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Sony’s PlayStation Plus vs. Microsoft’s Games with Gold vs. Nintendo’s nothing

PlayStation Plus launched in June of 2010. PlayStation Plus was paid subscription that gave users access to premium features such as the ability to automatically download updates to your console, early access to demos and beta, and free games every … Continue reading

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H1Z1: Early Access

I had some extra Steam money from selling in-game items so I decided to purchase the early access for the game H1Z1. The game is still in its early development stage but so many people are purchasing it and the … Continue reading

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Let’s talk about microtransactions

What are microtransactions? Without simplifying it too much, microtransactions are where a player can purchase virtual goods for real money. A few examples of microtransactions you may have seen would be weapon skins in Call of Duty, extra moves in … Continue reading

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Movies Vs. Games

Besides being a gamer, I sometimes like to immerse myself in a good movie every once and awhile.  So when I hear that a video game that I love is going to become a movie, I can’t help but get … Continue reading

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Evan Burkert Gaming Profile

I’ve been playing video games ever since I can remember.  My first console was the Playstation and undoubtedly my favorite game at the time was Crash Team Racing. Racing with three other friends next to each other was huge back … Continue reading

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Good Bye Club Nintendo

Club Nintendo is a customer loyalty program run by Nintendo. It launched in North America on October 2, 2008. Its goal was to reward people for buying their games and allow people to send feedback directly to Nintendo via survey … Continue reading

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Gaming Profile of Chinmay Garg

Looking into all the games that I have played over the years, and from the one’s I still play currently I noticed a change of genres ranging from strategy, racing, online multiplayers all the way to first-person shooters. I’m gonna … Continue reading

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Corona SDK

In my freshman year at Penn State I started a game development company with my brother. I’ll be blogging more about that experience later, but for now I wanted to introduce the game environment that we use currently. It is … Continue reading

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DOTA 2 Workshop Tools

The relatively new DOTA 2 Workshop tools Alpha offers game designers, modders, and map makers the ability to create a game mod inside of DOTA 2. If you are familiar with Valve’s Hammer that is used to create maps across … Continue reading

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Paul Kim – Gaming Profile

I am Paul Kim and I have been trying to figure out why I like games for my entire life. This exercise will cover videogames, but my gaming profile very much starts from the first time I played tag, soccer, or … Continue reading

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