Amazon’s New Delivery Service!

On November 8th Amazon will be introducing a new service where packages can be delivered directly inside your house. Consumers worry about their packages being stolen while sitting in front of their house but with this new service the fear no longer exists. Amazon will be utilizing trustworthy and background checked employees to deliver. For this new service to exist Amazon is launching Amazon Key starting at $249. Amazon Key sends a text to the recipient of the package which allows them to virtually unlock their door for the delivery man through an encrypted server. Upon this activation a video camera is then triggered which records the whole transaction for the customer to watch live or later. With the launch of this new product Amazon will be showcasing its cutting edge technology and the reason why they stay on top. Amazon Vice President of delivery technology, Peter Larsen says “Amazon is really focused on safety and security for all of our customers across the board”.

Is New Technology Really Good Technology?

On September 19th, the newest IOS for apple was released. Dozens of new features were introduced all supposedly helpful and innovative. Of the dozens of new features the most useful ones include a “Do Not Disturb” feature that turns on while you’re driving preventing your phone from vibrating and ringing. Also, quite useful is the update to Maps allowing for a more effective data of maps while driving and walking around outside.  The new update to Live Photos makes editing them and making gifs very easy as well. Apple also revamped their app store and Siri making both more user friendly. A big part of IOS11 was the integration of augmented reality and making every aspect more useful to the users.

Although the ideas behind the new updates are all well intended many users are complaining immensely about the battery. With IOS10 the battery life lasted significantly longer than the 11. Due to all the new features such as facial recognition scanning the batter dies much faster leading to dissatisfaction among consumers. While Apple technicians are constantly trying to come up with the next best design they seem to be letting certain features slip through the cracks. Apple has so much at stake if their products begin to fall subpar seeing as they dominate the majority of the industry.

Garments or Gadgets???

Two years after seeing the first demonstration of touch-sensitive fabric and a year after the announcement of the product, Google and Levi will finally come forward on Wednesday the 27th and present their newest innovation. They’ve created Project Jacquard. This product to the naked eye just appears to be a stylish denim jacket, however when connected with the interactive bluetooth device that clips onto the cuff button its wearer can just touch their sleeve and be able to control calls, music, and directions. This product comes at quite the price though. The Commuter Style Jacket itself runs on the market for $150 but with this added technology the jacket is now being listed for $350. The Jacquard threads which allow the wearer to interact with technology responds to swipes and touches. Each movement is programmed to do a different action, whether it be declining or answering a call or pausing or playing a song. A jacket with technology like this is convenient for the constant commuter where having hands free devices is your best friend. In most advertisements for the new jacket its being seen as a bicyclists newest tool. Google definitely has entered into some cutting new technology with intertwining function and fashion but only time will tell whether or not this product meets the public with satisfaction.