Cloud Gaming

A relatively new concept that are emerging in the gaming community is cloud gaming. Cloud gaming is a new and exciting way to game that makes it possible to run AAA titles on a relatively low end laptop/desktop.

A company called LiquidSky is one company in which provides this service. Like most popular streaming services (Netflix, Hulu, HBO etc.) LiquidSky allows you to “stream” numerous AAA tiles over the internet. What makes streaming games so unique is that all the heavy work, the processing and the performance of the game is done by LiquidSky. This allows for good gameplay on relatively low tier gaming setups. LiquidSky’s webpage suggests that there are three tiers of service, the first being free while the two other being a premium subscription service. The service works by you paying skycredits ranging from 60-240 pr/hr depending on your preferred performance package.


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Cloud gaming is unique as it allows heavy duty games to be run stable on computers with a poor cpu or gpu. The processing is done by LiquidSky’s high end servers which allows any game to be  run at 30+ or 60+ fps depending on your desired performance package.

Cloud gaming is an exciting new opportunity for more people to play a range of varied games at a relatively low cost. Cloud gaming also allows gamers who have been unable to play heavy duty games the opportunity to play them. Apple Macintosh (Mac’s) have been regarded as poor gaming laptops as they do not perform as well as Windows operated laptops due to their limited access to games and poor specs. With cloud gaming Mac users can finally play from a large database of games at a reasonable performance level.

With new innovations like cloud gaming the future for gaming is looking brighter than ever before. It will be a matter of time before we can connect our phones to a monitor and play AAA titles.

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4 Responses to Cloud Gaming

  1. Yusef Awan says:

    I have always been curious about cloud gaming, but it has never been a good fit for me. I personally have always found myself in a position where I really want to play a game but I have a bad internet connection. My internet connection has a tendency to fail when I need it most, and I have always preferred locally stored single player games because of this. However, as new technologies such as fiber optic internet become more readily available across the United States, the market for cloud gaming will surely show potential in years to come.

  2. Reese Frederick Bittenmaster says:

    This reminds of of OnLive, a service with a similar premise. Long story short, they went out of business in April 2015. I’m interested how this company will pan out, but I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you.

  3. meb5854 says:

    I definitely agree with what the post below says, I’d be worried about this for anything very time or network sensitive. I know Steam has (or had) a feature where you can stream games on your local network. I haven’t tried it in years, in fact it may have been in beta when I used it, but I remember there being slight issues despite being on my home network. The game was playing fine on the desktop, but on my laptop it was having issues every once in a while. However the technology may have gotten a lot better.

  4. msh5379 says:

    I’m interested to see how the latency plays out for this service. As an avid FPS gamer, I’m really sensitive to even the slightest delays like mouse latency. And network latency adds a huge delay to gameplay, so I’m assuming just for now, games that require less response time would be more ideal for cloud gaming.

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