1. (Terms of Service) – What is the minimum age to use WeChat? In other words, how old must a user be to use WeChat?  If under 18, who must agree to the Terms of Service?

The minimum age is 13 and if they are under 18 their parent or legal guardian must agree to the terms of service

2) (Terms of Service) – Is WeChat required to notify you of changes to the Terms of Service? If not required, are users bound by the revised Terms?

No, they are only going to notify if they find it “reasonably material” and yes users are bound to the revised changes.

3) (Terms of Service) – Can WeChat and their affiliates use your content to promote WeChat services worldwide?  If so, are you entitled to any financial compensation for use of your content?

Yes, they can and no you’re not entitled to any financial compensation.

4) (Terms of Service) – As a user, are you guaranteed that WeChat will delete Your Content upon request?  Can anyone continue to store your content?

If you seek to delete content, it will take a little while to process the request. And they also cannot control third parties or anyone else who stores your content.

5) (Terms of Service) – Is WeChat responsible for or liable for any third-party software or services made available to you through WeChat?

No, they are not because they do not endorse or support third parties.

6) (Terms of Service) – What is the maximum financial liability for WeChat (in $USD)?

You will be returned the amount of money that you have paid to use iChat in the last 6 months and also an extra $100.

7) (Privacy Policy) – List the two locations where WeChat servers are located.

Canada and Hong Kong both have WeChat servers.

8) (Privacy Policy) – What is the minimum age to use WeChat?  Is this age the same as the age listed in the Terms of Service?

Yes, the minimum age is still 13.

9) (Privacy Policy) – How does WeChat define “Log Data”?  In other words, what does “Log Data” include?

Log data is defined as information that they automatically collect when using WeChat This can include cookies, web beacons, log files, eTAGS etc.

10) (Privacy Policy) – How long is Metadata / Log Data retained?

It is retained for 3 months.

11) (CCPA) – For California residents who request that WeChat delete personal information, how long will it take WeChat to fulfill the verified request?

They aim to fulfill all requests in 45 days, but they can add an extra 45 days with reasonable explanation

12) (CCPA) – Based on your review, provide a summary indicating whether you believe WeChat complies with the CCPA.

No, I do not think it does. The age requirements vary for both documents and also the CCPA explicitly states how we have a right to delete or opt out of sharing personal information and WeChat stores that data and it could be potentially in the hands of third parties because they would not be held liable for that.

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