Will the Internet Break?

Due to everyone self quarantining, as in doing everything form home and not leaving their homes, people rely so much more on the internet than usually. There is a lot of evidence to support that internet usage has gone up. For example, in the article “Will the coronavirus break the internet” it states “Internet usage is up fifty percent in some parts of the world as more aspects of our daily lives have moved online”. Which is very true for me personally I feel like my whole day consist on being on the internet from my classes online and homework to connecting with my friends to entertainment like social media and Netflix. Everything I do basically uses the internet and it is probably the same for a lot of people all around the world. The concern in the article is stated when the writer informs us that “Some remote-work platforms and services have struggled to keep up with increased demand.” I agree that it may be a huge change in internet usage but I do not think that it will break the internet like at all. I am glad that we have the internet to help us all cope with this pandemic. It helps a lot staying in contact with friends and family that I can not see as often as I usually do especially my friends that I am used to seeing everyday.


2 thoughts on “Will the Internet Break?

  1. This article was very interesting since so many people are using the internet every single day. However, I still remember the time and stories that our parents told me about the time when the internet was used by only a few. I believe during this pandemic, people are able to contact and continue their relationship using this internet. However, we also need to remind that if people only use this internet and continues to rely on them, there will be a crisis when the internet suddenly shuts down or break. Or many just as COVID-19, we might also find the positive sides when the internet actually breaks or shuts down.

  2. This is interesting article that you’re basing your post off of. I agree with some of the possibilities it mentions (emphasis on the “possibilities”), but at the end of the day, I really don’t think its possible for the internet to “break”. Just think about how many years the Internet has been around and the massive amounts of people that have been on it at once. Yes, this is a unique situation we’re currently in, but if anything, I think the most this can result in is the slowing of internet speeds. Besides that issue, I think we’ll be fine.

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