Apple exposes new iMessage features

The patent application documents recently published by the US Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) show that Apple may make major updates to the instant messaging software iMessages that comes with iOS, iPadOS, and MacOS systems, including re-editing messages that users have sent.

Many people may have experienced such awkward situations, such as misspelling important information, or we misspelled the name of the recipient, and so on. However, this situation may soon become the past, at least for iMessage users on Apple iPhone, iPad and Mac devices.

The patent application document states: “Current messaging applications have many shortcomings and limitations. For example, their capabilities are limited in: confirming messages, editing previously sent messages, expressing what users are trying to communicate, displaying private messages, Synchronize content viewing between users, merge handwriting input, and quickly locate content in message transcripts, etc. ”

Currently, there is no application that allows users to re-edit text messages after sending them. If iMessage will soon get this feature, it will be the first long-awaited application for most people.


2 thoughts on “Apple exposes new iMessage features

  1. Apple is famous for keeping the behind-the-scenes of their company hidden from the public. They try to appear as a clean, simple company in their stores, products, press releases, and pretty much any interaction they have with anyone outside their new circle headquarters. Some people call apple innovative, however I believe Apple is great at letting Microsoft and other companies be innovative for them, so Apple can learn the mistakes of other companies and make sure not to follow.
    All this being said, Apple certainly has put the value of the interface at the top of their business model (Ross 2020). So, I think that Apple will continue to not copy what others do, but make it their own. If you are familiar with memes, you know the famous one of, “can I copy your homework?… Sure just change it up a little”. That is entirely what Apple is doing, they take other’s work, and make it better and their own. There is nothing wrong with this, it’s simply a genius business model that they clearly know how to capitalize on.


  2. For iMessage to make a change THIS drastic, it would definitely take a lot. To be able to send a message and then take it back/re-write it moments later is a very interesting concept. I definitely think manny people would find this useful but I also think it could bring up many complications/unnecessary confusion. This definitely would be a huge step from Apple to make this change; I wonder how long something like this would take for changing all of its’ iMessage programming.

    After reading the article you sourced, I understand why Apple would want to do this considering they are competeing with so many different messaging platforms: WhatsApp, GroupMe, Facebook Messenger, etc.

    This would definitely make Apple stand out as a brand considering that right now, no messaging system allows you to go back and edit a message after you have sent it. But whether Apple does this first or not, how long until the next program uses this idea? How long until WhatsApp (for example), implements this feature in their system as well?


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