Robots used to disinfect

I found a really interesting video on Mashable about a robot developed by a team at University of Southern California that carries a UV light to detect unclean surfaces and sanitizes them. The robot is controlled by humans from a distance, and is able to move around, open drawers and reach hard-to-reach places in order to disinfect.

Although it is still being tested, I believe this could be a great step in helping fight off coronavirus, and keeping public areas sanitary, while also protecting workers from exposure. When humans clean, there are only so many things we can see and places we can reach. This UV carrying robot can help ease the burden and ensure proper sanitation. I would not be surprised if an autonomous cleaning robot would be developed, so that way the robot is able to clean without the need of human intervention. Similar robots have been made for hospitals as well. The UV light is able to kill off bacteria and harmful germs, saving patients from potential exposure that humans are not able to detect when cleaning.


2 thoughts on “Robots used to disinfect

  1. I personally believe after this pandemic the world is not going to become like the world before the virus started, so I think this advancement in the robot would definitely help the society to become closer to the world before this pandemic occurs. Everywhere we go or we touch people would start worrying about what they touched is clean with viruses. I really hope this machine comes out as a product without any error and helps the society and people to start living the world not worrying about the viruses. Moreover, hope this machine gets developed and able to make the world clean as ever and free from any harmful viruses.

  2. I agree that a disinfecting robot could be really helpful during this pandemic. Additionally I feel that this pandemic is opening our eyes to how many useful applications robots have. In addition to disinfecting, robots could be used to maintain countless jobs allowing people to stay home, social distance, and stop the spread of this virus. I round a really interesting article about how this is actually being taken advantage of in the recycling industry. This industry has been hit very hard, due to many government seeing these workers as unessential. Because of the pandemic, recycling companies are beginning to understand and invest in the benefits that are automated recycling. AMP robotics has seen a “significant” increase in orders of robots that use artificial intelligence to sort recycling. Lots of companies are not only ordering the machines to keep up production during the quarantine, instead they are trying to weave these machines into a new business model.

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