VR Used To Help With Mental Health

Mental health issues all around the world are growing exponentially from year to year. It is an issue that many people struggle with, especially college students. Anxiety is one of the most common forms of mental health issues. Anxiety can come from a multitude of places and stress is one of the largest factors. Also, a lot of people struggle with social anxiety. In class we talked about the uses of VR and many companies have found ways they can use virtual reality to help with mental health related issues. For example, this article writes about scenarios where companies put their clients who are struggling with mental health issues into a virtual reality situation to help simulate certain events that could happen in public. It has been effective at treating people with social anxiety and helps them to feel gradually more comfortable with going out into public.

It is a relatively cheap solution to helping with mental health. If virtual reality could be used with all forms of mental health, lots of people would benefit. It would only require a person to set up the VR and no doctors or nurses would be needed because the treatment is all through the headset. Virtual reality is a very interesting technology to me and I believe that in the future, it is going to have a larger impact in our lives than we think. As technology progresses, businesses are finding more and more ways it can help our society. Right now, it is on the expensive side to have one in all households, but we are not far away. Virtual reality is fairly easy to use and the benefits, in my opinion, far outweigh the costs.

Oxford VR uses virtual reality to treat social anxiety

More People Needing Internet Access Causing Concerns Among Technology Experts

Over the past month, the coronavirus has caused world wide scrambling and terror. It has changed every singles persons life in some way and right now, we are sure when it is all going to be over. While stuck in quarantine I have been thinking about the affects and impacts it is going to have on the internet and its capacity. Since the government has issued that people need to be social distancing, many companies are having their employees work from home. While some employees may be happy about this, it is going to have a huge strain on services such as Zoom, Netflix, and all of our internet providers. Netflix has recently released a statement about its worries that their servers may go down because of the mass usage of the service. Also, the employees along with students are all using Zoom and I am sure Microsoft is worried about this. There has been millions more people needing to use Zoom and I am sure that they were not prepared for this big of an increase in usage of Zoom.

The lack of preparedness for the mass increases in usage of all of these services could have a negative impact on our lives, as if the coronavirus was not enough already. There are so many other impacts that coronavirus is going to have on society, other than people just getting sick. I believe it is something we all need to keep in mind and all work together in order for us to get through this the best way we can.



How Big of an Issue Is Hacking?

In today’s society, all of us have smart devices or at least access. These devices are filled with personal information and passwords to many of our accounts. Personally, I have been the victim of hacking a couple of times in my life and it is a scary thing. We are all vulnerable to hacking and there are some steps we can take to protect ourselves, but at the end of the day are we really sure how safe we are from hackers? I am not familiar with hacking but I am pretty positive they could gain all of our personal information and even get access to our cameras on our devices. I believe it is not only a personal issue, but also an issue for the safety of our country in the case of a cyberwar. I feel as though cyber security is more of an issue than many people think and there should be more steps that can be taken to protect ourselves.

The article that I have chosen outlines the fact that more than one billion Android devices are venerable to hacking. Apparently the new software that they have no longer offers some security services. In a society where the internet and cyber security is always being monitored by terrorists, this is a scary thought. I am curious to know the ways that we can protect ourselves if need be and how large the issue of cybersecurity really is. Like I said, I believe it is a big issue that is often shoved under the rug and not thought about by civilians on a daily basis.


How Big Of a Digital Divide Do We Really Have?

Digital divide is defined as the gap between people with access to the internet and people without access to this technology. In most cases, the places without fast internet access are rural areas with little density and not big cities near it. A recent study by the Federal Communications Commission showed that we have underestimated the digital divide by over 20 million people. It was found that the under counts came from these more rural areas and that they are not getting the proper funding to have the internet access they need. They now estimate that there are around 42 million people without broadband access. The government is now worried that the money that they are lending is not going to the right places or people because of the underestimates.

The digital divide is a real problem that needs to be resolved. It is a problem in the United States, but an even bigger problem around the world. Many countries in Africa and the Middle East are nowhere even close to having access to the internet. These countries are years behind the United States and other developed countries. They are missing out on great opportunities for technological advantages and are struggling because of it. I do not know if there is one clear solution but there has to be a way that we can help these countries get access because it would help their lives in so many different ways. There are already organizations that are trying to help gain internet access but who knows if it will really be enough. Access to the internet is a huge advantage that we take for granted each and every day.



AI Is Used To Discover New Antibiotics.

In today’s society, many people have differing opinions on AI and how much we should be using it. It is a touchy subject because it has the ability to take jobs away from people, but it could also benefit our society in many ways. One example that I found was about an AI that did thousands of test and found antibiotics that can be used to cure certain illnesses and some strains that are deemed incurable. There has been other AI that has found possible antibiotics but this is the first time that AI has found a possible antibiotic strictly on its own means. The AI identified the antibiotic from over 100 million different bacteria. The team that worked on this project developed a brain that was able to identify different qualities and aspect of certain molecules and produced results based on that. The researches then trained the neural brain of the AI to look for a certain specimen called “escherichia coli” in order to discover the antibiotic. The brain then looked through all of the bacteria to find the correct part. It found a potential antibiotic that could help with people that struggle with diabetes. They used the bacteria that the AI found and tested it on a mouse and the results came back positive. The team who worked on this project is hoping that other people and organizations will apply the tech enology and methods they used in order to find more cures for cancer and diseases.

I believe that this is a great way to use AI and if we could use more technology this this it could help us significantly in the long run. In class, we talked about the benefits and consequences of AI and I believe this is definitely a benefit. In today’s society we are constantly trying to think of new and innovative ways to cure cancer and diseases and I think using AI to help us with this is important.