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Education in games, VR, and VR games

I feel there is a discrepancy between games used for recreation and games used for education. Educational games usually have poor graphics and few interactions although modern games have great visuals and mechanics to engage people. I haven’t known one appealing educational … Continue reading

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Games and their hacks

We have all played games that we wished we could hack and get more stuff in. And there have been many and many games that it was not completely impossible to do so. It used to be really simple to … Continue reading

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Darkest Dungeon and why Early Access can work.

Darkest Dungeon has been on early access on Steam for a few months now. Early Access. Those two words carry a substantial stigma especially with the horror show that has been Steam Greenlight. I can safely say, however, that Darkest Dungeon is … Continue reading

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Emergent Technological Developments

I wanted to add to todays discussion of emergent game development by continuing with the music genre of games such as Guitar Hero and Rock Band. In the past couple of years, the well known company Ubisoft has taken the … Continue reading

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Individual Project – pleXOr

So the game that I made for my individual project was a variation of Ultimate Tic-Tac-Toe which some of you may already be familiar with. The way it works is you play in a 9×9 board where each 3×3 set … Continue reading

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Elemental Archer – Individual Prototype

For my individual game I wanted to try to make a game with simple mechanics and a cool art style. All of the games that I have made in the past have been based around some new type of mechanic … Continue reading

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Shane Eckenrode – Individual Prototype

For my individual prototype, I decided to put a spin on the old-style arcade version of frogger. My design went through some unexpected innovations simply due to the time constraints, so the final product is much different than my original … Continue reading

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Shovel Knight’s Hidden Tutorial

A very important, and often overlooked part of a game is its tutorial. One of the challenges every game must meet is showing the player how to successfully complete it, while assuming limited game play skills. Shovel Knight manages to … Continue reading

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Why Shadow of Mordor was one of the Best Games of 2014

2014 was a great year for the video game industry. It saw amazing AAA releases such as Grand Theft Auto V, Dark Souls II, Destiny, Dragon Age Inquisition, and Super Smash Bros. (Wii U). But there was one game that … Continue reading

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Games as large-scale experiments

Throughout this course, I will continue to try and point out ways in which you can get into the games industry outside of the typical designer, programmer or artist roles. I recently read an article about Riot games, dealing with … Continue reading

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