So the game that we made for our team project was a variation of Ultimate Tic-Tac-Toe which some of you may already be familiar with. The way it works is you play in a 9×9 board where each 3×3 set of squares is its own smaller tic-tac-toe board. For clarity, I call each 3×3 board a “block,” and each position the player can click to place a symbol a “square.”



The game starts in the middle block and based on what square the first player places his or her symbol in, the second player’s must place their symbol in the corresponding block. So, say the first player places an X in row 1, column 3 of the center block. The second player must then place his O in one of the 9 squares in the row 1, column 3 block. If you’re still having some confusion, take a look at the picture below and it might clear things up a bit for you. Each player is playing to win the smaller game of tic-tac-toe, and earn a symbol on the bigger board. The winner of the game must get 3 blocks in a row on the larger board.

The platform we decided to use for this was vanilla Android because we wanted to eventually be able to take it to the Google Play marketplace and make add revenue from it. Any animations or assets that are included in the game were done by us, with the exception of some toast images which were added into the game after the final project date.

The name that we chose for this game is something that is in no way meaningful, or significant. It is almost entirely arbitrary save for the fact that it has an X and an O in it. Plexor is a name that is sometimes used for reflex-hammers, hence the inclusion of a reflex hammer in the logo.

Please keep an eye out for my game on Google Play and Facebook. Feel free to message us if you’re interested in helping with development or in beta testing.

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