NFL and Verizon Partner to Deliver Super Bowl App With 5G Capabilities

Verizon has recently announced that it will be partnering with the NFL to release an app that will allow users to experience the capabilities of 5G. The NFL OnePass app has been a major part of the NFL experience since it was released last year in 2019. The app has already been able to help customers access tickets and lead the stadium-goers to their seats, but for the Super Bowl will be introducing a great amount of new features. For example, while watching the game users of the app will be able to switch between 5 different live views of the fame from different positions on the field. The users will also be able to rewind plays and watch instant replays as they please. The app will also let users use AR features to present fans real time stats that can overlay the views of the stadium.

These features would not be possible without the speeds of 5G, which is capable of reaching speeds up to 100x faster than 4G. The rollout of 5G has been pretty slow so far for the US telecom carriers. 5G requires the use of extremely high frequency radio waves that can carry a lot of data but are not able to permeate physical structures very easily. This means that there have to be a huge amount of 5G cell towers in close proximity to each other in order to deliver full coverage. This is not a huge problem for this scenario, though, as the wide open stadium will be covered by the use of a few 5G stations in and around Hard Rock Stadium where the game will be played.

What do you think of these features? Does something like this get you excited for the future of 5G, or are you underwhelmed by the idea? Do you think this will even get much use (as you need a 5G capable phone in order to use these features)?



4 thoughts on “NFL and Verizon Partner to Deliver Super Bowl App With 5G Capabilities

  1. 5G is unneeded in my opinion. However, it foes bring some benefit to the table dealing with virtual reality and self driving cars. With 5G being 100 times faster than 4G, this is a much more reliable network. We are simply pushing for 5G, then will push for 6G and 7G and so on. At one point, the focus should be elsewhere, like finding a way to bring costs down, or limiting pollution from these companies. The partnership with the NFL is very smart and will give Verizon plenty of excited customers. I like how they made an interactive showcase that allowed users the test 5G. Hopefully they received good feedback.

  2. In terms of 5G, I heard that in order for it to work there needs to be a lot more infrastructure that there currently is not. Examples of awkward places these towers will have to be present are on top of buses and every possible building. It does not sound realistic or cost effective to make this a permeant movement, but streaming the Super Bowl I think this is a cool idea. If the NFL and Verizon are partnering together for the Super Bowl, both companies make enough money to set up the necessary infrastructure for the game. I am curious how well this is carried out because I know when I am at a Penn State football game or large events in the BJC like a concert or THON I have no service for the duration of the event. With the hype behind 5G, I wonder if it will meet the expectations for the users at the game. The features seem unique and if they do end up working that would be awesome for participants. I am also curious if this trial run of 5G will be useful for future 5G technology.

  3. I think they are very cool features of 5G but they don’t excite me in terms of such events as football games. It is so different to experience a live football game in a stadium, so I don’t believe the different views on their app will help their watching experience. What bout the price of tickets? Is it still based on how close their seats are? What is the difference between using the app at home and in the stadium? Those features certainly can apply to other areas such as video games, but I think they will ruin a live football game experience while the audience is in the stadium.

  4. I have heard a lot of bad things about 5G. The health risks it puts us against is dangerous. The 5G will come with stronger energy radiation. This can ultimately lead to cancer and other diseases. The features sound really nice, but the risks that come with it I don’t believe are worth risking. When 5G becomes a big thing, the next thing will be 6G. Each time this happens, the radio frequency will get higher and stronger. People will beome reliant on it and then it will start to get people sick. Have you read any articles regarding the health risks?

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