Technology Has Already Taken Over 90% Of The Jobs Humans Used To Do

Technology has taken over a large amount of jobs that we as people used to hold, and provide for ourselves. For example things like farming, a century ago most people were farming as a means to survive but, to also grow food for other people to buy. Now two only about two percent of the population can provide food for the whole population who needs it. This just an example of of how the world is changing right before our eyes. Now to some people this is a good thing because they don’t have to pay worker so they could produce products cheaper and to other it may not be so great. So my question is how do we a population go about it do we put our feet down or if we allow it to continue how do we prevent all the wealth from getting concentrated at the top.



3 thoughts on “Technology Has Already Taken Over 90% Of The Jobs Humans Used To Do

  1. It is inevitable that some jobs were taken by technologies since computers are less likely to make mistakes and can lower the cost in the long-run. Though the wealth will concentrate on the top part, the price for goods and welfare will drop, which is beneficial for most people with relatively low income. Moreover, as technology replaces humans on repeated tasks, people will focus more on innovation and exploration, which can drive us to the new eras at a rapid speed.

    Also, if the technology can take up the job market, the input of starting a new business can also be incredibly low, which is also beneficial for starters. In this way, income inequity can also be reduced.

  2. I strongly agree that technology is taking away jobs from humans. Companies are doing this to save money, but it is causing a problem for the economy. It benefits the companies tremendously because of the lowered cost of production on different products, but the human population is suffering because they aren’t maintaining jobs. The job loss rate is going to increase because technological machines are going to continue to take away jobs from humans. The jobs that are at-risk are lower-paying jobs that are typically held by individuals with a lower-level of education. It is hard for these individuals to get a job in general and now that technology is taking over their positions it poses a problem to them and the overall population. There is no way, as a society, for us to eliminate these machines from taking away jobs, so as a community we should continue to evolve and innovate them to help better the public.

  3. I agree that is has been a very noticeable change in the job force due to machinery being able to manage the tasks that humans once did. Our technology is continuing to advance which means the machines will only become more intelligent and will be capable of handling even more. I believe that this change has been more of a positive to our world rather than a negative because more products have been able to be produced. The machines can work much faster and can work for longer periods of time. I say we do not put our feet down and we allow it to continue since the results of production are high. It is too late to take them out of the picture so the best thing to do is upgrade and innovate them in order to do more for our society.


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