Hello there!

I am a motivated Ph.D candidate with a background in computer engineering. Currently, I am on my 4th year PhD program at the College of Information Sciences and Technology (IST) at Penn State University.

I am currently looking for internships opportunities.

I consider myself to be a talented and promising doctoral minority student who has used both industry experience and academic opportunity to effectively impact people’s lives.

I have used teaching opportunities to mentor and serve throughout the wider community, specifically underrepresented population with different backgrounds. I have also pursued innovative research which serves the community by reducing the technological divide between different kinds of social groups in health.

I relish academic research, and HCI in particular, as a field where a thorough understanding how people use technology to share and collaborate, to learn, to manage their lives, and even to be better citizens. As a long-term goal, I intend to become a faculty member at an iSchool or similar institutional context to continue serving the community.