An AI-developed medicine will go through first human trial

A recent collaboration between a British start-up and Japanese pharmaceutical has used AI to develop a new medicine molecule named DSP-1181 and was used to treat patients with OCD. It is stunning that in a technologically advanced world that now we can use AI to create something that can actually benefit the human body. The two companies wrote an algorithm to sift through the database to form a potent compound that may be useful for curing OCD. In addition, while traditional new drug development can take up to 5 years to eventually be brought to human trials, the AI-developed drug can be tested on humans from scratch to complete in just 12 months. Imagine how much increase in efficiency will be applied to drug development, and this technology is not limited to just drug development, it can also be used in developing vaccines and flu shots.

However, I can see the downside of such technology. That is if AI can increase the efficiency in new drug development, does that mean medical scientists can now be replaced by AI? with new technology like AI, the business world is already adapting to it in which jobs in the business world require people to know some type of technological skills. It is no longer a specialty for tech people. Would this go the same for medical personnel?


2 thoughts on “An AI-developed medicine will go through first human trial

  1. I know that AI helped our life a lot more comfortable than before (such as Alexa and Siri). However, I was surprised that AI even used for develop new medicine; moreover, it’s faster than traditional way of developing medicine. Relating with this article, I found an article about how AI is a powerful tool in the medical world. In this article, researchers found out that AI diagnostics system “Ultormics” was more precise than doctor at diagnosing heart disease. Likewise, AI is developing really fast and strong. It is even faster and accurate than human.
    However, I don’t think AI can completely replace our job. I think it is possible that there will be more jobs for AI, but still they cannot completely replace our work because we are also developing and making new jobs .

  2. It is very interesting to see that AI is capable of more than understanding human speech like Siri or Alexa and calculating the best route of strategic games like Go or Chess. Speaking off calculating for strategic games, in 2015, AlphaGo has won against a three-time champion. That was the moment that people discovered that AI could possibly become more intelligent than humans. That is a very interesting fact because our technology has been constrained by physics knowledge. For example, people in the 19th century might never imagine that we could have touch screens that replace traditional cellphones because they did not acquire the knowledge to imagine that it is even possible. If AI like AlphaGo could create even stronger AI, then that could be the moment AI will replace most people’s jobs.

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