Kwikset Kevo Bluetooth Deadbolt

A collaboration between Kwikset and Unikey developed one of the smart locks, Kevo: a Bluetooth-enabled deadbolt. Basically, what Kevo does is it let you unlock your front door without taking out or using your key. Paring with your phone, Kevo allows you to unlock the door with just a tap of your finger as well as it detects your presence. In addition to the Bluetooth function, Kevo is designed in a way that it could stand any sorts of brute-force attacks.

I personally thought that the idea of the Bluetooth door lock was very innovative and creative. Even for me, I sometimes forget to bring my student ID with me that I sometimes face trouble getting into my dorm. If we have the Bluetooth door, we would not have to worry much about carrying our keys or IDs with you, but you would only need your smartphone with you. Also, the fact that we do not have to even take out our smartphone really makes our lives easier. With the touch of our fingertip, it would automatically unlock our door.

However, on the negative side, I found it very difficult and complicated to actually install it to my door. According to an article, there were all kinds of different things for us to consider before installing the deadbolt including the house door’s design, the structure of your doorknob, and so on. Perceiving it as a customer point of view, these steps seemed redundant, time-consuming, and too detailed to follow along.

Overall, I think the idea of Bluetooth door lock really has fascinated me. Although it is a small step, I think this idea would make a big difference in the future. It will be interesting to see how this technology would develop and be utilized in the future.



2 thoughts on “Kwikset Kevo Bluetooth Deadbolt

  1. Bluetooth deadbolts are a wonderful idea. I’ve already tried out smart-lighting systems, and I love being able to control many things at once from only my phone. This tech would be extremely useful, especially for people like me who have already forgotten their keys many times. It would be nice to be able to lock/unlock your doors from across the house or even while you’re out. I do worry about the safety of these deadbolts, because without proper protection and the developer actively updating the software, they could eventually be broken into. Regardless, seeing technology like this is always exciting, and it’s fun to see where it ends up.

  2. I think that Bluetooth deadbolts are a very interesting and useful idea, and am hopeful that this technology continues to improve. Not only would they be more convenient than having to carry around a house key or ID, I feel that these deadbolts would add extra security to the home because of its break-in prevention. As you mentioned, the deadbolt provides increased resistance to brute force and also recognizes when the homeowner is trying to unlock the door. However, there are some aspects of this device that makes me nervous. I am curious about how these devices are powered, and what would happen if the battery went dead or if there was a power outage. Another worry I have about these deadbolts is if they are hackable, since they are connected to the internet. Overall though, I think that this technology is fascinating — hopefully will be better developed in the future!

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