Gun Detection in Las Vegas

As examined in, “The Las Vegas Resort Using Microwaves to Keep Guns Out of its Casino”, an article written by Robbie Gonzalez and published by Wired Magazine, a new technology is being tested at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino that has the ability to detect concealed firearms (Gonzalez).

According to Gonzalez, the device is the, “Patscan Cognitive Microwave Radar. Marketed by Canadian security outfit PatriotOne, the Patscan CMR combines short-range radar with machine learning algorithms to scan individual guests for guns, knives, and bombs in real time—without forcing them to line up and walk through metal detectors” (Gonzalez). Furthermore, this system is fairly small is rather concealable (Gonzalez).

Concerning the specifics of the CMR’s operation, “the first antenna emits 1,000 pulses of electromagnetic radiation per second, at frequencies between 500 MHz and 5 Ghz” (Gonzalez) while “the second antenna monitors for electromagnetic patterns inside that two-meter range. When you hit an object with electromagnetic radiation, it resonates according to its shape and material…pistols, grenades, rifles…all resonate in the frequency range that Patscan emits” (Gonzalez).

Finally, Patscan utilizes a computer and a de-facto radar signature library that can be added to in order to identify potential threats and inform local police forces (Gonzalez).

In my perspective, I view this development as a positive and ethical utilization of machine learning. Unlike facial recognition, the CMR does not necessarily care about who an individual is but rather what they are carrying. In addition, I believe that the operational procedure of this product is very “hands off” and seems to require no input or manipulation from the customer or the resort staff.

It will be interesting to follow the Patscan CMR as it progresses through its testing phase and possibly into everyday use at public hotspots such as airports, museums, or sporting events.


Article: “The Las Vegas Resort Using Microwaves to Keep Guns Out of its Casino”(Robbie Gonzalez)(Wired Magazine)-

2 thoughts on “Gun Detection in Las Vegas

  1. If microwave detection is really being able to scan dangerous objects, then it can rapidly increase the efficiency of airport securities. The problem with the airport security system is that it limits the rate of flow of people boarding on the plane. Since automation has been used for faster applications, microwave detection becomes an extension of it. Right now we have auto check-in with baggage and scanning fingerprints with facial recognition. Finally, if the airport is able to add the detection, then the passenger flow rate would be well-distributed.

  2. You did a great job with your article, very interesting! Personally, I think that this technology is extremely necessary especially since people do not need to pass through any metal detectors for their weapons to be found. They can be found even when inside of luggage or hidden which is very helpful. I also like how the technology can identify all weapons, and alerts the facility of exactly what kind of weapon someone is carrying. This technology can especially be useful in places like airports, schools, movie theaters, or any type of event that we can see many people passing through. These advancements can also limit stereotyping a person and requiring an extra search because of how they look. Overall I do not see any negatives to this technology and can see it becoming very common around the country in the future.

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