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Current and Recent Members

Post-doc Scholars


Hui Yang

Duration: 2015-2016
Research: Using computational chemistry methods (DFT, QM/MM, and MD) to study
1. The mechanisms of cellulose polymerization and crystallization,
2. Molecular interactions among cellulose, lignin and proteins.
Email: huy21@psu.edu


Sarah Kiemle

Duration: 2013-2015
Research: The overall goal of my project is to examine the role of (1→3, 1→4) β-glucan or mixed linkage glucan (MLG) in the grass cell walls. To determine the role of MLG in the grass cell wall, I have employed a wide variety of techniques including binding assays, enzyme digestion, chemical fractionation, saccharide analysis, biomechanical extension assays, immunocytochemistry, atomic force microscopy and, and neutron scattering (bio-SANS with contrast matching).
Email: snk3@psu.edu


Malgorzata (Margaret) Kowalik

Duration: 2011-2017
Research: Coarse graining Molecular Dynamic simulations of polymer melts/blends. Developing coarse-grain models for copolymers. Very coarse grain model of Primary Plant cell Wall using Dissipative Particle Dynamics. [More details]
Email: gkowalik@engr.psu.edu

Graduate Students

Shankar Ram

Duration: 2016-present (PhD)
Research: Study of Molecular structures, dynamics, and ion transport to improve the conductivity of solid polymer electrolytes for Li ion batteries.

Email: sxc659@psu.edu

M.S.: Chemical Engineering, University of Pennsylvania, 2016

B.S.: Chemical Engineering, Birla Institute of Technology and Science,Pilani, India 2013

Nagma Zerin

Duration: 2016-present (PhD)
Research: Metal Organic Framework (MOF) assisted ionic conductivity in solid polymer electrolyte for application in lithium-ion battery


MASc:Chemical Engineering, University of Waterloo, 2016
BASc: Chemical Engineering, University of Waterloo, 2013




Ben Schantz

Co-advised by Manish Kumar
Duration: 2012-2017 (PhD)
Research: Coarse-grained molecular dynamics simulations and small-angle neutron scattering experiments on proteins and amphiphilic block copolymer membranes.

Email: abs254@psu.edu

B.S.: University of Delaware, 2012


Pengfei Zhan

Duration: 2012-2017 (PhD)
Research: Nano-particle filled solid polymer electrolyte for Li-ion Batteries.

Email: puz103@psu.edu

B.S.: East China University of Science and Technology, 2012


David W. Caldwell II

Duration: 2011-2017(PhD)
Research: Molecular Dynamics Simulations of single ion conductors.

Email: dwc179@psu.edu

B.S.: Chemical Engineering, Virginia Tech, 2011



Undergraduate Students

Mark Kazour

Duration: Fall 2018-Present
Email: markazour@gmail.com

Research: Investigates mixed salt mechanisms of Poly(Ethylene) Oxide and the conductivity changes resulting from aggregate and ionomer systems.


Sara K. Turks

Duration: Spring 2015-Present
Email: skt5083@psu.edu


Regan Alecxih

Duration: Spring 2015-Present
Email: rsa5101@psu.edu

kasey 2

Kasey Elkin

Duration: Spring 2015-Present
Email: kme5244@psu.edu


Chris Carano

Duration: Spring 2015-Present
Email: cmc5955@psu.edu


Ryan Cwik

Duration: Fall 2015-Present
Email: ric5185@psu.edu


Caroline Platt

Duration: Fall 2015-Present
Email: csp5173@psu.edu

Jiayi Yuan

Jiayi Yuan

Duration: Spring 2015-Present
Email: jiy5209@psu.edu

Sijie Xian

Sijie Xian

Duration: Fall 2015-Present
Email: svx5046@psu.edu




Penn State Chemical Engineering

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