TikTok introduces new, innovative parental controls

With Vine by now having long since been retired, the need for a platform for Generation Z to post short videos of themselves dancing to a popular song or just simply making an effort to be funny has finally been filled over the past year or so by a new app, TikTok. I for one, am so thankful for the arrival of TikTok and can not think to imagine a world where I wouldn’t have access to these absolutely hilarious and well-made videos.

Clearly, it seems that anyone outside the ages of 13-22 just isn’t up with the times. As it turns out, TikTok is absorbing so much of the time of our future world leaders that they have announced new parental controls that allow parents to determine a time limit of how long their child can spend on the app each day. Some of the interval options include 40 minutes, 60 minutes, and 90 minutes, which doesn’t seem like enough time for me to properly lie in bed watching TikTok’s instead of going to sleep like I should be. The rollout also includes options to turn off direct messaging and only allow children to see “age appropriate” content, and is currently only available in some European countries as TikTok tests the technology.

I want to focus on what I think is the most innovative part of these new parental controls, the time limit. Please, in the comments, correct me if I am wrong, but a technology that limits the amount of time children can spend on an app is new to me. If we apply this idea to other fields, I think this type of technology could be a huge breakthrough in the fight to keep kids active and engaged with the world and off their screens as much as possible. When my mom realizes that my younger sisters and their friends have been making TikToks for 3 hours and maybe they should be doing something else, the solution is to take the phone away. But having your phone at all times is vastly important in today’s world for communication and informational purposes. What if my mom could just press a button that puts the phone in “communication mode,” disabling games and distractors to encourage kids to focus? To me, this seems like a practical technolgy that becomes even more useful when we think past TikTok.




2 thoughts on “TikTok introduces new, innovative parental controls

  1. I think the adoption of parental controls on Tiktok is an amazing idea, especially with the idea of a time limit. I am also a huge fan of Tiktok and can find myself in a whole of watching videos until 2 am, and I’m 19. I can only imagine how wrapped up a younger user might get into the content posted on TikTok especially when they are at such an impressionable age. It’s great that they can monitor what is “age-appropriate” content as well so kids can only be viewing this segment. However, I feel like Tiktok already does a decent job of this by tailoring your feed to your personal likes and interests. For example, my feed will be filled with other college students, celebrities I am a fan of, and workout videos based on the TikTok I tend to click on. In contrast, my cousin’s feed, who is in high school, is filled with other highschoolers and the types of Tiktoks that he likes to make as well. I think the idea of a time limit being placed on social media sites, not just TikTok, is a great way to get kids off their phones more so they can truly be more engaged with other aspects of their lives like physical activity, school work, and spending time with family members.

  2. In today’s society, parental controls are extremely important for kids. Parents are buying their sons and daughters smart phones at younger ages every year. Even if they don’t have their own device, these kids have access to internet whether it is at school or even at home. This article about how Tiki’s Tok is adding parental controls is very good. So many kids today are looking at Tik Tok and it is one of the most popular social media outlets and there are many things that little kids should not be looking at. There are many negative effects that come from social media and the longer we can keep children away from social media, I believe the better. I think parental controls are something very important that many parents do not know of or do not take advantage of.

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