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Group travels to American Physical Society 2016 March Meeting in Baltimore, MD.

The group traveled to APS March Meeting 2016 in Baltimore, MD.

The following research were presented at this meeting:

Keran Lu B33.00011 Aggregate-mediated charge transport in ionomeric electrolytes
David Caldwell II B33.00013 Ion conduction in high ion content PEO-based ionomers.
Pengfei Zhan C33.00009 Effect of Eutectic Concentration on Conductivity in PEO:LiX Based Solid Polymer Electrolytes
Ben Shantz C34.00011 PEE-PEO block copolymer exchange rate between micelles is detergent and temperature activated

Photo credit: Pengfei

Group dinner at Cava Mezze Restaurant. [after mess]


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