A Korean mother used VR to reunite with her passed away daughter

Recently, a South Korean professor uses VR to allow a mother to unite with her passed away daughter, who died from an unidentified disease, and the reunion was filmed into a documentary with a green screen in the back to integrate the reality and virtual for better presentation. the setting created an emotional scene that drew a lot of attention from the internet. People taking sides when talking about ethics in such an application of VR technology.

One side of the discussion was that this application of VR allows people to meet with their passed one is against moral and that if one has passed away, we should let it rest in peace. more concern about this application is the psychological effect on the user who uses the technology, one might build a strong dependent relationship with the technology if they can’t overcome the grief of losing loved ones. The other side sees a new opportunity of relief and forgiveness in this application of VR. Usually, people who can’t overcome the grief of losing loved ones is because they blame themselves for not taking care of their loved ones. This Korean mother has been experiencing self-accusation for the death of her daughter because she thinks it was her fault. Therefore, letting her unite with her daughter in virtual reality will allow her to forgive herself to prevent further psychological diseases like depression.


AI grocery cart that might be smarter than Amazon Go

Recently, a new start-up company has put its product in testing and in collaboration with many grocery stores. Their product is a grocery cart packed with technology and a sensor that allows you to use it as a guest or log in with your grocery store membership because they partner with different retail brands. In addition, the cart has a small scaler that allows you to scale the item like fruits and vegetables. It also has an embedded payment system and bags to make your experience as a customer even better. The grocery cart is almost like a portable self-checkout system. While this technology might eventually eliminate cashier jobs, the co-founder of the startup said he don’t see the cashier’s job be gone in a short time. In fact, each newly developed technology will create a new job. For this grocery cart, when nothing goes wrong during your purchase, it shows a green light, however, if something does go wrong, you will need store employees to solve the problem manually.

This technology can challenge Amazon Go store because it is more flexible, you don’t have to bring your own shopping bag, and with technology embedded in a cart allows more capacity. Also, it can be invested at a relatively low cost because retailers only need to sign a contract with the company rather than updating the entire store which cost a lot of money.




Tesla’s autopilot system got fooled by a projection

Recently, a group of researchers from Georgia Tech University and the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev has conducted an experiment to see if Tesla’s autopilot system is as good as it says. And it turns out the result is a little but not completely disappointing. What they did was to use a cheap projector to project an image of a pedestrian that look like the “slender man”. While the tesla’s Model X was driving towards it, the projection force it to change its behavior to slow down to the speed limit according to the road sign. However, it eventually figures out that it was just a projection, not an actual object.

The experiment proves that these so-called “phantom object” can be used in harmful ways, in which an attacker would not even have to hack the tesla system for the car to change its behavior (ex: stop, turn), it can simply use a drone with projector on it and cast a phantom on to the road to trick the system in thinking there was an obstacle ahead. this way creates a security problem but also creates difficulties for tracking criminals who attempt to use such a method in attacking people. Because by using, a drone, no IP will be shown, no face will be recognized, it is harder for authority to track these hackers.

To be safer and more generally accepted to use the autopilot system of a car, the company must ensure every cybersecurity aspect with any given means. otherwise driving an autopilot car would no less, but more dangerous than manual control



An AI-developed medicine will go through first human trial

A recent collaboration between a British start-up and Japanese pharmaceutical has used AI to develop a new medicine molecule named DSP-1181 and was used to treat patients with OCD. It is stunning that in a technologically advanced world that now we can use AI to create something that can actually benefit the human body. The two companies wrote an algorithm to sift through the database to form a potent compound that may be useful for curing OCD. In addition, while traditional new drug development can take up to 5 years to eventually be brought to human trials, the AI-developed drug can be tested on humans from scratch to complete in just 12 months. Imagine how much increase in efficiency will be applied to drug development, and this technology is not limited to just drug development, it can also be used in developing vaccines and flu shots.

However, I can see the downside of such technology. That is if AI can increase the efficiency in new drug development, does that mean medical scientists can now be replaced by AI? with new technology like AI, the business world is already adapting to it in which jobs in the business world require people to know some type of technological skills. It is no longer a specialty for tech people. Would this go the same for medical personnel?



Americans deserve real 5G service

It took me a while to think about how to correctly address this issue, because as a foreigner, what I am seeing in the United States is making me really upset. Recently, The British officials announced that they may let Huawei provide 5G services in the UK, and intelligence officials also said they have the capacity to minimize cybersecurity risk to the minimum. It looks a bit sarcastic to me that while the U.S. government is rejecting Huawei’s 5G equipment because they think Huawei’s equipment might be associated with the Chinese government to spy on surveillance data, the UK official is making an effort in strengthening their cybersecurity rather than blaming the equipment.

To me, I acknowledge that when you talk about advance network technology like 5G service, cybersecurity is a serious topic to discuss. However, cybersecurity should not be an excuse to ban the implementation of such technology. it is wrong to link technology, the very thing that drives human society to involve, with politics, and national competition like what happened in the space race. Because that way, the original intention of technological advance is no longer pure, but to be corrupted as a tool for countries to compete with each other.

In my opinion, I think the U.S., as being the superpower of the world, should let its people have access and enjoy the best technology available in the world as well. But something really triggers me about this. AT&T actually change its signal display on your phone from 4G LTE to 5GE to fool you into believing that you are actually using 5G services in various location (eg. O’Hare international airport). I know this for sure because I transfer from O’Hare from winter break. Anyone who has a basic understanding of what 5G is would know it is fake 5G, and yet, it is still out there fooling people who have never read about 5G technology. With all due respect, I think Americans deserve much better than this




A need for programming language in the workplace

As people and organizations are stepping into a more technologically advanced world, jobs are emerging at the same rate with higher qualifications from their hiring manager. Python is one of the most wanted programming languages from the hiring manager that allow people with none or little experience in programming to starts off easily in exploring the world of a programmer. Google has recently announced that it is officially launching a training program along with an online course through Coursera to teach automation with Python. It was said to train workers for a tech job.

When you think about how automation can be useful in a workplace not just for people working in the IT sector, but also for people from the business sector. Daily repetitive work for business people such as sorting a spreadsheet, gathering data, can now be optimized by the use of python to make these work automatic according to user’s need. It is a growing trend that employers want their employees to have similar skills so they can complete their work more efficiently and bring values to the company in return.