The First Augmented Reality Contact Lense

Contact lens from their inception have always been a stunning example of how much technology can potentially improve daily human life. Now the invention may be improved further with the first development of the augmented reality lens. MojoVision claims that there are over 14 thousand pixels per inch within the display. The lens will first release with an external power system, as well as an external data storage system. The company claims in future editions of the product, the lens will be equipped with an on board battery system. Potential consumers of this contact lens are reportedly people with very low vision, as the contact lens has to ability to sharpen lines around objects as well as improve the ability to spot edges. Another miraculous feature with this new product is the ability to see images with your eyes closed. MojoVision pushes to finish development on the first release and has now protected their product with multiple patents; ensuring their longstanding leadership in this new market.




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  1. I think that the idea of AR contacted lenses is very interesting and just very cool overall. The contact lenses while helping with vision would also provide the user with features that are similar to a smart watch. This includes weather alerts, traffic information, and even to-do lists all right on your eyes.

    While all of this is super cool, it is also a long way from being on the market. The lenses are currently still waiting on approval to be tested by the public. As for now, people have been testing the lenses by simply holding them up in front of their eye.

    The idea of this technology becoming something that people can use on a daily basis is kind of strange to think about. Technology is improving at such a high rate that this and many other things that would’ve been deemed impossible in the past are now starting to become a reality.


  2. Besides questioning the availability of the product, I would say it is a cool concept of being able to monitor the screen directly on your vision. This concept product reminds me of a Black Mirror episode on Netflix called The Entire History of You. Basically, the characters have a device implanted in their head that might share a possible feature. The most significant part is that the device can record everything people see in their eyes. And that will become an issue about privacy and security because computer hacking is already an issue. If people manage to hack into your contract lense, your whole life information has been exposed to others. Back to your topic, the contract lense will certainly become a revolutionary product if it is available. It will possibly change the interaction between products such as computers, navigating signs, and mobile phones. It is also quite interesting about how are people gonna operate the menu of the screen? Are the contract lenses gonna make people wear certain devices to sense your body movement and make responses or still using mobile phones to control the lenses? Anyway, it is a fascinating concept. As technology improves rapidly, I hope to see a similar product in the future.×03

  3. While this is a potentially revolutionary product, it may take a while to reach the mainstream market. It may seem like that these AR contact lenses are exactly as promised by spy movies and science fiction, but there are some key caveats. Mojo Vision’s prototype doesn’t use the same type of material as normal, everyday contact lens. Instead, it uses a hard scleral lens usually reserved for more extreme eye issues like corneal disease, irregular astigmatism, or severe dry eye. (Gizmodo, 2020). While they have some benefits over normal contacts, like being more comfortable by sitting on a larger part of the eye, they are harder to manage. They are not disposable (imagine having your phone in your eye), need to be cleaned regularly, can only be worn for a number of hours (you can’t sleep with these on), and need to be charged. Imagine having to check with an eye doctor for your eyePhone. What if it irritates your eye regardless and now you have a custom-fitted device that you can’t use? With all this in mind, this may end up being an interesting but ultimately niche product, at least before they can develop a softer, more convenient lens that can still house the tech.


  4. It’s insanely fascinating that with our knowledge of technology we could improve our sight with AR contact lenses. I found another company called Innovega that presented their version of AR lenses called iOptik. The lenses not only help with eyesight but they have the ability to project data from a smartphone and can interact with HD glasses. The lenses alone, can only operate with iOptik software. If a person were to wear the HD glasses, it allows for more access to information from a cellphone. This hasn’t hit markets yet, as it is still being reviewed by the FDA. Innovega has protypes and during the CES convention it will have their employees wear the technology to give people a first hand look.

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