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Ph.D. Student


Dr. Sneha Akhade

Co-advised by Mike Janik

Duration: 2012-2016 (PhD)

Research: Multiscale modeling of electrolyte/electrode interface in fuel cells, Molecular Dynamics, Density Functional Theory.

Currently: Research Associate at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Dr. Keran Lu

Co-advised by Scott Milner

Duration: 2011-2016 (PhD)

Research: Coarse-grained modeling of single ion conductors.

Currently: Dow Chemical



Dr. Bingxin Fan

Duration: 2010-2015 (PhD)
Research: Coarse-grained modeling of plant cell wall polysaccharides.

Currently: TSMC


Dr. Shih-Chun Huang

Duration: 2010-2015 (PhD)
Research: Nanoscale structure of plant cell walls.

Currently: TSMC


Dr. Lalitha Ganapatibhotla

Duration: 2010-2014 (PhD)
Research: Nanoparticle filled solid polymer electrolytes for lithium ion batteries.

Currently: The Dow Chemical Company


Dr. Kan-Ju Lin

Duration: 2007-2012 (PhD)
Research: Molecular Dynamics Simulation of single ion conductors

Currently: TSMC


Dr. Kuan-Yu Yeh

Co-advised by Mike Janik
Duration: 2007-2012 (PhD)
Research: Atomistic simulations of electrolyte/electrode interface in fuel cells.

Currently: National Taiwan University, Taiwan. Post Doctoral Studies


Dr. Kokonad Sinha

Duration: 2006-2011 (PhD)
Research: Studying polymer dynamics using Quasi-Elastic Neutron Scattering

Currently: Intel


Dr. Susan Fullerton Shirey

Duration: 2003-2009 (PhD)
Thesis topic: Unified approach to understanding conductivity enhancement in nanoparticle filled solid polymer electrolytes for Li-ion batteries [More details]
Currently: Faculty member at University of Notre Dame, IN


Dr. Praveen Depa

Duration: 2003 – 2007 (PhD)
Research: Multiscale Modeling of Polymeric Materials [More details]
Currently: Procter and Gamble


Dr. Chunxia Chen

Duration:2001 – 2007 (PhD)
Research: Intermolecular Packing and Segmental Dynamics in Poly(ethylene oxide)/Poly(methyl methacrylate) Blends [More details]

M.S. Student


Michael Glasspool

Co-advised by Mike Janik
Duration: 2009-2011 (MS)
Research: Multiscale modeling of reactive electrochemical interfacesCurrently: DuPont, Delaware


Sandra Schlexer

Duration: 2009-2011
Research: Coarse-grained simulation of diblock copolymers in solvent: polymersomes for drug delivery

Currently: Procter & Gamble, Brussels


Wenjin Shi

Duration: 2007-2010 (MS)
Research: Synthesizing polymer nanocomposites with controlled dispersion [More details]


Erin Boland

Duration: 2005-2010 (MS)


Sudarshan Natarajan

Duration: June 2001 – July 2002 (MS)
Research: A photochemical process to fabricate thin films and patterns of unsubstituted polythiophene
Currently: Lam Research Corporation


Post-doc Scholar


Dr. Amitava Moitra

Duration: 2011-2012
Research: Develop and analyze the PEO-PCL diblock copolymer for drug dilivery kinetics.


Dr. Tanuj Motwani

Duration: 2009-2010
Research: Elucidating the Nanoscale Structure of Cellulose and Cellulose-Water Interactions using Neutron Scattering, Dielectric Spectroscopy, NMR and Thermal Analysis Methods

Currently: Applications Scientist at National Starch


Dr. Ana Vila Verde

Duration: 2005-2007
Research: Modeling of adsorption of proteins to solid surfaces.


Dr. Jiahong Liu

Duration: 2003-2006
Currently: Center for Uncertain Systems: Tools for Optimization and Management (CUSTOM) Vishwamitra Research Institute, Westmont, IL


Dr. Javier Sacristan Bermejo

Duration: 2005-2007
Research: The segmental dynamics on polymer blends as a function of effective concentration; The nature of the self-assemblies. [More details]
Currently: Polymer Science and Technology Institute, CSIC, Madrid, Spain


Dr. Victoria Garcia Sakai

Duration: 2002-2005
Research: Study of dynamical behavior in PMMA/PEO blends using neutron scattering techniques. [More details]
Currently: ISIS Facility, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, Oxfordshire, UK

Undergraduate Student

Xinren Yu

Duration: Spring 2012 – 2014
Research: Thermo response of water in a plant cell wall.

Currently: Grad student at UPenn

Peter Dudenas

Duration: Summer 2012 – present
Research: Effect of nano-wisker additives on solid polymer electrolytes.

Yuri Gloumakov

Duration: Summer 2013 [REU Student]
Research: Molecular Dynamic simulations of solid polymer electroltes

Joel Slaem

Duration: Spring 2012 – Summer 2012
Research: Ab initio and MD simulations at the fuel cell interface

Derek Sturm

Duration: Summer 2012 [REU Student]
Research: Molecular Dynamic simulations of solid polymer electroltes

Stephanie Roebelen

Duration: Summer 2011
Research: Coarse-grained modeling of ions in solid electrolytes

Tiffany Senkow

Duration: Spring 2011 to Spring 2012
Research: Long-range interaction networks of poliovirus RNA polymerase

Patrick Jones

Duration: 2010 Summer to 2011 Spring
Research: Thermal analysis of cellulose-water interactions

Katherine Li

Duration: 2010 Summer
Research: Molecular dynamics simulation of cation transport in poly(ethylene oxide)

Christopher Sokolowski

Duration: 2009-2010
Research: Investigating the Effects of Intramolecular Interactions on the Dynamics of Glassy Liquids

Collin Bonnett

Duration: 2009-2011
Research: Synthesizing polymer nanocomposites with controlled dispersion

Ryan Bradley

Duration: 2008-2009
Research: Structure and dynamics of alpha-synuclein, the protein implicated in Parkinson’s disease [More details]
Currently: Grad student at UPenn

Onajite Shemi

Duration: 2008

Peter Beltramo

Duration: 2007
Research: Evaluating the mobility and adsorption of homopolypeptides onto gold(001) surfaces using molecular dynamics simulations

Andrew May

Research: High-temperature thermoelectric materials

Jackie Gogolski

Duration: 2006

Jason Clark

Duration: 2003

William Schaeffer

Duration: 2002

Amanda Greer

Duration: 2001

John Longbach

Duration: 2000

Penn State Chemical Engineering

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