Super Mario Run needs a constant internet connection in iPhone


Shigeru Miyamoto confirmed that Super Mario Run will only work on a device with a constant internet connection in iPhone.

The  game creator Miyamoto chalked up the decision to security issues, concerns about that an offline mode would make the game unstable and open it up to piracy. Those worries are likely due in no small part to the fact that Nintendo simply isn’t accustomed to developing games for platforms it doesn’t have on lock-down.

“Unlike our dedicated game devices, the game is not releasing in a limited number of countries,” Miyamoto explained. “We’re launching in 150 countries and each of those countries has different network environments and things like that. So it was important for us to be able to have it secure for all users.”

Nintendo has since confirmed all of this, while listing off the benefits of keeping such a title always connected:

Access to other users’ play data and scores for automatically generated Toad Rally challenges. In-game events that will offer players new challenges and rewards for a limited time. Linkage to Nintendo Account to access save data from multiple devices. For example, if players have Super Mario Run on their iPhone and iPad, they can share one save file across the different devices. However, this save data cannot be used with different devices at the same time.



Super Mario Run needs a constant internet connection to run

Track your car with smartphone


The device called TrackR. It is a state-of-the-art tracking device the size of a quarter. It’s changing the way people keep track of the important things in our lives.

Install the free TrackR app on your smartphone, connect the app to your device and you’re ready to go! Simply attach TrackR to whatever you want to keep tabs on. The entire process of setting it up only takes 5 minutes or less.

Consumers can attach it to your keys, briefcase, wallet, consumers’ latest tech gadgets and anything else that don’t want to lose. Then use the TrackR app to locate your missing item in seconds.
Instead of expensive GPS systems or tracking services. Nobody wants to pay expensive monthly subscription fees and this is the reason why TrackR was created.

If counsumers have the TrackR, they can just hide it under their car’s floor mat, in the trunk or in the glove compartment. Somewhere it won’t be found if the car gets stolen, or if they forget where they parked the car, whip out smartphones and open the TrackR app. Tap on the “lost item” icon on the screen and the app will tell the consumers the exact coordinates of the last known location of the TrackR.