All the ways China’s Coronavirus Outbreak is Affecting Tech

The recent outbreak of the Coronavirus has caused major complications in the world of tech, specifically in South East Asia. There are three main impacts that this article points out. The first is companies such as Apple, Samsung, and Tesla closing their stores in China with no set date of reopening. The second is a shortage in the manufacturing sector. Because China is such a tech manufacturing hub, many experts believe that the shortage of workers and inadequate working conditions will cause a shortage of devices such as smartphones and VR headsets. The third issue is travel, specifically for conferences involving tech. In the article, the Mobile World Congress conference being held in Barcelona is cited as an example where multiple companies have decided not to attend, fearing further exposure to the Coronavirus.

This diseases has caused countless problems around the world, and has even left many people dead. It is imperative for companies to take the necessary precautions to protect their workers, even if it means at the expense of profit. Tech companies that manufacture primarily in China and South East Asia are in a tough situation, in which they either must decide to halt production and find an alternative, or try to stay put and strategically decide when the time is appropriate to continue.

7 thoughts on “All the ways China’s Coronavirus Outbreak is Affecting Tech

  1. Coronavirus has been not only negatively affect the tech but also the whole finance. The virus has shrunk the available labor pool. For example, a lot of companies won’t hire people who Hubei, and even Zhejiang and Jiangsu provinces are not allowed to return to work until Feb.17. Coronavirus is not only destroying China’s technology; moreover, it’s destroying whole global technology. First of all, China has been the world’s largest smartphone market since 2013. And companies like Samsung, Google, Sony, they also rely on China for many of the components used in their smartphones. Another example is that Apple closed all of its retail stores in China because of coronavirus.

    Coronavirus already has had so many impacts on China, technology, and economy. As millions of Chinese citizens have to stay home, we still don’t know when this virus is going to get cured.As a Chinese, I feel heartbroken knowing everything is happening in your mother country. I wish every Chinese citizen can be safe and the government can invent the vaccine for the virus soon.


  2. This virus is affecting everybody everywhere. Especially in technological or company aspects – organizations who have locations in Asia are at a high risk. It makes sense for companies to close down production, they have to protect the health of their workers. But it also causes a problem for the workers who lose their jobs in their hometown because companies are shutting down. This proposes an ethical problem – is the risk of many people in different countries losing their job higher than the risk of potentially bringing the coronavirus back here? There are a few cases of the virus already in the US and it has resulted in very few deaths. So what is the moral right choice?

  3. The coronavirus has wrecked havoc in China, and will soon impact the worldwide economy and production. An inability to travel to parts of China will delay technological advances a bit, but skyping can easily fix this issue for the most part. Closing stores overseas will harm the economy in unpredictable ways. China will suffer from the corona virus, which may actually lead to improvements in our trade relationship with China due to President Donald J. Trump. The big tech companies will suffer from this, but they’ll rebound with no issues in a few years.


  4. The Coronavirus has definitely brought a disastrous impact on technology and the economy in so many aspects. The fear of being infected by the virus has locked out the Chinese market and people there were restricted to travel. I cannot imagine if the virus continues to expand and does not go well, then would people still care about technology? Anyhow, it has become a worldwide issue and nobody should underestimate the problem it has brought.

  5. The outbreak of this virus has had a major impact on not only people’s lives, but also products. A few weeks ago it was announced that over 11 million people were quarantined and that makes it impossible for any product in China to be shipped anywhere in the world. It is crazy what has become of this virus. I am happy that tech companies such as Apple have shut down operations for now in China until there is more control over this situation. The health of the people right now is more important than any product. In terms of the economy, I am curious how long companies will remain shut down. I am also curious how long until there is a cure for the people in China suffering from this.

  6. The virus is really affecting the whole world in so many different ways. I think that the factories will reopen and the workers will get back to work once the problem is solved. It definitely takes time to get back to what it was, so the companies should be prepared for the shortage of their products, such as some discount for the order, or gift cards. They can also put out things like donations to refresh consumers’ minds.

  7. Outbreaks like the Coronavirus are unpredictable. However, I was unaware of the effect something like this would have on industry. Not only has manufacturing slowed down, corporate offices have closed in order to prevent the spread of this disease. This means they are not allowed to discuss further plans for their companies in person, and everything must be done from home.
    Perhaps one of the biggest industries that was affected was travel, like you mentioned. Over the Chinese holiday, which is usually one of their biggest in terms of commerce, the sales were incredibly low in comparison to years before. Sales dropping 50-40 percent (Financial Times 2020). Since flights were cancelled into the nation, this is going to have a huge impact on the economy. There is less money now in circulation in the area. Even the restaurant industry took a lot of damage due to the virus.

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