Amazon to pick second headquarters

Amazon is making a $5 billion decision, one that has cities in contention salivating over the prospect of being able to provide 50,000 jobs. Amazon picking a second headquarters is a move that will prove to be a boost economically for the city that is chosen, but I think it’s even crazier to put into perspective just how influential this company has become. The article alludes to major key ways–aside from the jobs increase–that the addition of this HQ will have on the city chosen.

The impact that stood out most to me was that the city selected will have the tough realization of knowing that housing prices within the area are going to increase, something that is evidenced by Amazon’s current HQ Seattle. Currently, housing prices in Seattle are rising more than anywhere else in the country, which goes to show the effect that this company has. It’s worth mentioning that Amazon’s impact on Seattle’s economy has been positive, adding $38 billion from 2010 to 2016.

Seattle was at one point one of the west coast’s most affordable cities to live in, something that is now far from the case. I can only imagine what the impact would be if the city selected was New York or Los Angeles, I’m not sure I would like to be chosen if I was either of those cities. It already costs a lot to live there, and the traffic is already pretty bad in both areas. What are your opinions?

Twitter making a user-friendly change

I thought this was an interesting topic to share because as our dependence on technology becomes more advanced, our priority for our security becomes imperative. Whether it’s through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media site, now more than ever there are more ways in which we can have confidential information taken from us and used in ways that can be harmful.

Twitter making this announcement is important for its brand particularly because it touches on the subject of trying to prevent nudity at all on twitter. This is twitter essentially digging into the topic of whether or not the material posted is owned by the person or the person who is in the photo, and in this instance by default the company is siding with the latter. In my opinion, I think this is only fair, especially if the content relates to very personal matters.

I personally think this is something Twitter needed to crack down on, particularly because social media giant Instagram has made it a big point to crack down on this sort of activity in the past. Instagram reserves the right to delete any content that they deem to be in violation of their censorship code of conduct. Things like this make the app more user friendly, which in turn leads to more users and thus revenue.