Some Primary Schools are Permanently Integrating Technology

In wake of the school closings caused by the virus, many K12 districts have decided to keep educating its students, but through online work. Now this comes as no surprise seeing as we ourselves are doing the same thing at Penn State and many other universities, but what makes this district different from most is their consideration of using technology permanently. The governor responsible for the Syracuse City School District has been sort of impressed to see how much students can actually do remotely and he wants to make remote learning a bigger part of the district’s traditional set up. Now of course this would be a very large change, which means there have to be differing opinions.

Parents are voicing their concerns about this potential decision, and there are many. The most frequently heard one is that remote learning is no substitute for in person teaching, and that if the latter is much superior then we shouldn’t be spending our time on digital education. How do you think this remote learning period will permanently affect our idea of education?

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