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    We prepare a wide varieties of cosmetics including eye shadow, eye liner, hand cream, foundation, etc.

  • Meet the Cosmetic Group!

    In 2014, Janna started a cosmetic group focusing on understand and improve the formulation of daily cosmetics. Members in this group are Chemical Engineering undergraduate students.

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Our cosmetic research focuses primarily on utilizing advanced scientific knowledge to modify formulas of different cosmetic products in lab. We investigate the properties of each ingredient and how they affect the final product. Through this study, we are able improve upon aspects such as skin adherence and long lasting effects and create products that satisfy quality standards. The goal is to produce cosmetics that are comparable to marketed brands by utilizing safe ingredients that promote a healthy skin.

lip glossLip Gloss Research: Lip gloss has become part of an everyday look worn by women of all ages to accentuate the lips but to moisturize them. Many lip-glosses are either protectants or moisturizers that are made with ingredients called fillers which provide no benefit to the skin. The goal is to substitute out those ingredients to create a smooth all-natural lip gloss which will both accentuate the lips and moisturize them.


MascaraMascara Research: Our research is centered around understanding the fundamental components and processes for producing mascara. Currently we are developing colored mascara formulas with inorganic pigments. In the future, we plan to take an analytical look at what style of brush is most effective, in addition to more closely analyzing the physical properties of the formulas we produce.


LotionBody Lotion Research: Our current focus is on body lotion. We are working towards a complete understanding of the effect different ingredients have on the lotion’s properties and qualities. Eventually, we would like to develop formulas for different types of lotions including face moisturizer, hand lotion, and body butter. We are looking into ingredients that have SPF properties to create a product that moisturizes skin while protecting it.


Liquid EyelinerEyeliner Research: Our research consists of creating a rich color and precise eyeliner that is long lasting, waterproof, non-flake and non-smudge. The product should be easy to apply while providing moisture to the eyelids. Since smudging and slow drying are the major problems we face with our current batches, they undergo a smudge test, a drying test and color and texture comparison with other marketed eyeliners. The future goal of the research is to experiment with inorganic pigments and create colored liquid eyeliners.

Penn State Chemical Engineering

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