New Crime Scene Technology

This month, new technology is being used by the Roanoke Police Department to recreate crime scenes.  FARO Focus Laser Scanners can scan and recreate a scene in multiple dimensions.  Police departments are using these to scan crime scenes that are being used in investigations or court cases.  If there are questions that come up in court about the scene, a 3D version of the actual scene can be used in a case.  The scanner is able to capture 44-million data points every time it scans an area.  Then, adding multiple scans together creates the 3D version.  The police department stated they will still be handling crime scene investigations the same way they have done in the past, however, the FARO Scanner can be used as another tool.

I think the use of the FARO Scanners can be useful when used in police investigations.  As advances are made in technology, it can be used to peoples’ advantage in situations such as this one.  The scanners can provide a useful and convenient way to recreate a crime scene or be used to recreate other things to be used in things such as interior design.

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  1. I think the FARO Laser Scanners are great. I noticed in your post the Roanoke Police Department plans on continuing doing their crime investigations the same as they had. With technological advancements, why wouldn’t they use FARO. I’m wondering if that is due to the price or time of using the FARO laser scanners. Along with that, how reliable will it truly be. Overall, if these questions can be answered, I think the FARO laser scanners will be great for the future of investigations.

  2. I believe the FARO Laser Scanners will be crucial for investigating crimes in a more timely manner as well as more effectively. Often times, we hear that investigators forgot to document certain information at the scene of the crime and as time passes, opportunities are lost. This will also be helpful in court when needing to provide evidence. If there is a layout of the evidence, there is not much that can be argued about the evidence at the scene because it will be automatically documented. For investigators, when they are trying to determine who is responsible for the crime, they can refer to the FARO Laser Scanner to jog their memory. Further, this will help eliminate those who are wrongfully committed of crimes. I foresee this technology being extremely helpful for determining not only what was at the crime scene in terms of evidence, but also who is likely responsible.

  3. Using FARO laser scanners to help visualize crime scenes may be very useful. Humans are not perfect, which can limit crime scene investigators ability to prove an individual guilty or innocent. Additionally, criminals may alter crime scenes to make them nearly untraceable. Having the ability to recreate a crime scene significantly increases the ability to fully understand exactly what happened, even if the crime scene was altered after the incident. This can help decrease human error, and also prevent an innocent man from being prosecuted.

    A potential issue is faulty data. Whether its a human manipulating the data or FARO acting faulty, this is a huge concern. This could lead to inaccurate representations of a crime scene, leading to incorrect punishments. Overall, this is a very powerful technology with many benefits.

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  4. I think that these FARO Laser Scanners seem like a very useful tool for those investigating crime scenes. Crime scenes can easily be contaminated and important evidence can be missed initially, so being able to save an exact copy of the crime scene for later review seems like a genius idea.

    However, I can’t help but worry about all of the ways that the data gathered by these sensors could be manipulated if someone with the right skillset got a hold of the data. Would it be possible for someone to plant false evidence into the digitally scanned crime scene to throw detectives off of their trail, or even turn them onto someone else? Maybe that’s a little farfetched , and I’m sure the people who have created this tool have taken ideas like that into consideration, but it’s just something to think about. Would you be able to trust this device 100% (something you should be able to do if this device could help implicate people of crimes)?

  5. The use of FARO Laser Scanners should be a great improvement to the way crimes are solved. Officers themselves are human, and in that case not perfect. I think the use of these types of scanners will help to capture even the smallest of details that detectives my have not been able to detect. This way, when a scene is recreated, investigators can take a closer look at what occurred, and not feel as rushed to collect data.

    I mainly think that this will help improve the issue that we have in the US of many innocent people being put in jail. If as a department, the police were able to look deeper into crime scenes as recreations, perhaps they would find small things that lead them on the right track. Therefore, only the guilty end up in jail.

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