Apple exposes new iMessage features

The patent application documents recently published by the US Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) show that Apple may make major updates to the instant messaging software iMessages that comes with iOS, iPadOS, and MacOS systems, including re-editing messages that users have sent.

Many people may have experienced such awkward situations, such as misspelling important information, or we misspelled the name of the recipient, and so on. However, this situation may soon become the past, at least for iMessage users on Apple iPhone, iPad and Mac devices.

The patent application document states: “Current messaging applications have many shortcomings and limitations. For example, their capabilities are limited in: confirming messages, editing previously sent messages, expressing what users are trying to communicate, displaying private messages, Synchronize content viewing between users, merge handwriting input, and quickly locate content in message transcripts, etc. ”

Currently, there is no application that allows users to re-edit text messages after sending them. If iMessage will soon get this feature, it will be the first long-awaited application for most people.


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