AI Is Used To Discover New Antibiotics.

In today’s society, many people have differing opinions on AI and how much we should be using it. It is a touchy subject because it has the ability to take jobs away from people, but it could also benefit our society in many ways. One example that I found was about an AI that did thousands of test and found antibiotics that can be used to cure certain illnesses and some strains that are deemed incurable. There has been other AI that has found possible antibiotics but this is the first time that AI has found a possible antibiotic strictly on its own means. The AI identified the antibiotic from over 100 million different bacteria. The team that worked on this project developed a brain that was able to identify different qualities and aspect of certain molecules and produced results based on that. The researches then trained the neural brain of the AI to look for a certain specimen called “escherichia coli” in order to discover the antibiotic. The brain then looked through all of the bacteria to find the correct part. It found a potential antibiotic that could help with people that struggle with diabetes. They used the bacteria that the AI found and tested it on a mouse and the results came back positive. The team who worked on this project is hoping that other people and organizations will apply the tech enology and methods they used in order to find more cures for cancer and diseases.

I believe that this is a great way to use AI and if we could use more technology this this it could help us significantly in the long run. In class, we talked about the benefits and consequences of AI and I believe this is definitely a benefit. In today’s society we are constantly trying to think of new and innovative ways to cure cancer and diseases and I think using AI to help us with this is important.

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