease some experience in programming. Technology is used everywhere in today’s world, and especially when it comes to automation, it makes usually monotonous tasks easier and does them more efficiently. I feel that even base-level knowledge of programming is one of those skills like knowing how to write formally, sew, or speak to an audience; it may not be something you use every day but you will benefit from learning it more thank you think you would. Google’s online class makes it extremely accessible for practically everyone to learn a little about programming, and Python was definitely a good choice for the language being taught.

  5. The Online Python course with Coursera offers more people the opportunity to learn the program. For students, they can learn programming either in class with teachers or online, but for workers, online courses are much more convenient that they don’t have to go back to college and learn. I totally agree that the need for programming is increasing. For example, college students need to take programming courses as request courses to graduate even though they are not in a programming major. The automation speeds up a lot of repetitive work and it also gives more possibility for the people who are good and professional at programming to be hired. It will be a common and useful tool for the next generation to learn.

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